OBSCURA QALMA (for Atmosfear #25)

Atmosfear #25

Atmosfear 25  


Let me to greet OBSCURA QALMA on the ATMOSFEAR pages. Your band was formed recently, but I know that you play in other bands. Who is now in the band and where did he come from?

The pleasure is ours. We used to play in many bands in Venice area: Theo in From The Shores, Sirius in Livyatan, Res in Primo Vespere and Sartorius in As Memory Dies. Now we are all focused on Obscura Qalma.

Why was the OBSCURA QALMA band created and how did it all happen?

Sirius and Res were already practicing songs after their bands broke up. They found Sartorius first and Theo then.

What does OBSCURA QALMA mean?

It's a dark quiet. An apparent and tormented calm. Apathy.

BEHEMOTH and SEPTICFLESH are listed as the main influences on your music. Both bands have a long and glorious history. What albums from the work of these bands are most valuable to you?

'Apostasy' and 'Demigod' from Behemoth and 'Communion' and 'The Great Mass' from Septic Flesh' for sure.

I also wanted to know your attitude to the work of the Italian group FLESHGOD APOCALYPSE. Do you know them and do you like their music?

Fleshgod has become very popular abroad and so they are here in Italy. Some of us had the chance to support them with our previous bands and also to catch them live when they were still promoting their first album. They are really nice people and a proof that italian metal can still cross the borders.

In 2019, you recorded a four-song EP and a digital version is available to listeners. Are you going to publish it on physical media or will it remain a digital-only release?


This is something we are really thinking about.

Enough time has passed since the release of EP. How do listeners perceive your music? What feedback have you been able to collect?

We had the chance to get positive feedbacks from different parts of the world, both from listening audio and to playing live. I think the best things is that, even if you can tell we got influenced by the bands you mentioned above, we are not a derivative band, we managed to keep a personality.

What is the band doing now? What are your plans for your debut full-length album and do you play concerts?

We did a small european tour last december and are currently writing the songs for our first album. Some news are coming.

Let us dwell on the lyrics. How important are they to you? What are they about and what is primarily - music or text?

Lyrics are key to this project. They are as much important as music. Philosophy and psychology are themes we really like to deal with. Sometimes music comes first, sometimes we already have some lyrics that can fit the new music we write. The only thing that matters is that both of them satisfy us.

According to tradition, at the end of the interview you can say whatever you want.

Thank you for your time guys. Keep an eye peeled on us.


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