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Hintf: Thank you very much for this interview, please tell us how and when all began...
It all started in the early 2000s. Two of our guitarists met at a party with their buddies. Together they sang some popular hits and exchanged ideas for their own songs. This was the seed of future joint work.
A few months later, Joe (then guitarist vocalist, now growler) met with drummer Vitaly. He played in the local metal band, which played Carcass, Cannibal Corps and Sepultura. So in the future GROMADAh appeared a drummer, who took a bassist (his name was Roman).
This is how the first rehearsals began. At that time we were young students. We were interested not so much in music as in around-the-music partying: metal parties, booze, light drugs, gentle girls ready to do anything for fun. Therefore, nothing good happened at once.
Later, guitar virtuoso Dmitry Chernichenko played as a session musician in another band, where he met with bassist Oleg Shpakovsky. They immediately became friends and found many creative points of contact. So we got a bassist, who also sings cool.
From that moment on, the creative tool was fully charged and productive work on the material began, which was later partially included in the first single collection.
The first song was recorded in 2007 at VIPs Records Studio. The dudes who wrote our material were cool local musicians, who plunged us into their own shit and stimulated our further perfection in both creative and technical senses.
At the same time since 2005 we played concerts on local stages, played at rock festivals, rolled around Ukraine.
In 2009 we published our first studio records on the Internet. There were five tracks of absolutely different style: there was both thrash metal and melodic death-metal, and metal-balad about love. Besides, there were two epic tracks that were conceived as progressive metal, but eventually absorbed more genres than we could have imagined. Today these songs are on our bandcamp page in Undercroft album.
Critics of all kinds rebuked us then for trying to embrace the immensity that we need to play a particular genre of metal. But for us their words didn't sound very convincing and we continued to do what we could. But already in the following compositions we didn't hold back by public opinion and stereotypes and our mixture of genres turned into a nuclear solution of different metal styles. The sound has become heavier, more contrasting, and the compositions are more complete and thoughtful.
In 2011 we were on the verge of a breakthrough to a new level of our musical activity, but a confluence of fateful circumstances forced us to suspend our activities. And all musicians have sorted out their business. Everyone became a participant of other musical projects, which brought experience and personal growth.
In 2017 we made attempts to collect a pile of creative fragments. Since 2011, there were several unfinished compositions and already finished, which were not recorded in the studio. There was so much material that it was possible to publish two full albums. But from the height of the lived years and new experience, it was decided to burn all the past in the flames of time and put into oblivion.
At first, we took up a new song called Humility and recorded it at NRQ's Studio. And we came to the conclusion that something can be taken out of the ashes of oblivion, processed and put into good competent mature compositions. That's how the epic singles "Stars and Moon" and "Masquerade" appeared.

Hintf: Gromadah what does it means?
If we simply and briefly answer this question, the Portuguese reader may not understand anything. Therefore, we must understand the linguistic and historical background of our name. We are Ukrainians, who live in that part of Ukraine, where cultural and linguistic traditions of the Russian and Ukrainian peoples are mixed. Russian and Ukrainian languages are similar to about half. And there are many common words with the same and different meanings. The name of the group Gromadah in Russian means something huge and immense. And in Ukrainian, the same word means a community of people who are united territorially or by interests. In addition, this word is expanded into two simple words (both in Russian and Ukrainian): "thunder" and "hell. Thus, there is another hidden meaning of "Thunder of Hell", which is characteristic of the genre of music that we play. And all these aspects of our name are somehow reflected in our work.Hintf: Many line up changes?
At the very beginning of the creative way with us played another bass player, whose name was Roman. But, later Dmitry brought Oleg, and Roman left to play music in another group. Also after a long break it was decided to leave one guitarist. Dmitry is a self-sufficient virtuoso and technical guitarist. We have enough of his talent to realize our ideas. The second guitarist has always been a vocalist at the same time. That's why he retrained from a guitarist-vocalist to a vocalist, who specializes in various extreme vocal techniques.
We can say that the line up of the band has never changed. We have already merged into one organism, we know all strengths and weaknesses of each other. Due to the peculiarities of a favorable internal atmosphere between the participants, we always find a common language.

Hintf: What influences your music and lyrics?
Our first songs were in the genre of speed metal, thrash metal, power metal. We were inspired by the music of bands such as Metallica, Manovar, Rhapsody (Rhapsody of Fire), Slayer, Testament, Sepultura. Later we got acquainted with progressive metal, alternative metal, modern death metal. Our players played the music of such groups as Death, Pantera, Children of Bodom, Chimaira, Mudvayne, Slipknot, Lamb of God, Nevermore, Kataklysm.
We even tried to play black metal. We liked Dimmu Borgir, Cradle of Filth, Behemoth ...
But progressive metal has been and remains the key ingredient: Dream Theater, Symphony X, Tool, Devin Townsend, Opeth, Gojira ... This genre is very versatile, which gives more opportunities for self-expression and there is no need to ignore elements of other genres. There are many ingredients in our musical dish.
The lyrics usually reveal psychosocial themes with a touch of mysticism and horror.

Hintf: Can please tell us more about your last single “Masquerade”?
Our first official single, released on Metal Scrap Records, fuses progressive metal elements with groovy death metal and symphonic standards.
In general, the genre of this musical composition can be described as progressive melodic groove metal.
Two vocals can be heard in the song. One vocal strong powerful intoning with vivid expression narrates the main idea. And the second vocal with infernal growling adds to the hellish atmosphere. In the refrains and in the instrumental part of the composition, the choir parts sound in the background, bringing the atmosphere of gothicness and enchantment of what is happening.
Almost every phrase of the composition is composed in the best traditions of progressive metal for the general public. But for gourmets of the genre, there are special places in the middle.
The text describes a masquerade ball of sinful souls and demons of the underworld. Devilish corporate party with whores and tequila. The content of the text exposes and contrasts the pretense of the faces of the saints and the defiant faces of sinners, who, in comparison with their judges, look more honest and purer.
This song was invented back in 2007 and has been performed live on numerous occasions in its original form. In 2019, the musical composition was reworked and supplemented with relevant elements. And recorded in the NRQ's Studio in Ukrainian Kharkiv City.

Hintf: How it is to have a band like yours?Possible to live only from music?
This is a painful and controversial topic for us. On the one hand, we cannot imagine life without music and the possibility of self-realization of creative potential. But on the other hand, the socioeconomic realities of Ukrainian life are such that we have to earn money on an ordinary shitty job in order to invest most of the money we earn in the development of our musical project.
Many talented metal bands in our country die unborn only because it is difficult to break through the barriers caused by the lack of business infrastructure and proper support from the impoverished army of fans.
Concerts from local bands have not always been worth the organizational costs and often the costs do not pay off. Studio recording, creation of a music video or video clip, production of physical media, illustrations, merch, advertising - everything is done for the musicians' personal money, which is not earned by music.
It is extremely difficult to develop and promote copyright metal projects in Ukraine, European and American local groups do not even know what we have to face in our practice. Metal music making out of sheer enthusiasm in our country. These are people who are sick with their imposing idea. Global major labels can dream of such unassuming hardworking musicians with an endless creative resource like musicians in our country.
We admire our groups that have managed to rise from this bottom and go to the world level. They have filtered through an incredibly tough natural selection filter. They are not in vain loved and revered all over the world. We hope someday we will be able to conquer the world tops of the music industry. At the very least, we want our music to be heard by a global admirer of metal music. We have something to say and something to add to the treasury of the global heavy metal industry in the broadest sense of the word.

Hintf: What are your plans for the future?
In the next few months we plan to release several more singles. And in a year we want to release an album. After that, if all the circumstances go well, we want to go on several European tours in support of our album. In the future, we want to perform at all global festivals and venues.
It is also possible that we will remain an exclusively studio project and will release albums both physically and digitally.
In any case, we intend to continue our musical activities.

Hintf: What is your opinion about Portugal?
None of us have been to portugal. And from those who lived in Portugal we know that the country is comfortable to live in. That Portugal has the cleanest beaches and the real Port wine.
We also know that the Moonspel band is from Portugal.
We think that in Portugal there are people with similar hobbies, hopes and desires. And we hope that our music will find its listener in Portugal.

Hintf: Please leave a final message for your fans and Hintf readers…
All metalheads in Portugal are invited to our Internet resources to listen to and download our music. Share your opinion in cometaries on our YouTube channel.
Listen to cool music and enjoy life.
See you!

Thanks for your time.


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