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What didn't work with Abaddon Incarnate?

Jason: It wasn't so much that things didn't work. I was in another band previously and needed to fulfil my commitments with them. Annatar went travelling and Abaddon filled our spots with new members. I thoroughly enjoyed my time with them and we all remain friends to this day.
Annatar: As Jay wrote above- it wasn’t that things didn’t work out but life decided to naturally move us in different directions, so to speak. I went travelling and took up a teaching position in Poland. Abaddon continued with new members and thankfully we are still good friends. I really enjoyed my time in Abaddon - I made some great music with good friends and got to be a part of two great projects- Nadir and Dark Crusade which I am very proud of.


How did you form the band? What are the best memories of Mark of the Legion demo recordings?

Myself (Jason, drums) and Annatar live nearby and would spent time together listening to metal and speaking about being a band again. He would write new riffs and I was delighted to put the drums to them. I wrote lyrics that suited these old style songs. We sought out a second guitarist, Arek and a vocalist, Chris. Although we’ve had many bassists along the way our first was John. We began rehearsals with a view to gigging and recording a demo.
My best memory of Mark of the Legion is driving home from the studio and noticing that there was a full moon! This was a sign to me (the band name being Legion of WOLVES). I just remember being very satisfied with the drum tracks that day and the moon full was an exclamation mark on the recording of the demo!

Annatar: When I returned from Poland I moved back into my old house and Jay lived nearby. We’d always hang out, listen to music and talk at length about playing music together again. To this end the Legion was born. I hooked up with Arek through the internet and he was just the chap for the job- he is not only a master of the riff but also a top bloke and through Arek, we were introduced to Kris, who very much like Arek is a top bloke, a cool guy and he is passionate about death metal. The Legion is a place where I can share and create ideas with those I am lucky enough to call my brothers. I also get to mix my interest in History and Myth with Death Metal.
Best memories of recording Mark of the Legion? I have a few but 3 that come to mind as I write are 1- Listening to Warthrone in the studio just after the final mix and being chuffed at how relentless it was- has a really good Massacre- From Beyond vibe. 2-Doing the spoken part at the beginning of that track being fairly inebriated and invoking the spirit of the Warlord- and lastly hearing Kris’ vocals in the over all mix and being so happy with the way they sounded. They were immense his polish twang on certain words in certain lines added to the musical brutality. We didn’t know what to expect really only that we wanted to make a recording that we could be happy with- and as such Mark of the Legion certainly exceeded all of our expectations. I still like to listen to it and just like a good wine, age only serves to improve the experience.


What are your biggest influences? Please give us some famous name and also some less known ones?

Jason: The bands biggest influences are probably BoltThrower, Slayer, and really just a mixture of old school death bands. At times we would reference Demolition Hammer when writing fast, relentless material. Many people that reviewed our material have referenced Hypocrisy and also At the Gates.

Annatar: In the Legion my musical influences are only meat and potatoes Death Metal- Thrash bands- Bolt Thrower, early Morgoth, early Death, Vomitory, early Slayer, early Pestilence, early Master, Demolition Hammer, Decomposed, Incantation, Demilich, Morta Skuld, PanzerChrist, Devastation, Dark Angel, Incarcerated(UK) amongst many, many more.


How is the metal scene in Dublin? Best acts?

Jason: The metal scene in Dublin is strong. Like every metal scene I feel that modern times have caused the scene to become very saturated with many different styles emerging. I find it’s hard to have people take notice any more. DME , Dublin Metal Events do a great job of putting on the big acts such as Kreator and Behemoth when they are touring.
Some of our biggest acts are Primordial, Dead Label, Malthusian, Psykosis and Ten Ton Slug. There are many other acts from other parts of Ireland that are also doing very well such as Zealot Cult and Rabid Bitch of the North!

Annatar: Yeah as Jason mentioned above it is strong- Some amazing bands in Cork and Limerick and up North also. There is a tendency for over saturation I guess but that is better than having nothing. Quality in nurtured in consistency so I am happy to see more and more bands. Good folk make great music so bands I urge you to check out would be Aeternum Vale, Axial Symmetry, Grave Sermon, Corr Mhóna, The Grief , Zealot Cult, Oncology, Abaddon Incarnate, Vircolac- along with the other bands Jay mention above.


When did you begin to compose the material for the album?

Jason: Hard to remember now, probably mostly in the year leading up the recording time. Some tracks would have been old ones that we would have played live already and some would have been brand new and never gigged!

Annatar: It was about a year before recording time- We had riffs and ideas from the Legio Luporum demo sessions that didn't make it onto that particular recording and so we reworked those ideas which made it onto the Bringers recording. Arek and I certainly work well together- He compliments my style and I his- it is a good balance overall. We also have different backgrounds in music and influences so that also only serves to embellish the tracks that we are creating.


Where did you record the tracks? What kind of sound did you want to obtain?

Jason: The guitars and bass were recorded in Arek’s home studio and the drums and vocals were recorded in Bree Studio in Greece! We also re-amped the guitars and bass there in Bree!
Drum wise I wanted heavy and thumping sounds with clarity! Natural sounding but something that cuts through and complements the mix! Cory’s bass sounds quite metallic and come through the mix nicely. The vocals are great, Chris did an amazing job, low and high. Gianni from Greek brutal deathsters Mortal Torment jumped in on backing box and sounds awesome! Overall we wanted weight but with a tone that maintains clarity when playing fast parts!

Annatar: We got the recordings done as Jay mentioned and album mixed and mastered in Anthropocide studio. The sound is great- I remember we wanted something punchy, heavy, metallic and clear- we referenced a few bands that we liked and the engineer did the rest. Arek was able to get the bass sounding exactly as I wanted it( like a fucking tank) and what you hear on the record is the first draft that we recorded in his place. It carries the depth throughout all the tracks on the album while the guitars are more mid range. The balance is right and I think it comes across that way when you listen to it. Kris did a great job and Giannis from Mortal Torment came by to do some backing vocals or backing bellows which make those tracks sound like mighty Typhon battling Zeus!


Any templates in terms of guitar and drum sound?

Jason: I presume you mean a reference! For me, the drum sound on Pestilence’s Resurrection Macabre is the ultimate! Ed Warby on Hail of Bullets albums! Ed Warby on Gorefest’s Rise to Ruin! Amazing!

Anantar: I just wanted a heavy metallic bass sound- akin to a Panzer engine and Terry Butlers bass on Six Feet Under- Haunted. I’ll let Arek talk about the guitars.

Arek: I had one album in mind from the get go as a template for overall mix and how guitars were sitting in it more than a tone itself as our sound is different, which is Nightmares made Flesh by Bloodbath. Ivan from Anthropocide was very quick to obtain the mix we wanted even though we were not physically in his studio, he has great ear for details and how to give the band what they want.


Who are the Bringers Of The Dark Sleep?

Jason: I guess we are! Haha! It’s a reference to a malevolent intent I guess! Annatar wrote the lyrics so maybe he can elaborate.

Annatar: We are! I wanted to write a track which was like a clarion call to all those who struggle against adversity and ultimately who by becoming master of themselves learn to, in turn, master all the wicked beasts and the worlds which they inhabit. The title comes from Hawaiian myth. It refers to Dakuwanga, the shark-like god of the ocean depths, a voracious titan and bringer of the dark sleep.


The artwork is very evocative. Who created it? What did you want to express with it?

Jason: Again we stayed Greek with the art work and Giannis Nakos who did guest vocals for us did the art work. I suppose what we are trying to say with the art is that war is both brutal and exhilarating! Brutal for the loser, exhilarating for the winner! It’s a reference to those who impose their will in times of war, doing so in a brutal both honorable fashion, they are the Bringers of the dark sleep!

Annatar: Thank you. Giannis Nakos from Mortal Torment created it for us- He is a good friend and an awesome artist and luckily for us was happy to help us realise our vision. Pacem vis pares bellum! War is an art- War is the struggle by which we overcome our daily trials and tribulations. In either thought or deed we battle to overcome. In keeping with our general vision the cover is of Athena and Ares- both brother and sister- one beloved the other detested by the gods- love and hate-peace and quarrel different knots in the great skein of existence. I personally have always wanted the Legion to be reflective of my own interest in the art, culture and general aesthetic of Ancient Roman, Greek classical history and mythology. I have always enjoyed art, that when viewed, gives way to personal interpretation and allows the viewer to actively contemplate meaning. Art should reflect the title of the album and vice versa. The cover for Bringers as with all of our other cover-art reflects the overall ethos of the particular recording.


Please review 'You Shall Know' and 'Plague Of The Immortal' for our readers..

Jason: You Shall Know is simple and heavy. It chugs along and the chorus has brutal groove. It’s very paced, in that it holds back and almost builds suspense until the climax which lets loose and picks up in intensity. Fast bass drums give a sense of urgency and the melodic guitar leads hit in time to take the song to another level.

Plague of the Immortal is a more chaotic, fast track. It races through time changes and is dynamic in the atmosphere it creates. Lyrical it is spiteful and intense. The technicality of the track complements the brutality nicely. It’s quite relentless.

Annatar: Jay has pretty much said everything about the music- The lyrics for You Shall Know reflect the days just after the opening of the 7th Seal. It is quiet dark and brooding. I wanted to write something akin to the images produced in Hieronymus Bosch’s paintings of hell and death- vibrant and vivid in their horrific and terrifying beauty.
Plague of the Immortal is a fast track that is certainly chaotic. Jay’s lyrics fit perfectly with the music.


Bringers Of The Dark Sleep is old two years now. Are you planning to release a new album soon? What should we expect from the next songs?

Jason: If it wasn’t for covid19 we’d be in the studio recording this month! We’ve been unable to even rehearse in order to write the material. Hopefully things settle down now and we can start rehearsals which will be very exciting!
The songs will be a progression in technicality in places. I would like to see more brutality when playing fast and more atmosphere when creating an evil vibe. As we get older we improve as musicians and song writers so hopefully everything will improve in general from performance to sound to song writing.

Annatar: Yes- we had plans to record this year but Covid-19 knocked that plan on it’s ass. 2021 should see our new recording completed, packaged and delivered. Newer tracks reflect, as Jay said, a musical progression. They are still recognisable Legion tracks as our style, even though matured, hasn’t changed too much. I am looking forward to getting together with Arek and sparing in the musical House of Batiatus once more. Jay shall provide the thunder claps under the hammer while Kris- enraged shall, as always, spit with spite and venom. The new songs will be a statement of intent much the same as the Aquila was, in times past.


What has been your best live experience until now?

Jason: In August 2017 we played Przystanek Zory festival in Poland! It’s an open air fest and the stage was fuckin huge! It’s our vocalist Chris’s hometown so for him it was big deal!
In 2013 we did the Gothenburg Deathfest in Sweden! Fucking awesome show! We were looked after very well by the promoter Joel Anderson and met some great people and bands including Mortal Torment.

Annatar: Playing the show in Poland was awesome- Gothenburg Deathfest also was great- to be honest I have always enjoyed playing shows whether it be in Ireland or abroad. Our music is made for the live arena much as the Legions of old were created for action upon bloodied fields blessed by Mars/Ares and Dyzan.
Maybe we should come to Italy? I’d personally love to share the stage with Ade! Their album ‘Carthago Delenda Est’ was absolutely awesome and one of the best death metal albums I’ve heard in the past few years.


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