Lords Of Metal

The Russian guys of Cydia plays melodic groove metal with a modern twist, at least that is the designation of the record company. Judging from the first notes of opener 'Icy March' this is not a bad characterization. 'Dancing On The Grave' is again a nice melodic death metal song in the style of the famous bands of this genre such as In Flames and Soilwork. Particularly the latter band is a big influence, especially because of the more commercial-sounding songs. The bright keyboards enrich the songs and make it all pretty accessible. The band knows how to firmly hold the attention by creating variety in the songs. Here and there they slow it down a bit, place a nice riff at the right moment and add a slight groove that typifies each track. This album is easy to listen to, but will not really leave an indelible impression, in spite of the slick and smooth performance. Due to the huge competition in this genre it will be difficult for the band to reach the masses.

Berto (Lords Of Metal)


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