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Hintf: Thank you for answering this interview! What can you tell us about the history of the band?

Hey, here is Piotr PP vox/Guit. Pedophile Priests was formed in Dublin, Ireland in 2014. PP was not my first music project. I started it as a need of heart after I finnished activity in my previous bands I played in throughout the years such as Mortis Dei, Puki 'Mahlu or Lady Maggot. In August 2015 band signed record deal with Metal Scrap Records and in the same year debut LP "Dark Transgression of the Soul" was realased. Since then we had great opportunity to support polish metal legens such KAT or Quo Vadis on part of their Irish and UK tour. Our second album entitled '' Cancer '', which was released by Metal Scrap Records wordwide in 2019. Album was promoted by two official video clips for the first and third album singles. 'Przeminęła' and ''Mr. Gray''

Hintf: Pedophile Priests, why did you choose this name?

I was looking for something strong and original and I came up with this name. It is hard to imagine but for some people it is still taboo topic. I am not a big fan of catholic church and religion in general and also I was sick and tired of meaningless and generic names of most metal bands this days so PP was born that way.

Hintf: Can consider yourself what type of music?

I consider our music as a death metal but with influences of many others subgenres of metal; thrash, heavy, black, whatever you like and whatever helps you express your self and your feelings in real true way.

Hintf: Many lineup changes?

Not many. Core of band is still the same from the beginning- me and Krystian and we had just two bassist passing by.

Hintf: Please tell us more about the music scene in your country…

Irish scene is maybe not the strongest in Europe but still there is couple of bands getting recognition on the continent. Ireland has small population what brings some problems and as scene is also small what brings many different kinds of problems and one of them is that we cannot find proper musicans. We already looking for bassist and maybe second guitarist for years and we fail and we do not have great expectacions we just want ordinary human being able to communicate on the same level and play the material.

Hintf: What bands did influence you the most?

Except major bands from world thrash/death scene which names I do not need mention here my biggest influence was polish scene. There is many bands which did not make it internationally and they unique; Armagedon, Betrayer, Christ Agony, Magnus, Dragon, Ghost, Pandemonium, Hazael, Tenebris...

Hintf: What are your plans for the future, can we except more concerts in Portugal?

There is no really life playing now as you know because of Covid situation. We never played in Portugal but I hope we make it one day. We share the scene in Dublin with portuguese grind bands Grunt and Holocausto Canibal.

Hintf: A final message to Hintf Webzine readers and to your fans…
Greetings and keep support the underground!


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