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Hintf: Thank you for answering this interview! When and how all began?

Hi and thank you for your interest in us first of all,
It all started about 20 years ago and it is a pretty boring story about some youngsters full of passion that don’t know what they do. We tried stuff, we had fun, but because we never had vision it all was doomed, until maybe 10 years ago when a new lineup was formed and we stopped wasting time on ego games and more or less started playing to enjoy. After a while we had enough material to enter a studio and record. This was like the whole new chapter for us, it was also an important lesson. As non professional musicians it took us too much time to record and to make it sound right, I think most amateurs make the same mistakes, and only when you make mistakes and you fix them you learn. As in hatebreed lyrics- a lesson lived is a lesson learnt.

Hintf: Deface what does it means?

When I was like 19 in 1999 I had my first band which still is, it was called Sleep of reason… When in
2001/2002 lineup dramatically changed we thought that this name doesn't fit any longer cause it doesn't really reflect on what we do and how we sound, so we started looking for a better name, we were heavily influenced by sepultura, cannibal corpse and napalm death so we wanted a name which not only cool to pronounce but has this brutal meaning as well, interesting fact that deface doesn't stand just for vandalism but it has meaning in the internet world, which as well has negative connotation.
Anyway it was supposed to powerful! So that how DEFACE came to be!

Hintf: Many differences from now to when you guys began?

Constant lineup changes, it's pretty bad for a band, I have said so many times that I believe that this time the change is final and we are complete, but after a while something changes and there we go again looking for a drummer or bass player. So today we're totally different groupe of people and most of what we do is different. Lately we had another lineup change our drummer Vadim left and was replaced with a new drummer Kirill Khershberg and as well we took a whole new frontman Vladislav Mazourenko so I can play guitar and not sing cause Vlad does it so much better, and last but not least, Kirill Berman, the bass player has been with us for two years now
This last upgrade does seem to bring a change compared to what we were at the beginning and up until now.

Hintf: What influences your music?

I think there's a huge difference between music we like and music that really has influence on us, I used to answer this question listing all bands and music that I like, but now I understand that most music that I like doesn't really affect music I play. Anyway as I said before some heavy stuff as metallica, sepultura, pantera, cannibal corpse, napalm death, machine head there are probably many more and I think my bandmates would list some other bands but it is for you to decide if this is correct or not.

Hintf: Why Groove/Death Metal?

I can't agree with this statement for 100%, we play something that we like and that at the moment sounds like groove death metal but tomorrow we could sound differently so what I mean is that we don't try hard to stick to a specific genre .

Hintf: Can please tell us all about your discography…

We have released one full length album Blatant Denial last year. Before that we had few recordings that have never been released. You may look them up on the internet.

Hintf: How it is music scene in Tel Aviv?

Metal scene is tough, I remember days like 15 years ago when people just loved to go to metal concerts, there was relatively small number of bands and number of good bands was even smaller. But it was relatively easy to bring 200-300 people to a gig. The ratio of bands to fans was really good. But times have changed and now we have lots of really good bands and some minimum of hardcore concert goers. This situation makes it risky for the organisers to go through couse people may just not show up. In general I can say that metal generation in Israel mostly has grown old and tiered and a new generation is just small in numbers.
Maybe it's worth mentioning that Israel is not natively a metal country compared to Europe so this situation is not surprising or frightening.
Everything I said above is true unless we address the Corona situation which is just hell, but so it seems all around the globe.

Hintf: What are your plans for the future?

We are constantly working on a new material, we are planning to go abroad on tour. We were supposed to play festival in Bosnia and small tour in Ukraine but due to Corona we're sitting home. I hope some time soon, maybe next year, we will release some new stuff.

Hintf: Imagine you guys can choose to be 1a super hero, what it will be?

I would choose something classic like Batman and my bandmates maybe would go with something different, but if we could go outside the box I would even go with super villain, maybe a Joker? Why so serious?

Hintf: What you guys know about Portugal?

Great unspoiled tourism. I haven't been to Portugal yet but it is on my list.
I would like to find out more I know there are quite a few metal bands and I hope that metal scene is better than here in Israel.

Hintf: Would you like to leave some final words to our readers and your fans in Portugal?

I wish for you guys there to be able to spend less time on your phones and more time attending metal gigs, enjoy life, be nice to each other. Support your local scene, give bands from abroad a chance. And some day we will come there on tour!


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