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Hello Omega Diatribe! First of all: who am I talking to?
Gergo: Hey, my name is Gergo Hajer and I'm the founder guitar player and songwriter for Omega Diatribe.
Akos: I'm Akos Szathmary, founder bass player.

Could you perhaps tell us something about the intention and the spirit of Omega Diatribe when the band came to be back in 2008? Has the intention / the spirit changed in any way until today? What kind of philosophy is the basis for what you are doing in 2020?
Gergo: The main spirit around the band is that we use music as a therapy. We make music which free ourselves and try to liberate the negative energies on our music what life's put on our shoulder. I'm sure we're on the same way like when we started the band but we just grown up and refined our skills and mentality in music. We always wanted to make music what we like the most and makes us happy as a metalhead/music lover.
Akos: In early years I think we mostly wanted to show the people how heavy and complex we are. We didn't think much about the song structures. We had to realise this is also an important part of songwriting and started paying more attention to it. We also started to implement new elements we've never did before. We put the same soul into the band and our music but we work on it more harder than ever before.

And how do you feel about your place within the modern heavy scene as well as in between tradition and gaining new ground to bring forth what the heavy bands you grew up with did before Omega Diatribe were around?
Akos: I must say we are still an underground band. We've just started to spread our wings and we are very grateful for having the chance to play more and more shows worldwide thanks to our local & European booking agency. We are continuously looking for opportunities and seizing them. The next goal is always floating in front of our eyes until we reach it. That's what we can do. Music industry is totally different than it was 15-20 years before and we are here in the present, we need to adapt to this and get the best out of it so we can do what we are in love with.

What are you looking for in your songs in general? Do you think there are still genuinely new sounds to be discovered or can modern music basically be said to be a recombination of already existing forms and known elements? Why did you choose a crossover path for Omega Diatribe?
Gergo: In general, I always looking for power, energy and emotion in music. I always try to focus on these 3 things when I write music for Omega Diatribe. Our music is pretty spiritual and in some way depressive, so our inspiration is always come from negative things in live. We can't make happy music! :-) Nowdays to make "unique" music is pretty hard. I can't say we're the most original band on the metal scene, but our music is 100% true and it comes deep down from our soul, which is the most important for us.
Akos: The best thing in music is that you can try anything. You can knock two stones together, record it and put some effect on it, and if the outcome is immersive, you have a great song. And it's also subjective to whom what good music is. (laughing) When we write a song we don't think in advance what styles we will be put into it. It is just what comes from the inside. And it gets its final form during the long process. So this is not a completely conscious thing.

It’s obvious that you are playing a groovy and heavy style with a core edge to it. But why is this style the ideal one for your group? ;-)
Akos: This is like asking why you like beer. (laughing) It's just tasty for us. We grew up listening to a lot of genres but heavy music was number one for life. We love to play our music in concerts, see people headbang for it and do the same with them. We wouldn't be this happy while playing country music or blues for example.
Gergo: We're listening several styles of music but this heavy style of music including killer grooves and darks atmospheric elements which makes us the most happy since our chilhood, so it's crystal clear for us that we would like to play the style of music which makes us the most happy. :-)

Do you still remember when you wrote your first song for Omega Diatribe and what it felt like and how it feels like now when you finish a song? How has your relationship to the music and the band (maybe) changed over time and with experience?
Gergo: I remember, the first song I wrote for Omega Diatribe is 'Visual Screaming' which takes place on our full-lenght debut record Iapetus which has been released in 2013 but the song has been written in 2007. I was in my first band back in the day SyCo I, but I knew that I would like to step away and form another, more professional band with Akos Szathmary (bass player) who played in a local band called Blindfold. We played local shows together frequently. We became close friends and decided to start a band together. I still think that this song is great, but I think we learned to thinking more about song structures rather than just write killer grooves & riffs. Just give a listen to this song and now listen the new material Metanoia! :-)

After having listened to your new album, I love the atmosphere your songs create. Would you say that you strive for creating a certain heaviness/darkness and this heavy catchiness that your songs have by choice or accident? What are the moods you are heading for intentionally?
Gergo: I'm glad you like it mate! The truth is that we worked more consciously on the song's than ever. We knew what we would like to achieve with the new era of the band and we worked our ass off on the songs. :-) There's a bunch of new elements on our new songs which was pretty inspirative to use in the studio. All of us was really excited how we can manage these new tricks in our music! Soundwise it's also exciting to work this time with Jens Bogren at Fascination Street Studios. He did an amazing job on the mastering process of Metanoia!
Akos: But life puts its stamp on the moods of the songs for sure.
Gergo: As always...

What is for sure, Omega Diatribe consists of well-skilled musicians: but do you sometimes have to prevent yourselves from getting too technical or too heavy to stay memorable? It’s obvious that it is an important thing for you to write songs with a good dramaturgy and contrasts…
Akos: Yes. This is something we learned during the years. Not to be more technical than what is still reasonable.
Gergo: The truth is that we always worked with well-skilled musicians, which leads us to play skilled music. In the first 2 record cycle I think mostly just musicians listened our music. :-) As Akos said we realized over the years that we have to thinking about real songs rather than just skilled heavy riffs over polyrhytmic patterns. In my opinion we started to write real songs on our previous record called 'Trinity' and we tried to make even more decent and effective songs on our new record 'Metanoia'.

Do you think it is necessary to create a certain distance between you and the music in order to get a better understanding of its inherent quality – how do you handle such questions within the songwriting process?
Gergo: As an audio engineer and music producer I always try to analyze our music as a third-person and try to judge it strictly. It's really important in my opinion, because when you're really into a project, working your ass off and listen to it 0-24 in a full week or month, you have to step back a few steps to realize what are you're doing exactly and it's good or not. We did this as well even more consciously than ever before, so we can achieve songs which takes place on the new album called Metanoia.

What is your attitude towards your songwriting in general, and how did it change over the time of the existence of your band? I have the feeling that you are heading for real songwriting with a good flow within the songs. Is the songwriting easier or harder with having such an amount of experience (10 years+ is a lot)?
Gergo: In my opinion to write songs in a complex style of music rather than follow the regular A/B/Chorus/Bridge structures is much more harder and challenging. You have to pay attention much more musical aspects to keep waving the flow and make it interesting for the listener but not too direct. I'm glad that you feel the progression in our songwriting process. I'm writing songs until my age of 13 but I always try to push the boundaries and my limits as well. Now, I'm 29 years old and I have a clear experience what works in my songwriting workflow and what not works.

Are there specific aspects on your fourth album that stand out in your mind, or aspects that have an inner meaning to you you would like to share with us? What were the most prominent influences for you at the time of the songwriting in terms of other bands, philosophies, sounds, etc…?
Akos: I think our first single - Parallel - of the new album, is a good example to determine the new era of Omega Diatribe. It's a good summary of the record both musically and in lyrics. It's about the pain of the inability to find the perfect match/partner.
Gergo: When I started to wrote for the new album, I decided to try to avoid other band's music which was pretty hard because I'm a huge metal fan since my age of 5 and I always listening music you know. The main idea behind this plan is I don't want to influenced by other band's music subconsciously. I just wanted to write music by my instincts.

Lastly: What are the feelings you get out of what you are doing with Omega Diatribe, and is there something you want the people / listeners to leave with?
Akos: It's like a therapy. Helps us to process traumas and to forget everyday problems. For the people out there: keep listening to great music, anything you like. And keep supporting your favourite bands, they need you more than ever these days to be able to continue playing and keeping you energized by new songs.
Gergo: We would like to thank every single of you who helps to keep alive the band and support us all day to let us make what makes us the happiest: play music in live. You guys are the best, hope to see you on tour!


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