Not an easy to find on the net band, cydia comes from Russia and was formed in 2007. At the end of the same year they say they have released their "unofficial debut album", but how's that an unofficial album if it's released by the band? I don't get it. Anyway, in 2011 they have signed with Metal Scrap Records and here we have their official (?) debut full-length. 11 tracks of Modern, Groove infused Metal with lots of Nu-Metal influences so you guessed it right, this is not exactly my cup of coffee, but what I like about them is the fact they added some guitar riffs that come from the Death Metal scene, making this album a bit more complex and also a bit more Extreme Metal oriented. Also the vocalist is a very good one, he doesn his best to bring forth as much aggression as possible. The low tuned rhythm quitar and bass make this release quite brutal even if it comes from this genre. I was not bothered at all but this CD, so if you're into Modern Metal you might like it a lot I assume. Beware, the lyrics are all in Russian language.

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