Sounding like a lethal pill of some description, this Russian outfit’s output could be as dangerous if overdosed on to gratuitous volumes.
Seemingly advertised as groove death, the style is pretty compliant and tedium -free with it, despite the vocals being penned in the act’s homeland lingo. Some pretty NWOBHM -nurtured chugging gets a place in each number with fantastic bounce and tempo variations. Solo work is handled as amiably as expected by Oleg Zoob, Pantera influences simply left to run amok on most tracks.
Adding sneaky symphonic metal deviations into this energetic eleven -track journey should not offend the elitist when all the hallmarks have their pegs set firmly enough in the holes already. Stas Nobody applies a sturdy extreme metal throat, translatable and a couple of brief Korn moments accommodate it with little need for improvisation on what are also hugely promising live numbers.
Somewhat groovy stuff indeed.

Dave Attrill (www.metalliville.co.uk)


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