AUTHORITY OF HATE “Crackdown” 2010
/Metal Scrap Records/

2.The Phantom of a Doll
3.Opression and self-affirmation
4.Zombie City
6.At the Bottom of the Universe
7.Death by Hanging
8.The Immortal 

This band comes from Russia and as I know, this is their first album (I do not know how they are old). Actually press-release says that here is old-school death metal... I do not agree... here is death metal, but just with couple old-school tunes, and other is techncial, melodic death metal... Really, music is catching, fast, marching and crushing, but without any DEATH METAL dark feelings inside. Musicains are able to hold their unstruments for sure, music is professional, with same professional sound (but modern, sweet one), guitars are raging, comes with tight bass lines and growls. Some tempo-changes are good and catching, but sometimes not too perfect.Regarding old-school feelings – I have found just couple, from Swedish school. The whole album made in straight-forward way, and comes with twisted, ala malmsteen guitar solos. All in all, this album will be very good for fans of modern kid of melodic and technical death metal, but for those who worship PURE METAL OF DEATH – there is no place. So if you like techncial performance, twisted rhythms and guitars solos – welcome to AUTHORITY OF HATE.

ANTICHRIST Metalzine, 11/2011

I like old school death metal as much as the next so whenever I come upon an album claiming to be just that I sit up and take extra notice. Will it be old school like Autopsy, or like Entombed, or even older school like Possessed or Death? Or does my idea of old school differ from the bands idea? All questions that seek an answer. One that Authority Of Hate hopefully will provide once the album starts spinning. Now that the record is spinning it reminds me that I forgot to mention old school Florida death metal. Because that is what Authority Of Hate's death metal sounds like to me. Good old death metal a'la Malevolent Creation or Monstrosity. They say you don't miss what you have until it's gone. The same can be said for Florida death metal. You don't know you need it until you hear a band that reminds me of it. Cheers to Authority Of Hate for doing so.

Anders Ekdahl /Battle Helm/

Metal Scrap Records from Russia presents "Crachdown" which is the debut full-length album of the russian death metal band AUTHORITY OF HATE.Karc (drums),Nightmare (guitars/vocals) and Slavik (bass) deliver eight tracks of technical playing and aggressive mood.They mix oldschool death metal with modern elements and the final result is one decently sounding album.Those three guys know pretty good how to play on their instruments - "Crackdown" is filled with masterful guitar leads and energetic drumming which is sometimes extremely fast and sometimes disrhytmic like MESHUGGAH for example.Nightmare's vocals are in the higher register of death metal and his guitar playing is remarkable.My only complaint about "Crackdown" is about the diversity of the songs - all tracks are technical and heavy enough but the groove is somehow missing.There isn't something that will enter your head and stay there for days.Hopefully AUTHORITY OF HATE have a long life before them and their future releases will be more smashing.'Till then you can give an ear to "Crackdown" because this debut is far from mediocre!

Icumblood /Extreminal'zine/

In recent years the trend of revival of classic death metal encouraged. There is a large number of professional bands in order to avoid confusion with the army of any modern death metal succinctly defined their style like old school death metal. Just about those "Old Believers" will be discussed in this review.
Despite of the fact that the Russian band AUTHORITY OF HATE consists of only two musicians: Denis Zheltouhov (guitar, vocals) and Andrew Karsakov (drums) this did not affect either the quality of the music or the recording quality. There were used session musicians and the team has given great old school death metal album "Crackdown". Design of the album was made by well-known artist Waldmahr Smerdulak (Rossomahaar, Arkanar, Sinful, etc) so as for the booklet – there’s nothing to complain about. And frankly do not want to! Because the music touches from the first song and after CD ended - you want to put it back on. Here is everything what fans of death metal need. There’re rigid, mathematically adjusted rhythm, honed guitar solos, speed and hatred multiplied by the craftsmanship and modern technology. Musically we hear the native old school death metal, that's only dressed in modern arrangements by which there are elements inherent in techno death metal. But this will only benefit "Crackdown" and it sounds even more powerful! There’s no sense to stop on the each composition. Each song as the patron of the cage bears an equal dose of the deadly metal. So that all eight songs hit the mark! The best advices for death metal maniacs and fans of good music.


The opening riff of the first track ‘Authority’ on the debut album entitled ‘Crackdown’ by Russia’s Authority Of Hate reminds a lot of Carcass. After these first notes it becomes clear this band isn’t a Carcass-clone although you will hear a definite influence. The duo, which recorded this album as a four-piece, deals in death metal with fat riffs and great hooks within their songs. Basically this band, which meanwhile turned into a trio, didn’t do anything wrong, technically skilled and proper songs that are a bit in the vein of the classic Florida-sound. A bit like Carcass meets Deicide meets Monstrosity or something like that. That’s the direction you have to think about concerning Authority Of Hate. A cool CD that should be given time to sink in!

Rating: 82/100
Pim B. (
Issue 116
July / August 2011

Very energetic music - from the very first seconds it hits the listener like an avalanche and every minute shaking you without letting fall asleep in your warm narrow-minded little world. All sounds very hard, instruments - each has its place and it was clearly audible when it is needed. If part music within the genre - it sounds at the edge with the groove and a new-fangled mod trends, but fortunately the guys could not cross that line when the album could be safely disposed of in the trash. At the edge - it does not mean that the elements mentioned above by me dominated in their music. Some influence, no doubt, but not entirely.
I would also like to note vocal - a powerful, bright and expressive. Vocalist knows how to "tear the throat" and how to present it to listeners so that they can (he-he, yes really) to hear him and be heard.
The album is filled with irresistible force. Want to feel it? Well, listen!

Grimmsberg (HeavyMusic.Ru)

The debut album from the Russian band AUTHORITY OF HATE can be attributed to the style of death metal, although occasionally the boys climb in to the Swedish melodic death metal spill and in some places cling thrash metal. Quality recording and cool stuff will not let you be bored. Decoration of the album is the guitar solo; it gives riffs some originality. It should be noted an interesting image that was used for the cover of the album. It’s a good debut.


Neophyte (Atmosfear Magazine #8)

Zaczyna sie pieknie – „Authority”, staro szkolnym sredniotempowym pierdolnieciem. Slinka az pociekla po brodzie. Mamy death’owa, troche skoczna galopade z mielacymi gitarami i mocnym growlem. Pozniej jest troche inaczej. Dalej pozostajemy w srednich tempach, ale do tej staroszkolnej death metalowej machiny AOH wplata wiecej melodii oraz lamie nieco rytm a la Death. I wplyw ekipy Chucka jest na tym krazku wyraznie slyszalny chociaz nie jedyny. Momentami przypomina naszego Vadera – nie ze kopia tylko skojarzenia. Ogolnie rzecz biorac material jest momentami mocno melodyjny, brzmienie dobre i miesiste, ale bez plastiku. Do tego to, co najbardziej chyba lubie czyli mielace gitary i rasowy growl. Bez fajerwerkow, ale dobra pozycja.

Apocalyptic Rites 'zine #5

Das russische Label Metal Scrap Records befordert mit AUTHORITY OF HATE eine weitere Band aus der Heimat ans Tageslicht. Und die widmen sich den Klangen, die man vorzugsweise in den Neunziger Jahren aus Florida gewohnt war – sprich, einem Sound, der irgendwo zwischen Malevolent Creation, Angel Corpse, Monstrosity und Obituary zu orten ist. Diese Schule haben die Russen jedenfalls erfolgreich absolviert und nachhaltig verinnerlicht, „Crackdown“ sprudelt nur so von dem Spirit dieser Tage. Egal ob ‚Zombie City‘, ‚The Phantom Of A Doll‘, die abnormale Abrissbirne ‚The Bottom Of The Universe‘, ‚Death By Hanging‘ oder ‚Authority‘ – die Songs liefern musikalisch wie inhaltlich genau das, was man beim au?erlichen Betrachten der CD erwartet. Dabei beweisen die zwei Mann hinter AUTHORITY OF HATE, dass sie ein gutes Gespur dafur haben, Songs in den richtigen Momenten zu drosseln oder gegebenenfalls das Gaspedal etwas durchzudrucken, um etwaigen Ermudungserscheinungen vorzubeugen. Die grundsatzliche Marschroute ist jedoch ein gesundes Midtempo, in dem die Jungs ihren Old School Death Metal braten. Nicht alle Nummern auf „Crackdown“ sind Volltreffer, aber wer erwartet das auch schon auf einem Debut-Album? Die genannten Tracks sollte man sich mal reinpfeifen und ein eigenes Bild von AUTHORITY OF HATE machen. Fur mich gehoren sie zu den bislang interessantesten Acts auf Metal Scrap Records… (HD)

10 Punkte


The sort of name telling you to expect a street-hard metal core monster instead somehow yields anther equally heavy beast of the devil-horn inducing variety instead.
Russian duo Authority Of Hate attack the senses with a short sharp but thankfully not quite shocking delivery of death metal crafted as you just expect to hear it. Expectations for a little novelty wear off with two tracks but the constant intrusions of old-school thrash soloing keep things about half appetising, Authority, Phantom Of a Doll, Zombie City, At the Bottom Of The Universe and Death By Hanging guaranteed to hurt like a bullet to the head.
Not bad but the live environment will be far better welcoming for this kind of sound.

Dave Attrill (

Rosyjski duet swietnie odegral kawal “skocznego” Death Metalu. Jest to muza chwytliwa i wciagajaca- bardzo w stylu amerykanskiego boomu w lzejszej wersji, z przelomu dekad. Slychac tez troche GOREFEST z „trojki”, ale przyznac nalezy uczciwie, ze AOH forsuje wlasny sposob grania. Brutalnosc rozklada sie tutaj na motywy melodyjne (w pozytywnym znaczeniu tego slowa) i na prawdziwie porywajace piruety, wsrod ktorych odnajdziemy blasty, ale podstawa sa srednie tempa, na ktore zostal postawiony zdecydowany nacisk. Mozna by powiedziec, ze ta plyta jako calosc kojarzy sie z De Koyerem, ktory postanowil nagrac material u Scotta Burnsa z zaznaczeniem, ze ma to wygladac jak „Violent Revolution” KREATOR. Wystarczajaco juz namieszalem? Oczywiscie, taka interpretacja muzyki wydaje sie niespojna i pozbawiona sensu, ale wlasnie w tym tkwi caly smak „Crackdown”. Duzo sie tu dzieje: solowki smigaja jak szalone, riffy zmieniaja sie jak w kalejdoskopie (klaniaja sie ostatnie produkcje DEATH), tempa rowniez iscie karkolomne… Konczac juz ten wywod, musze napisac, ze bardzo dobrze slucha sie tego krazka i az ciezko uwierzyc, ze jest to debiut! Pytajcie w Metal Scrap Rec.

R'Lyeh #10

No to jest całkiem dobre granie. A jeżeli weźmiemy pod uwagę fakt, że „Crackdown” to debiut płytowy trójki Rosjan, powiem więcej - to jest zajebiste granie! I jeszcze jedna kwestia przemawia za tym matexem, im dłużej go słucham tym coraz bardziej mnie skubany kręci, co tylko świadczy o jego potencjalne. Chłopaki łoją death metal, bardzo skutecznie łącząc old schoolowe patenty z tym bardziej nowoczesnym, technicznym wręcz metalem śmierci. Ogólnie panowie bardzo rzadko wypuszczają swoją muzę poza średnie tempa, rzadko przyśpieszając swą muzyczną maszynę wojenną. Natomiast sporo się dzieje w kwestiach budowy kawałków, bo co chwila chłopaki robią jakieś płynne przejście w swoich kompozycjach  mieszając melodyjne riffy, z tym bardziej agresywnymi. No i nie zabrakło esencji metalowego grania czyli solówek  yeah, a ta z „The Immortal” po prostu palce lizać. Wokal jakim posługuje się Nighmare nie jest do końca typowym growlingiem, bardziej przypomina taką gardłową manierę Petera z Vader. Nie zmienia to faktu, że „żyje” w idealnej symbiozie z resztą instrumentów. Mimo, że materiał nie jest jakiś ultra brutalny, mi skopał dupę. Podsumowując „Crackdown” to 26 minut naprawdę wykurwistego, zróżnicowanego napierdalania. Ja czekam na kolejny ruch kapeli! Jeśli nagrają lepszy materiał od „Crackdown” mogą narobić niezłego rozpierdolu w underku!!! I tego chłopaki wam życzę...

Total Death zine #7



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