PEDOPHILE PRIESTS (for Atmosfear #24)


Atmosfear #24  


I am glad to welcome again the Polish Irish guys from PEDOPHILE PRIESTS at our ATMOSFEAR. If you remember, we talked after the release of your debut album. What has changed over the years in the band?
We are a few years older and we have not become a rock star yet;) But seriously we spent extraordinary time playing, composing, spending time with family and over our other hobbies.

Now you have two albums and they are completely different. Describe each album please.
Yes they are different. The first record was supposed to be ultra fast and brutal, while the second one was more natural and spontaneous. For the debut, first a music was created and then lyrics, in the case of a new album it was written simultaneously. At the debut almost all lyrics (except two) are embedded in cosmic space or in the world of imagination and the new album is 100% involved in matters here on earth. As a result, the cover art is literally in the ground (cemetery) and having these two directed elements, we made sure that the sound of the album was also organic, natural and slightly old school. We wanted to let people hear that the people are playing on this record not the robots or machines, which is often a side effect of overdosage of computer editing nowadays so any delicate imperfections and everything that creates a life and real natural sound is heard over here on this new record.

You have again secured the support of Metal Scrap Records. I understand that you liked their work for your debut album?
Yes we did. They did everything they undertook in matters of promotion, so there were no contraindications to resume cooperation with them.

The new album comes not only on CDs. There will also be cassettes and even box-set. With cassettes everything is clear, but tell me more about boxing. What will be included in it?
It will be a CD, cassette, patch, badge, and magnet so really nice ting to have it on shelf.

You used to play death metal. But now I'm not so sure. Your comments.
Yes that good point but I still think this is death metal. Component music is ominous from many more coexisting under genres of metal, but the dominating force is still death metal, whether in riffs, or in vocals and drum arrangements. The new album is simply more complex in structure. It comes naturally to us, but I don't see any reason to push it into pure classic death metal. Let's leave it to old bands, they are the best in it. Through this I try to bring my own element of originality to music more or less subconsciously. No one needs another worse copy of the established bands. Let's call it searching for our own style and identity for the band and maybe we just found it on this record.

  PEDOPHILE PRIESTS for Atmosfear24

How strikingly the covers of your albums differ. From space we went down to earth, to the cemetery. Who is the author of the new artwork and is there a point in the cover or is it just an interesting picture?
Yes exactly you just nail it. We went down to the earth. Nothing is accidental here. The cover should reflect the content of the album in fullness. It symbolizes the two types of cancer that humanity faces. Cancer as a disease of the body, but also as moral rot. The additional cover and the title for me has also personal dimension, as in recent years, several of my good friends have been taken away by cancer. The whole graphics of the album, including the cover is based on photos taken by me in the old cemeteries. The whole inlay visual art was put together and spiced up by the graphic designer responsible for the layout - Piotr Mateja.

At the moment, which of your bands are active besides PEDOPHILE PRIESTS?
Pedophile Priests only.

Has your attitude to Ireland, a country of expensive alcohol and constant rains, changed?
Not at all. You just have to get used to certain things. But even if you get used to some things, like the rain mentioned above, you find that some things just can't get used to. This can also be confirmed by people who were born in Ireland, who claim that they have enough weather and that you can not get used to it and they emigrate because of the weather. Alcohol is probably not so expensive, since every evening you watch a herd of people on the street, people obviously drunk as fuck.

November 8 will start selling your new album. How do you plan to celebrate this event and what are your future plans for PEDOPHILE PRIESTS?
We gonna sit down and have a bottle of Irish whiskey hehe. We also planing to play two small local concerts here in Dublin to launch it and then we want to look for some tour and just go for it.


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