Slowly We Rot Magazine # 9

Here's a Metal genre I don't like to listen to at home (or wherever, I mean recorded) more than seeing live, and if the bands manage to deliver live what they are doing on the recordings than it's with great pleasure I attend such a gig. Cydia presents us here their second full-length album, an 11 tracks effort clocking 45 minutes of quite complex Groove Metal highlighted by a massive amount of riffs projecting different atmospheres on each track, from melodic to mysterious, from energetic to progressive, from groovy to aggressive, but all this with complete support from a strong synth / keyboard driven background that makes things sound fresh and entertaining for the younger generation as well, as the backbone seems to be on Groove / Alternative / Electro Metal, genres that used to be (are they still?) very popular in Europe at the beginning of the 2000's. The vocals are more aggressive than the actual music, but with the benefit of a good production everything sounds quite balanced. I also have to mention the (very few though) guitar solos I have enjoyed a lot, very melodic, very Heavy Metal-like, but all in all I'd still prefer to see his live than listen to on CD.

Adrian (Pest Webzine)


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