Pest Webzine

Don't know why but I thought these guys were Swedes, well, they certainly look like Swedes (except for the drummer). Anyway, Aruna Azura is a combo from Russia founded in 2009 and this is their debut album, a powerful display of technical skills. The major part of this record is a sort of Groove Death Metal, quite traditional and straight-forward, but there are also some absolutely delicious parts influenced by Progressive Metal but also lots of Faith No More-like grooves and vocals where the band proves to be full of potential. Their compositions are not as mature and tight as they should be, but I'm sure they will improve a lot and the next release will be a complete blast, all of them are very skilled musicians, with a special mention for the bassist who's all over the place on this record. If you think a combination of Death Metal with Faith No More and Pyogenesis sounds interesting then don't miss this album, it has all that and much more. Thumbs up!

Adrian (Pest Webzine)


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