Crown of Viserys

Another Russian band in my ears, another experience like no other. Cydia are a hell of an engaging listen that although is not totally my type of metal anymore, I bet I would have been completely in love with this album ten years ago. Perfect for fans of DevilDriver, Soulfly, and pretty much 75% of the rest of Roadrunner Records’ 1998-2002 roster, Cydia lay down a heavy, groove-filled album of solid music.
Musically Cydia have more in common with American metal than anything else, but lyrically they switch between English and their mother tongue, which is really awesome to listen to with a metal background. There is no fear of experimentation either, bringing a fair amount of samples and keyboards, putting an electronic layer over and inside of the music. The bass is very pronounced, both in the bass guitar as well as in the riffing of the rhythm guitar, and the drums are sitting at mid-range fast with the occasional double kick festival. The whole is mixed and mastered extremely well, with a high production value that gives it a sound that rivals the platinum selling albums of late 90’s metal.
As I listen to Victims of System more, I find myself liking it more and more. It is a genuine effort from a fairly new band to take an established sound and inject their own identity into it. It is also a solid sophomore album, and it is extremely good. I recommend checking Cydia out on Bandcamp and getting the album straight from Metal Scrap.

Dustin Ekman (Crown of Viserys)


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