CYDIA "Victims Of System" 2015
/Metal Scrap Records/

01. Ледяной Марш  02:12
02. Танцы на костях  03:58
03. Шрамы  04:24
04. Дух поколения убийц 03:25
05. Имитация жизни 04:11
06. Последний стон 04:04
07. Созданный мир 04:52
08. Вытащи меня 03:38
09. Петля 03:19
10. Золотой Телец 05:16
11. Славный Смелый 05:39
Total plaing time: 45:06


cydia - victims of system



Cydia represents the second time that I have come across a band that is virtually unheard of (in the English-speaking part of the internet, anyway). After quite a bit of digging, however, I managed to find the bands Russian Facebook page (or rather, its equivalent on another platform). Through this page, and quite a bit of effort (the most of which resulting from me not understanding a word of Russian) I reached the conclusion that Victims of System is, in fact, the second full-length from this Melodic Death Metal quartet. And while I cannot speak long or in great detail as to the contents of the lyrics (again, it is in a language that is virtually indecipherable for me), then the music is something that I understand: Powerful, rhythmic melodies, followed by equally rhythmic paced growls, and only occasionally accompanied by a guitar solo or two. Throughout the entirety of the record is also a heavy emphasis on keyboards playing several synthesized tunes, which help reinforce the overall Melodic feel. No single track present upon Victims of System shows off this better than ”Имитация Жизни” (English translation: Imitation of Life), since it manages to show off a textbook example of how to combine synthesizers, guitars and growls to create a blast of memories back to the early 2000’s, where bands such as Soilwork and Arch Enemy began to build momentum. Sure, Cydia might not add a lot of new to the genre, but they still managed to keep the flame burning, adding Victims of System to the apparently ever-increasing arsenal that if the Melodic Death Metal scene. As a matter of fact, I would not have been surprised that I would have heard from this band far ealier, had the lyrics been in English, and if the band was based in Sweden, like many of their musical counterparts. That aside, I do not see either of these as being necessary for Cydia to rise out of relative obscurity and into full-blown fame throughout the world: The four Russians are very talented musicians, and they have obviously studied their chosen genre intensely in order to make their own version of it. Sure, they offer nothing really new – But they still have enough of a feel about them to be themselves, and memorable in their own right.
Recommended for fans of Soilwork, Arch Enemy and mid In Flames.

Brian (

Rock Hard 332016CYDIA je moja druha kapela, ktoru som pocul, ze spieva do svojho metalu po rusky. Moja hanba. Prvou bola doom metalova bomba KUPSK a musfm povedaf, ze po viacerych pocuvaniach ani tato kapela neurobf svojej krajine zle meno. Hudobnfci vsadili na moder- ny, tzv. groovy metal, obohateny o seversky chlad a temnu americku elektroniku. Aby som to upresnil, vplyvy kapiel ako MESHUGGAM v malom mnozstve, MNEMIC v maximalnom mnozstve a STATIC X v indus- trialno-klavesovom mnozstve, robi pre mna tuto kapelu zaujfmavou. To, ze som vymenoval kapely, ktore tam pocujem, neznamena, ze spochybnujem skladatefske umenie zucastnenych. Hracske umenie a nadsenie pocuf z kazdeho tonu a kvalita nahravky z Ukrajiny je viac ako obstojna. Nahravka je na prve pocutie veTmi jednoducha a chytrava, ale kto vydrzf a bude pocuvaf album viackr^t, tak bude odmeneny mnozstvom krasnych skrytych sol, vyhravok a rus- tina ho uplne pohltf. Za zmienku stoja .Get Me Out* a posledna „Glorious Brave1. Ja viem, je to dost malo, ale CYDIA nahrala len svoj druhy album, tak dufam, ze pojdu uz len hore a svojou vlastnou cestou. Je mi to Tuto a mozno si budem protirecif, ale musi'm skonstatovaf, ze keby nebolo tej ich rustiny, tak ide o nahravku ktorych je na svete milibny.:(

MAREK DEVILMAN HABDAK (Rock Hard #33/2016)

CREAMATION 14Poviete si, že zase Rusko. To bude jedna z množstva „hopsasa“ pagan folkových skupín, na ktoré má už pomaly táto krajina patent (úsmev). Ale nie je tomu vždy tak. Z ničoho nič, bez nejakých očakávaní sa mi do uší valí celkom zaujímavá porcia hudby. Musím sa priznať, že som takto vyskladaný mix už dávno nepočul. Je to jeden z plusových bodov nahrávky – následok toho že CYDIA stvorili nekonvenčné dielo s vlastnou tvárou. Najbližšie ich tvorba znesie popis melodický groove metal. Skupina si vie spraviť poriadok s poslucháčom v zmysle jeho udržania pozornosti počas celej nahrávky. Skladby sú vhodne skomponované, nenudiace a majú správnu muzikálnosť. Booklet neobsahuje texty, ale z toho čo počujem a mojich chabých znalostí usudzujem, že sú naspievané v rodnom jazyku. Určite aj to dopomáha k pocitu niečoho tajuplného. Páčia sa mi až výpravné časti skladieb ako je tomu napríklad v ôsmej „Get Me Out“. V tvrdších pasážach skupina používa často sekané riffy, v tých melodickejších sa zase vyžíva v rôznych zvukových, či gitarových efektoch. Miestami sú totálne hypnotizujúce. V dvoch skladbách si dokonca dovolili zaradiť cello ako hudobný doprovod.

CYDIA sú naozaj dobrí vo svojom žánri a verím, že ak by neboli z Ruska tak už o nich vie ďaleko viac ľudí. Takto si k nim nájdu cestu iba true fanúšikovia, čo tiež nie je možno na škodu. Hudba pre otvorené mysle.

Demon (Creamation #14/2016)

I can’t remember the last time I heard any new material from a Russian metal band. What I thought was an engaging album, Cydia‘s latest album, Victims of System is a modern day trip to the groovy and modern side of metal that was prevalent in the last decade.
This 11-track album had me thinking of many prominent names in metal such as Soilwork, Devildriver and Soulfly. Recommended for fans of those bands and like bands the album stays true to their main genres deeming this album pretty direct and aggressive in many ways. Overall, an abundance of heavy groove and even slight, faint hints of metalcore, the album has a big American metal influence to it. What adds to the experimentation of the album is also the hints of electronics, keys and samples also are what enticed me to give the group a shot. Though the album really is enriched by the metal sound of the early millenia, that is not a bad thing at all as metal we know expands many decades and the choice of era does not matter.
From start to end, the album is pretty soild and fairly decent and several of the tracks do stick out more than others which make for a memorable impact. The opening track, Icy March, is captivated as such. Very anthemic instrumentals, no vocals, this is a grand intro that makes was for the first wild one, Dancing on the Grave. Very heavy riffs of course, the bold captivated groove is very obvious and the hints of electronics give this one an industrial sounding theme, let alone an appealing track nonetheless. Really though, if you want things to get more groovy and rhythmatic, check out the track, Scars. A personal preference of melodic guitarwork, the track Imitation of Life, really gets at the pinnacle of things. On the border of clean/rough vocals, really you could feel just the raw emotion from the vocals on this track. The emotion just triggers goosebumps and eargasms to the core.
The guitar structurization and composure gets very bold and confident sounding in Get Me Out. Lots of progressive changes this time around, this is one of those tracks that keeps things engaging, as previously described which keeps the metal blood pumping and very much active. Another aspect of the album highly worthy of checking out is the twin guitar/keyboard work as found on the track, Loop. Above all else, the solos were very much definitive and defining here as a handful of tracks are faint of solos. In all senses what really threw me off that was unexpected but really awesome and I was glad, was the atmospheric and ambient presence in the closing track, Glorious Brave. That is only but just part of the track as the remainder of the final six minutes also comprise of headbanging riffs and pounding drums taking that familiar modern metal approach that’s been heavily dominitative throughout the album.
The more and more I give this album a spin, the more I am enjoying it. It definitely takes me back to my roots of growing up and fuels that more aggressive side in all of us. While their sound could be described as already been done or likewise, they have their own spin on things and they are certainly not a replicated band in the slightest bit. This album is also perhaps one of the more memorable performances from the vocal perspective. For having it be their second release, I am very much looking forward to their next album. After listening to another Russian metal act, I think it’s safe to say we need more Russian metal bands for sure. Stay Metal \m/

Fernando (

legacy1011Mit „Victims Of System“ (müsste es nicht eigentlich „Victims Of The System“ heißen?) veröffentlichen die russischen Groove-Metaller von CYDIA dieser Tage ihr zweites Album. Wie in diesem Genre üblich schwingt man brachial die Keule, nur um den Hörer dann (meist in den Refrains) mit Melodien den Kopf zu kraulen. Alleinstellungsmerkmal der Band stellt die Gesangssprache dar, benutzen CYDIA dabei ihre russische Heimatsprache. Darüber hinaus setzt man sich leider nicht weiter von den vielen mittelprächtigen Gruppen in diesem Bereich ab. Die Melodien sind nicht zwingend gut, das Songwriting oft langweilig und vorhersehbar. Zieht man den Exoten-Bonus ab, bleiben nicht mehr viele Gründe, warum man CYDIAs Zweitling in den Spieler schieben sollte.

7 Punkte
MAST (Legacy #101)


rockcor 3 2016 01Чтобы понять свое отношение и сфор-мировать впечатление от второй полнофор-матной работы самарской группы Cydia «Victim of system» мне понадобилось некото-рое время и пару раз прослушать альбом. Обложка с парящей в воздухе девушкой, сидящей в позе лотоса, запертой за прово-локой, конечно насторожила. Однако оформление не подразумевает нечто тяже-лое. Все же для тяжеляка присущи больше черепа и смерть с косой. Ну на худой конец безумные байкеры на своих конях. А тут вроде бы безобидная тема. Но не тут-то было. Первый трэк сразу обрисовал, что ждет слушателя. Если говорить в целом об данной работе, то музыка разнообразная, насыщенная тяжелыми рифами и электрон-ными включениями. Местами появляется виолончель и волынка («Последний стон») Приятно, мелодично и гармонично. Немного, обескуражил вокал исполнителя, хрипло врывающий в насыщенные мелодии. Тек-сты полны боли и черной депрессии. Группа поет об одиночестве и ненужности человека этому миру. Даже песня «Имитации жизни» вроде бы похожая на балладу, пропитана тя-желыми мыслями и полной безнадегой. С какой-то стороны участники группы фило-софствуют о жизни и современном мире, об межличностных отношениях, современном поколении («Дух поколения»). С другой, хо-чется обмотаться простыней и ползти само-стоятельно на кладбище. Пара трэков («Ле-дяной марш» и «Золотой телец») представ-ляют собой безтекстовые музыкальные композиции. Тут уж группа демонстрирует все свое музыкальное мастерство. Работы отлично подошли бы для саундтреков к ка-ким-нибудь хоррорам или экшенам. Так что, послушать альбом можно с моменты глубо-кой депрессии. Главное не перестараться и не уйти еще глубже.

Ермакова Янина (Rockcor #3/16)

Cover 17Российская группа CYDIA отлично прогрессирует. Я могу утверждать это однозначно, так как слушал их дебютный альбом и вот сейчас слушаю новую работу. Я не являюсь страстным почитателем стиля грув, в котором работает группа, но второй альбом россиян отмечаю как успешный. Отличная музыка, тяжелая, но с выраженной мелодичностью. Хороший баланс между олдскульными рифами и модной электроникой. Хорошие тексты. Их нужно слушать. Весь буклет состоит только из фотографий. Ну и отмечу классные вокалы. Если грувовый метал с сэмплово-клавишной атмосферой это ваше, то альбом вам понравится.

8 / 10
Neophyte (ATMOSFEAR #17)

Desde tierras cosacas, los Cydia nos traen “Victims of system”, una producción de gran calidad que vale la pena escuchar. El estilo de este disco es bastante variado, enmarcándose centralmente en el groove metal, rodeado de elementos del thrash y algo de música electrónica
Qué es lo que hace a este disco digno de ser escuchado? Ideas, muchas ideas y variaciones de principio a fin, muy bien plasmadas a lo largo de los once temas que componen esta producción.
Algunas canciones hacen recordar a bandas como Soulfly, Chimaira, Machine Head o Ektomorf, pero sin carecer de la originalidad que le da un sello propio a los Cydia.
Toda la banda hace un impecable trabajo, con una base rítmica (Oleg Bizon y Ed Coffee) repleta de poder en la batería y el bajo, guitarras de gran peso y elegancia (Oleg Zoob y Stas Nobody), desde rápidos solos progresivos hasta arpegios acústicos, sin soslayar los omnipresentes teclados y samplers que “colchonean” la música. Finalmente, el mismo Nobody complementa a sus compañeros a la perfección, con una voz que le queda a esta banda como anillo al dedo.
En resumen, un disco de muy buen gusto que no se debe dejar pasar por alto, bien vale la pena dedicarle una hora para conocer a esta banda.

Javier Salaverry (Rocka Rolla' zine)

Necromance Magazine 1 2016CYDIA, editan su segundo disco de larga duración llamado “Victims Of System” después de cuatro años tras su último trabajo.
Nacidos en 2007 en Rusia, CYDIA basa su sonido en el Groove metal y el Death Metal melódico. Esta banda está formada por Stas Nobody a la guitarra y las voces, Oleg Zoob a la guitarra, Oleg Bizon a la batería y Ed Coffee al bajo.
Arrancando el disco tenemos “Icy March”, una intro instrumental con unos riffs de guitarra unida a una percusión que nos hará meternos de lleno en su música y empezar a escuchar con un buen sabor de boca.
Siguiendo reproducimos “”Dancing on the Grave”. Este tema sigue un sonido muy ligado a la intro, ya incluyendo la voz de Stas, una voz bastante potente y que le va a dar un toque de distinción al disco.
“The Spirits of Killers’ Generation” y “Last Groan” son dos temas que comienzan de manera muy suave, pero que al momento sacan todo el sonido potente de la banda. Con lo cual tenemos dos canciones muy cañeras con muchísimo ritmo haciendo alarde de lo bien que se compenetran los dos Oleg, cada con su instrumento para conseguir sacar unos temas asombrosos.
Con “Get Me Out” tenemos un tema cargado de nuevos ritmos, demostrando que saben juntar el Groove con el Nu metal y hacer cosas extraordinarias. Se nota que la banda trabaja bien junta para conseguir temas como este. Combinan guitarras estridentes con ritmos electrónicos a los que acompañan maravillosamente Ed con unas líneas de bajo rítmicas. Cabe destacar, que la voz hace que todos los temas sean más potentes, aún si cabe.
Al final del disco, nos proponen “Glorious Brave”, siendo este el tema más largo de LP. No por ser la última significa ser la peor, se mantiene al nivel de todas las demás, destacando en esta, en mas que ninguna el bajo, aunque en ningún momento sobresale por encima de sus compañeros guitarristas.
Este destaca sobre todos los demás por contar más partes melódicas tanto musicales como de voz que junto a la brutalidad que nos acompaña durante todo el trabajo hacen, bajo mi punto de vista, que el tema sea mas completo.
En mi opinión, “Victims Of System” es un buen trabajo, con una línea muy continuista, un sonido bastante peculiar y que sin duda gustará, aunque en algunos momentos puede llegar a cansar debido a que la variación entre tema y tema tampoco es mucha, por lo que en algunos momentos nos dará sensación de escuchar en tema largo con un silencio en mitad. Aún así, el LP es muy cañero, con voces y guitarras que harán vibrar a los amantes de este género y sin duda no harán solo una escucha del los rusos CYDIA.

Jorge De La Cruz (Necromance Magazine #1, 2016)


The Russian guys of Cydia plays melodic groove metal with a modern twist, at least that is the designation of the record company. Judging from the first notes of opener 'Icy March' this is not a bad characterization. 'Dancing On The Grave' is again a nice melodic death metal song in the style of the famous bands of this genre such as In Flames and Soilwork. Particularly the latter band is a big influence, especially because of the more commercial-sounding songs. The bright keyboards enrich the songs and make it all pretty accessible. The band knows how to firmly hold the attention by creating variety in the songs. Here and there they slow it down a bit, place a nice riff at the right moment and add a slight groove that typifies each track. This album is easy to listen to, but will not really leave an indelible impression, in spite of the slick and smooth performance. Due to the huge competition in this genre it will be difficult for the band to reach the masses.

Berto (Lords Of Metal)

This sounds melodic, technical and with high doses of modern sounds. If I don’t mistake, this is the second album of the Russian band and definitely they know what they want.
All tracks are based in aggressive guitar riffs, complex structures, atmospheric keyboards and guttural vocals. Of course the band has roots in old death metal stuff, but this time they oriented the flag to more mainstream lands, let’s say into a more melodic stuff. Honestly the result is quite good for those who like commercial bands with electronic arrangements and guttural lines. I find here traces of thrash metal, guttural death metal vocals, melodic guitar lines and literally tons of musical arrangements. I must say that this is not the kind of metal music I like the most, but everything is on its place and I admit it brings me some cool moments that made me headbang. It’s good metallic stuff from Russia.

Victor Varas (Zombie Ritual Zine)

Another Russian band in my ears, another experience like no other. Cydia are a hell of an engaging listen that although is not totally my type of metal anymore, I bet I would have been completely in love with this album ten years ago. Perfect for fans of DevilDriver, Soulfly, and pretty much 75% of the rest of Roadrunner Records’ 1998-2002 roster, Cydia lay down a heavy, groove-filled album of solid music.
Musically Cydia have more in common with American metal than anything else, but lyrically they switch between English and their mother tongue, which is really awesome to listen to with a metal background. There is no fear of experimentation either, bringing a fair amount of samples and keyboards, putting an electronic layer over and inside of the music. The bass is very pronounced, both in the bass guitar as well as in the riffing of the rhythm guitar, and the drums are sitting at mid-range fast with the occasional double kick festival. The whole is mixed and mastered extremely well, with a high production value that gives it a sound that rivals the platinum selling albums of late 90’s metal.
As I listen to Victims of System more, I find myself liking it more and more. It is a genuine effort from a fairly new band to take an established sound and inject their own identity into it. It is also a solid sophomore album, and it is extremely good. I recommend checking Cydia out on Bandcamp and getting the album straight from Metal Scrap.

Dustin Ekman (Crown of Viserys)

CYDIA took 27 place in Top 50 by Spark Magazine #2, February 2016!

spark 02-2016Melodické deathmetalové mláticky moderního strihu se evidentne v Rusku teší solidní oblibe. Tvorba borcu ze CYDIE dokonale zapadá do vzorce kapel, kterých najdete od Moskvy po Sibir desítky, ne-li stovky. Vetšina techto spolku se od sebe liší v podstate jen aranžemi. Jedna banda inklinuje více k elektronice, jiná banda se zase prezentuje syrovejší produkcí. CYDIA patrí do druhého ranku. Ctyrclenné komando usilovne tlací na pilu a v podání vecne nasupeného frontmana dojde i na solidní groove. Smyckami a samply šetrí a melodie staví hlavne na kytarách. Ty, byt mají ladení posazené hodne nízko, nezaprou ani tradicní heavymetalové cítení. Obcasné zmeny tempa a atmosférické brnkacky nejsou také od veci. Kapela ale neopustí ani na chvíli pevne ukotvené koleje žánru, a chybí tak punc vlastní invence, který by tvorbu CYDIE odlišoval od ostatních. Trochu zmatek vyvolávají názvy skladeb v anglictine, protože jazykem, kterým se v textech mluví, je ruština. Z urcitého pohledu je rodná rec kumpánu sympatická, protože kapela tak pusobí neurvaleji. Rozhodne zajímavejší je první pulka placky, kde se darí pracovat s atmosférou a skladby nejsou jen zbesilé sypacky kolovrátkového typu. Vubec první písnickový trojlístek je tím nejsilnejším, co „Victims Of System“ nabízí. Následne dochází k cím dál intenzivnejší recyklaci nápadu, což v záveru zapáchá už trochu nudou. Je libo rusky zpívaný nárez s trochou melodie? Pak vás asi CYDIA na chvíli dokáže zabavit. Pro ostatní to nebude nic víc než standard.

David Havlena (Spark Magazine #2, 2016)

In the ethereal world of possibilities, everything is permitted. Every experimental insight can be a truth. But the things become extremely hard when we are dealing in turning the possibilities in music. It's because our imagination, our creative power, is attached to our technological limitations, and sometimes to the models we hear throughout the world. You can follow a model, of course, but you can do on it the things on your own way. And that's exactly what the Russian quartet CYDIA is doing on their new album, "Victims of System".
Imagine a Groove Metal band with modern and abrasive instrumental tunes, and put inside of this cauldron elements from Industrial Metal and some electronic effects. Yes, these madmen dare to do things in this way, doesn't caring about what others have to say, but believing in their own creativeness. And with that, they created a hooking and dense form of music, taking inspirations from names as SOULFLY (but not as New Metal as this one), DEVILDRIVER and others. But remember: these guys really have personality.
When we deal with musical production and sound quality on this style, the things are done in a abrasive way, with low tunes that really can sound too hard for non used people. But CYDIA used wisely these elements in a way that their music sounds clean and good, but aggressive and nasty without causing on us the impression of hearing so low tuned instruments. And this makes their melodic appeal extremely clear for us all.
Their songs are all fine, but they have some incredible moments, as we can hear on the excellent "Dancing on the Grave" (it starts brutal and full of an intense Groove and savage guitar riffs, but some keyboards and electronic effects appear, giving an Industrial touch on the song); the raw and nasty Groove presented by the excellent rhythmical work on "Scars"; the perfect marriage between melodies and abrasive tunes heard on the introspective and charming "Imitation of Life" (very good work on vocals and excellent electronic presence of keyboards effects); the powerful guitars on "Get Me Out" (very good rhythmical changes); the hypnotic melodies of the keyboards tunes and excellent guitars on "Loop" (some guitar solos can be heard, full of melodies), and the dense musical atmosphere on "Glorious Brave".
CYDIA is a very good band, and we deserve a chance to hear their work. Yes, my words are correct, and the sense is what you think, my dear nephews and nieces.

Originality: 7
Songwriting: 8
Memorability: 9
Production: 8
Marcos "Big Daddy" Garcia (Metal Temple)

Victims Of System is a good album by an impressive band, especially given its relative obscurity, even if the band has been kicking around since 2007 and has had a record prior to this one. First however, there are fundamental flaws with the band and its act. These are the loopy Industrial interludes and mallcore elements, which are a great pity because Cydia combines genuinely heavy riffs with barbed wire distortion all topped with special melodies and angry vocals.
In more depth, this is a hard and heavy album from start to finish despite the loopy mallcore static. Even a slow song like Created World with its strings and acoustic strumming comes out strongly. The same could be said of the melodies as heard on a song like Golden Calf. Incidentally, it begins as if it wants to be Pink Floyd’s Live At Pompeii. Overall, the rhythm crushes, the guitar leads lead‎ and the drummer cares to bash the kit and take stabs at rolls as often as is necessary to keep things exciting. Then again it sounds like the band is rapping on Glorious Brave and, what is probably synthesizers on the pounding Last Groan, comes across like a clarinet.
Elsewhere a couple of title choices, which come in Russian and English, are inspired and thoughtful. Take the opening instrumental Icy March or Imitation Of Life as examples.
To the Cydia guys, take out the Insane Clown Posse elements and continue to deliver on the pounding heavy metal and you would have a winner.

Ali “The Metallian” (Metallian)

Here's a Metal genre I don't like to listen to at home (or wherever, I mean recorded) more than seeing live, and if the bands manage to deliver live what they are doing on the recordings than it's with great pleasure I attend such a gig. Cydia presents us here their second full-length album, an 11 tracks effort clocking 45 minutes of quite complex Groove Metal highlighted by a massive amount of riffs projecting different atmospheres on each track, from melodic to mysterious, from energetic to progressive, from groovy to aggressive, but all this with complete support from a strong synth / keyboard driven background that makes things sound fresh and entertaining for the younger generation as well, as the backbone seems to be on Groove / Alternative / Electro Metal, genres that used to be (are they still?) very popular in Europe at the beginning of the 2000's. The vocals are more aggressive than the actual music, but with the benefit of a good production everything sounds quite balanced. I also have to mention the (very few though) guitar solos I have enjoyed a lot, very melodic, very Heavy Metal-like, but all in all I'd still prefer to see his live than listen to on CD.

Adrian (Pest Webzine)

I know that this is no excuse but I get to hear so many great records that I can’t really remember them all, let alone albums that were released years ago, but I do remember the name CYDIA. Unfortunately I only little recollection of what they sounded like. For some reason I came to think of Face Down when CYDIA started blasting through my speakers. This is the beat your chest kinda metal that done with pure conviction is some of the best metal in the world. CYDIA are really good at what they do. I feel the anger and aggression through the speakers. This is the lkind of album you need to blast loud.

Anders Ekdahl (Battle Helm)


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