Zombie Ritual Zine

This sounds melodic, technical and with high doses of modern sounds. If I don’t mistake, this is the second album of the Russian band and definitely they know what they want.
All tracks are based in aggressive guitar riffs, complex structures, atmospheric keyboards and guttural vocals. Of course the band has roots in old death metal stuff, but this time they oriented the flag to more mainstream lands, let’s say into a more melodic stuff. Honestly the result is quite good for those who like commercial bands with electronic arrangements and guttural lines. I find here traces of thrash metal, guttural death metal vocals, melodic guitar lines and literally tons of musical arrangements. I must say that this is not the kind of metal music I like the most, but everything is on its place and I admit it brings me some cool moments that made me headbang. It’s good metallic stuff from Russia.

Victor Varas (Zombie Ritual Zine)


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