Victims Of System is a good album by an impressive band, especially given its relative obscurity, even if the band has been kicking around since 2007 and has had a record prior to this one. First however, there are fundamental flaws with the band and its act. These are the loopy Industrial interludes and mallcore elements, which are a great pity because Cydia combines genuinely heavy riffs with barbed wire distortion all topped with special melodies and angry vocals.
In more depth, this is a hard and heavy album from start to finish despite the loopy mallcore static. Even a slow song like Created World with its strings and acoustic strumming comes out strongly. The same could be said of the melodies as heard on a song like Golden Calf. Incidentally, it begins as if it wants to be Pink Floyd’s Live At Pompeii. Overall, the rhythm crushes, the guitar leads lead‎ and the drummer cares to bash the kit and take stabs at rolls as often as is necessary to keep things exciting. Then again it sounds like the band is rapping on Glorious Brave and, what is probably synthesizers on the pounding Last Groan, comes across like a clarinet.
Elsewhere a couple of title choices, which come in Russian and English, are inspired and thoughtful. Take the opening instrumental Icy March or Imitation Of Life as examples.
To the Cydia guys, take out the Insane Clown Posse elements and continue to deliver on the pounding heavy metal and you would have a winner.

Ali “The Metallian” (Metallian)


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