Lords Of Metal

The people who invented Google Translate deserve a Nobel Prize. Of course its an utterly useless tool for proper translations, but the carelessness with which some people use it often leads to downright hilarious results that have brightened many a gloomy day. According to Metal Scrap Records this is the debut conceptual full-length album by uneasy guys from severe shores of Northern-West Russia. Who needs an album review with such poetry?
What starts out as five uneasy guys (how about a Valium) playing decent but rather unremarkable death metal takes a surprising turn around the second song, when the fast-paced brutal riffing is suddenly exchanged for proggy sounds, and growls make place for clean singing. Now theres an unexpected twist. From that point onwards A Story Of A Worlds Betrayal veers between technical, rather American sounding death metal and prog, leading to excruciatingly long, pointless songs. This album would have been a lot better if Aruna Azura stuck to their death metal chops because, even though hardly spectacular from a songwriting perspective, these guys play rather well. Similarly, a clear choice for growled vocals would have greatly benefitted the album, as the clean vocals are simply awful; off-key, lacking charisma and quite often simply ridiculous. What could have been a completely run of the mill death metal album has become a death-prog abortion that is going nowhere slowly.

Martin (Lords Of Metal)


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