AURON "Auron" 2015
/Metal Scrap Records/

1. Obsessions 4:09
2. Word and Deed 4:46
3. Spring 4:52
4. Stranger 4:48
5. Prelude in H-moll 2:37
6. Mirrors 5:31
7. Heroes of Last Generation 3:33
8. Moonlight Trail 3:56
9. Color Dreams 4:50
10. Auron 6:13
Bonus tracks:
11. Герои прошлого века 3:33
12. История Странника 4:46
Total playing time: 53:36

auron - auron



Today I popularize the work of band AURON, who finally got my review. Sorry for the delay… But not in this thing and I will pass to the essence. The band comes from Russia, and they has existed since 2007 and in 2015 they released the full album, which just I listen.
The quadruple male line-up define their work as Heavy Metal. And they propose such music on the album under the same title as the band’s name – “Auron”. From the top I have to admit that Heavy Metal is a genre that I like. And ballads fondle my ears and then the chills dress my body. So there is no denying that the band landed in my taste and this is the release of Heavy Metal in quite a rejuvenated form.
The Singing, melodic vocals and the melodic sounds combined together easily, pleasantly are quickly are assimilated by our receivers. So that music penetrates us and the musicians achieved their goal, which is to reach the listener. The artistic compositions and the intricate instrumental parts of the band make the songs with dose of progression.
I conclude that they have done a great job creating this work, what further proof is that you can hear a distinct, well-thought, good guitar parts that will please many ears. It is also worth to mention the instrumental track, which hides under the same name as the name of the band and the album. The track clearly underlines the instrumental skill of musicians and therefore it enjoys our senses, because there is not lack of Heavy Metal sound.
Living in constant noise, rush… It worth to sometimes sit and listen to a good music at which you can relax, breathe and even feel younger. So we sometimes could sit down and we this time reach for AURON, and certainly it will be time well spent. I did that and it was really worth.

Pawel (


obalkaProgresívny heavy metal z Ruska. A prečo nie? Neodpisoval by som hneď skupiny podľa krajiny z ktorej pochádzajú. A myslím si, že to je aj prípad AURON. Pre mňa milé prekvapenie, album ktorý ma neuráža, nenudí. Dokonca sa mi páči ľahkosť s akou všetka energia z nahrávky do mňa prúdi. Čistučký a čitateľný zvuk je pri tomto žánry absolútnou podmienkou. A toho sme sa tu aj dočkali. Preto vynikli všetky gitarové, či basové vyhrávky. Rýchlejšie skladby striedajú tie pomalšie, presne ako sme pri progres metale zvyknutí. AURON je relatívne mladá skupina, o to viac si vážim tejto nahrávky za ktorú sa skupina nemusí hanbiť.

Demon (CREMATION #8)


Right off the hop, it is easy to tell where this album is going. A twinkling intro to the song “Obsessions” delves into an upbeat riff with vocals one can easily sing along with, and Russia’s Auron quickly pull you into their debut album.
Full of hooks and catchy choruses, Auron‘s self-titled is also full of technical fretwork and headbanging-and-fist-pumping verses. The fact that they are mixing genres nicely is also a benefit, as there are a lot of elements here that will be welcomed by plenty of music fans. Power metal fans will like the technicality, prog fans will like the time shifts, and classic rock fans will like the fact that it hearkens back to the 80’s while still staying totally modern.
All of the songs are in English except the final two bonus tracks, “Герои прошлого века” and “История Странника”, which are the Russian versions of “Heroes of the Last Generation” and “Stranger” respectively. Of the two Russian-sung ones, “Герои прошлого века” is my favourite. Of the album, “Word and Deed” is my favourite.

Dustin Ekman (Crown of Viserys)

Auron is a band from Russia that plays a very melodic and progressive form of heavy metal and this is a review of their self released 2015 album which was released by Metal Scrap Records.
A very hard, heavy, melodic and symphonic progressive metal sound starts off the album along with some clean singing vocals and after awhile solos and leads which also bring in some elements of neo-classical are added into the music and at times clean playing as well as a small amount of acoustic guitars can be heard in certain sections of the recording and the solos and leads they use remain true to an 80's style of progressive heavy metal.
All of the musical instruments on the recording have a very powerful sound to them and at times the keyboards bring in a great amount of 70's progressive rock elements and all of the songs stick to either a slow or mid paced musical direction and a good portion of the tracks sound like they could off easily been recorded and released in the 80's or early 90's along with a few ballads while most of the tracks stick to a harder style of metal along with a couple of instrumentals while a later song also brings in a few seconds of spoken word parts and towards the end the music starts adding in more modern prog metal elements.
Auron plays a very melodic style of progressive heavy metal but is very heavily rooted in the 80's but done with a more up to date approach, the production sounds very professional while the lyrics which are written mostly in English along with a couple of songs being written in Russian and they cover real life and philosophical themes.
In my opinion Auron are a very great sounding melodic progressive heavy metal band and if you are a fan of this musical genre, you should check out this album. RECOMMENDED TRACKS INCLUDE "Word And Deed" "Stranger" "Moonlight Trail" and "Auron".

OccultBlackMetal (Extreme Underground Music Zine)

With all these stories about intimidation of entire continent and dirty political games by a bunch of power-obsessed maniacs (no names called), you would almost forget that there is something called daily life in Russia, of which music if of course a part. Still, even Russia houses quite a number of metal bands and though most of these bands are hardly known outside Russia (except for pagan metallers Arkona maybe) nice albums are frequently released by these Russian bands. The self-titled debut album of Auron is a great example of this. The album is released by Metal Scrap Records, which is housed in Kiev, Ukraine. Does it get more ironical than that?
Auron plays very decent melodic heavy metal, clearly influenced by the bands from the eighties but still with a modern sound. The CD opens strong with ‘Obsessions’, on which the band proves to have a talent for writing catchy choruses. The following ‘Word And Deed’ is more firm and and is somewhat reminiscent of Firewind. The level of Firewind is not reached, but this should not keep the guys from Auron awake at night. ‘Stranger’ gives us a nice semi-ballad and approaching the end of the CD, we find the highlight called ‘Moonlight Trail’. Unfortunately, the band does not manage to grasp the listeners focus for the length of the whole album, for here and there it gets a little tedious. In spite of this, this is a fine album of a promising band, so give this album a try! The CD is closed by two bonus tracks, the Russian versions of ‘Heroes Of The Last Generation’ and ‘Stranger’.

Jori (Lords Of Metal)

AURON is a Russian progressive power metal band, founded in 2007 Roman Lepaev and former bassist Sergey Kirpilenko - having been gigging ever since they have changed their line-up several times finally settling with the current line-up in early 2014. Signing up with Ukrainian label Metal Scrap Records sparked the release of their self-titled debut album.
The album opens with the track “Obsessions” - the track opens in a personal pet peeve of mine - shiny keyboards colliding badly with the coolness of heavy power chords - but that changes fast into fast riffing catchy riffing coupled with vocals that very clearly are influenced from NWOBHM and some tasty solos.
“Spring” starts with a melodic part coupled with the bass playing along that blasts into a much larger vibe that reminds me of DREAM THEATER, catchy riffs and melodies showcase throughout the song. The song also has a clip on YouTube for its Russian version that is pretty unsafe for work to say the least… Influences of Yngwie Malmsteen are definitely heard in many of the albums solos - prime example is opening solo of track “Stranger”. Closing track “Auron” ends the album in a rather high note - Fast and heavy riffs and chugs go hand in hand with the the melodic guitar solo that occupies most of the song. The song switches to a mode that reminds me of IRON MAIDEN - the melodies keep going higher and higher - faster and faster to eventually come to a satisfying, show finisher ending.
This album is a very fun one to listen to - containing modern progressive metal influences such as DREAM THEATER along with classic metal influences such as YNGWIE MALMSTEEN, SAXON, SCORPIONS and many more - especially in the hair metal and British heavy metal scene. In the end, if you are looking for quality Russian cock rock - you've found your match.

Gil Lecht (Metal Temple)

This is a good new band coming from Saratov, Russia. Actually, they’ve been active since 2007 and I don’t know if they recorded previous demos, but on the debut album they made a very decent work forged in heavy metal, progressive metal and touches of power metal.
I liked almost all tracks because music sounds quite balanced and everything is tied by high doses of progressive stuff, but don’t wait to hear arrogance and complexity here, absolutely not! This band composed very soft melodies and AOR stuff through excellent guitar riffs here and there. The band has high musical skills, and no doubt they made their own musical arrangements. For moments I found some touches of modernity and, if you ask me, this sounds really good as music lines are fresh and clear. It seems like guitarists Roman Lepaev and Nikolay Bogov have clear what they want and, although I don’t hear anything new, this duo made an excellent work. Kudos for my favorite one: “Auron” which is an instrumental track full of interesting and melodic sections. BTW. This album includes two songs on Russian version, which really sound MUCH better!! This is a really good debut album.

Victor Varas (Zombie Ritual Zine)

The debut album by Russia’s Auron is a rare case of an album leaving one pulled into two different and opposite directions. It is the rare case of induced indecisiveness. The 53-minute debut is what most would call progressive metal. It nods to Yngwie Malmsteen, Dream Theater and Classical music, but the quartet is not being overly derivative. Two limitations come to mind. One is the vocals of Nikolay Bogov whose voice comes across as flat when stretched. One can hear the accent come through in more mid-paced moments. Secondly – a drummer is listed – the record was immortalized with the aid of a drum machine and that always sucks. Music or art are meant to be emotional. Metal music, in particular, channels many sentiments and emotions and the presence of a drum computer in the background destroys much of the feeling. Worse, Auron’s drum machine is as fake as they come. The band does have a few good songs. Despite its conventional and senseless subject-matter Heroes Of Last Generation is a good one and an actual song. Listening to the album multiple times it becomes clear that the band should abandon its instrumentals and weak slow songs and focus on writing upbeat and faster songs. That is where the band improves. The album stretches longer as the band has included two Russian versions of its songs, including one for the aforementioned Heroes Of Last Generation.

Ali (Metallian)

Active since 2007, Russian band Auron spent many years perfecting their skills on the musical front for this self-titled, debut record. You'll get 12 tracks - the final 2 sung in Russian, and of the other 10, 1 is a classical instrumental piece "Prelude in H-moll" while the other 9 are in English. Auron are more on the heavy metal side of things than necessarily progressive as the background information tends to describe- think of the Scorpions and possibly the commercial side of Yngwie J. Malmsteen when Joe Lynn Turner was fronting the group, along with subtle textures of Dream Theater.
"Obsessions" opens in a neo-classical keyboard flourish before the twin guitars lay down a catchy melodic heavy metal template, the instrumental section showcasing more of their clean picking and Maxim Syvorotkin's technical bass prowess. Most of the progressive moments happen during the transitions, as the verses tend to be very smooth - check out "Word and Deed" or the heavier 6 minute plus title cut for the band's interplay and thematic movements. Guitarist Nicholas Bogov handles the vocals, and while he has a higher than normal register the melodies aren't so far reaching for him to appeal to a wide cross section of metal fans.
The production values are clear, yet feel a little sterile especially in the drum department. Overall, I'd say Auron have a lot of potential, understand the genre at hand, and can construct some catchy melodies and hooks. This could be one to watch over the next few years as they gain more comfort in the English language- and maybe improve upon the folded arm/ promo shot approach (check out their Facebook page).

Matt Coe (Eternal Terror Webzine)

necromance 04Desde la fría Rusia nos llega el primer álbum de este cuarteto fundado en 2007 llamados AURON, banda desconocida en nuestro país, si bien parecen que gozan de cierto nombre en su país, con giras por todo el territorio e incluso dando algún que otro salto por países europeos. Vienen presentando su trabajo homónimo, compuesto por un total de 12 temas, se trata de un disco de heavy metal melódico, con toques progresivos, con mucho regustillo a los clásicos de los ochenta-noventa, viniéndome rápidamente a la mente bandas como DOKKEN, QUEENSRYCHE, VAN DEN PLAS, RUSH, etc…
Haciendo un poco de estudio previo sobre la banda, me encuentro con el video oficial de su tema “Becha“, tema no incluido en este disco (posiblemente editado en las demos anteriores) en el cual se ve a una banda muy inmadura, con bastantes cosas por mejorar, pero es un video que si o si hay que ver!!!!!, no lo digo por la música, ni por la imagen de la banda… ahí lo dejo!!!!!
Tras múltiples cambios de formación parecen que se han asentado, y en este disco notamos una mejora abismal, temas mas ricos en matices, con una voz mas cuidada, con lineas instrumentales muy ricas, se nota que han currado lo suyo, ahora si, la portada es bastante malilla, si querían continuar con ese aire de los 90 vale, pero la verdad que podrían haber trabajado mas en el aspecto visual de la portada.
El disco se abre con “Obsessions”, con unos teclados muy a lo YNGWIE MALMSTEEN, las guitarras suenan muy limpias, con unas melodías de fondo muy propias para acompañar la voz de Nicolai Bogov, quien tiene un tono parecido al del primer cantante de NOCTURNAL RITES, una voz muchísimo mejor que las grabaciones anteriores de la banda. El bajo cobran un protagonismo especial, creando unos pasajes muy progresivos a mitad de tema, con guitarras limpias dejándole paso, para volver a riffs mas heavys, con subidas y bajadas propias del estilo. Buen tema para comenzar, uno de los mas duros y fuertes del álbum.
“Word and Deed” nos vuelve a mostrar riffs de guitarras muy progresivos, con esas escalas disonantes y rebuscadas, pero mezclado a la vez con ese feeling del metal melódico de los noventa, muy a lo WARRANT, WHITE LION, etc… El estribillo casa muy bien con las melodías dibujadas por las guitarras de fondo. La batería hace su papel, sin destacar en ningún tema, cumple y hace su trabajo, si bien para el corte progresivo que le quieren dar a los temas creo que el batería se les queda corto.
El disco continua con “Springs“, y ya a esta altura del disco me falta algo de intensidad y de fuerza. Son temas muy lights, muy suaves, muchas guitarras limpias cargadas de reverb y delay, que quedan muy bien oye, pero falta algo mas. Cuando leí la biografía de esta banda señalaban a DREAM THEATER entre sus referencias, y vaya! están todavía a años luz de estos maestros, pero este tema sin duda si tiene un aire a DT, sobre todo a los de la primera época, me ha recordado mucho a algún tema del “When Dream and Day Unite”.
Salvando las distancias, si tienen cierto parecido. “Stranger” continua con esa linea melosa y lenta, con unas guitarras muy protagonistas, una balada muy rollo SCORPIONS, de las que lleva a encender los mecheros en los directos.
“Prelude in H-moll” es el tema donde la banda se permite el lujo de mostrarnos su lado mas técnico, toda una oda a las escalas de guitarras, con líneas clásicas, como quien lleva una partitura de Puccini al metal melódico. De este tema es el que han creado el último video para presentar este disco, hecho que no creo que sea lo mas acertado, pues si bien desvelan a unos buenos instrumentistas, no creo que sea el tema de referencia de AURON.
“Mirrors” y “Moonlight Trail” continúan la linea anterior, sin aportar nada nuevo. Buenos coros, grandes melodías, una voz muy melosa que ejecuta a la perfección su función, con un feeling muy apropiado para este género.
“Heroes of the Last Generation” nos traslada a los 90 de manera directa!! Ese inicio de bajo distorsionado con el cencerro marcando el tempo, entrando luego ese solo de guitarras…uff me falta el pañuelo en la cabeza y la chaqueta de flecos! Gran tema, de lo mejorcito del álbum, para todos aquellos que todavía vibran con el metal melódico de final de siglo. Este disco, con algo de promoción, en los años 90 hubiera arrasado!! Rollo CINDERELLA, BON JOVI… total.
“Color Dreams” nos desentona en el disco, otra balada continuación de lo expuesto anteriormente, parece que mi primera impresión sobre la banda está cambiando y estoy empezando a coger con gusto los temas. La producción del álbum es muy buena, muy limpia, cosa que es de agradecer y da un salto de calidad a la banda respecto a trabajos anteriores.
“Auron” da nombre al disco y a la banda, es un tema mas cañero, con una distorsión mas gorda, donde se permiten acelerar un poco el tempo, quedando realmente bien. Vuelven otra vez esos guiños progresivos con los que le gusta jugar a esta banda, bajando el pistón a mitad para volver a las melodías y solos de guitarras. Finalmente cierran el disco con dos versiones en ruso de los temas “Heroes of the Last Generation” (cada vez me gusta mas!!) y “Stranger“. No esperes doble bombo, no hay distorsión a raudales, no hay voces graves ni headbanging. Si te apetece un poco de metal melódico, estas romanticón, o te quieres fundar de nuevo esa chupa roja de plástico con flecos, esta es tu banda!!!

Héctor Lorenzo Socorro (NECROMANCE #04/15)

scream magazine 194De gjor iherdige forsok pa a late som Dream Theater og andre vestilge metal-aktorer disse russerne, men de far det ikke helt til. Rent teknisk far de stakarakter, men de samhandler ikke helt bra som band. Vokalen er enerverende a lytte til, litt grunnet darling engelskuttale, men mest pa grunn av en spiss klang. Som komponister har de en lang vei a ga. Et spor som "Word & Deed" er ganske sa bra, men ikke stort mer. Balladen "Stranger" fungerer greit-synd med den tynne vokalen. Gitaristen i bandet gjor et ok inntrykk og hans spill gjor mye for helhetsinntrykket. Produksjonen er tynn og avslorer det som matte vaere av svakheter. Det finnes sa Auron blir ingen gjenganger pa mitt anlegg. En tynn treer.

Stig Odegaard (Scream Magazine #194)


LEGACY 95Acht Jahre lang haben AURON Ideen für ihr Debütalbum gesammelt und sich dabei merklich von allen traditionellen Spielarten des Heavy Metals beeinflussen lassen. Problematisch ist sie daher geworden, die Zusammensetzung des ersten Werkes, denn von instrumentalen Spielereien über progressive Arrangements bis hin zu einprägsamem Melodic Rock ist auf der selbst betitelten Scheibe alles enthalten, was die Band in einer knappen Dekade aufgeschnappt hat. Leider fehlt der Konstellation die klare Linie, die dem Album den Compilation-Charakter nimmt. Abgesehen von einigen angenehmen melodischen Parts bleibt auch nach mehreren Durchläufen nicht mehr hängen als langatmige Instrumental-Schwurbeleien und lahme Grooves. Erst im hinteren Part von „Auron“ können die Russen noch einmal zulegen und mit dem Titelsong ein echtes Highlight ausgraben. Bis hierhin hat man aber schon genügend Kredit verspielt, um die Platte in den Bereich des Durchschnitts zu verbannen und entsprechend von allen Empfehlungen freizusprechen.

7 Punkte
Björn Backes (LEGACY #95)

rockcor 2015-2На небосклоне металла зажглась новая звезда. Группа Auron родом из Саратова – рассадника гаражного рока всевозможных стилизаций. Тем не менее, группа развела активную деятельность, размещая свой материал далеко за пределами родины, добираясь по Всемирной паутине до Италии, Северной Америки, Мексики, а благодаря развитой транспортной системе гастролировали по странам Восточной Европы. За что уже можно похвалить музыкантов. Прослушивая дебютный одноименный альбом, сразу хочется отметить чистый, качественный звук инструментов, вокала. Но есть что-то, не дающее покоя, не позволяющее расслабиться и вкусить хорошей музыки. Не погружаясь в историю группы, нюансов биографии, интуитивно чувствуешь – эта группа из России. С первых слов вокалиста, понимаешь, что это русский рок на английском. И потом уже выясняется, что вокалиста зовут Николай Богов, и собственно группа-то наша… Понимая, что все наши музыканты стремятся выйти на западный рынок, прощаешь несовершенное произношение. Но вопрос в другом – почему это настолько русская музыка, сложно это назвать и progressive metal. Альбом дебютный и, дай бог, не последний. По активности чувствуется, что музыканты – ребята настойчивые, идут к своей цели «всем ветрам назло». За это, правда, огромное спасибо. У каждого есть и будет свой ценитель, свой слушатель. Остается надеяться, что следующим материалом музыканты порадуют качественным европейским саундом, ведь порой и, исполняя музыку на русском языке, можно добиться по звучанию зарубежного уровня.

Алена К. (Rockcor #2/2015)


AURON has a name that makes me think trad metal. Huge melodies and lyrics inspired by Tolkien. There are certain albums that give out a vibe like that and this is one of those. I could be totally off and find out that this is some really nasty grindcore but somehow I doubt it. I shouldn’t say luckily because grindcore can be coo too but this turned out to be trad metal. And some really cool trad metal too. If you like your metal a tad 80s-ish with a smitten of progressive then you should give this a try. I doubt that you be disappointed.

Anders Ekdahl (Battle Helm Magazine)

Rlyeh zine 12Ki Diabeł? Jest grudzień 2014, a opisuję krążek z 2015. Nie przestanie mnie zadziwiać biznes fonograficzny. No to po kolei o muzyce. Płytę rozpoczyna motyw niczym wyjęty z tych głupich menuetów w stylu STRATOVARIUS czy innego gówna, na szczęście jest to tylko pierwsze wrażenie. Dalej mamy już do czynienia z Heavy Metalem, może z nieco bardziej komercyjnej półki, ale nadal strawnym i miłym dla ucha. Żywe numery są przeplatane chwytliwymi kąskami, balladami- np. „Stranger”, czy „Heroes Of Last Generation” nieco w klimacie BLIND GUARDIAN z czasów bitew ze smokami. Nie wiem tylko czemu ten drugi z wymienionych numerów znalazł się tu dodatkowo jako bonus z wokalami po Rosyjsku. O ile jestem zwolennikiem używania ojczystych języków w twórczości zespołów, tak tutaj ten zabieg się nie sprawdził. Po angielsku te numery wypadają świetnie, a że wokalista dysponuje bardzo dobrym głosem, tak szkoda by to zmarnować. AURON postawił nie tylko na klimat, ale i na technikę. W ich muzyce pełno jest solówek, przejść, zmian tempa, itd. Wszystko jest jednak zrobione z głową i polotem. Dzięki temu materiał jest krążkiem do którego można wracać. Jedyne co mogę doradzić na przyszłość zespołowi, to… nie wrzucajcie swoich zdjęć do bookletu bo wyglądacie jakbyście uciekli z castingu dla chippendalesów. Nie powinienem tego pisać, wszak muzyka jak najbardziej przypadła mi do gustu jeśli mowa o inteligentnym, melodyjnym Heavy. Do nabycia w Metal Scrap.

R'lyeh 'zine #12



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