MORTIS DEI (for Rock And Wrestling)

(Rock And Wrestling)

- Tell us about the origin of the band.
- Reasons to create the band, inspiration and influences.
- Style description and musical attitude.
- Tell us about the origin of the name’s band.
Bartosz Gawronski: the band was formed in 1992 in Bydgoszcz and its co-founder and only member of the first lineup is our bassist Gregory Zaremba. From the very beginning the band tried to create their own sound and inspiration rather helped improve technical workshop which oscillated around a traditional death metal and over time turned into a fast technical yet melodic metal. The band's name Mortis Dei is an interpretation taken from the Latin that was supposed to mean the death of God or God's mortal, after all, as long as a man believes in the gods so long they exist.

-For those who are starting rocking
Which band and / or classic rock band’s song recommend and why?
Bartosz Gawronski: if someone starts an adventure with metal or hard rock must look to what will attract the imagination, take possession of it and will inspire. I do not want to quote specific names or songs, maybe one ... you know Death's"Voice of the Soul"? This number has magic, speaks through sounds and is the quintessence of the whole beauty of music that Chuck created

-For those who are starting rocking and begin to be known as a band
What song of yours you recommend and why?
Bartosz Gawronski: We have a lot of songs that I could recommend. Older songs like "Slaves," "The Fall", or from their latest album "Two Sides", "In Ruined World," listen to this, Mortis Dei not disappoint you.

-Which one was or has been the most important moment in your career?
Bartosz Gawronski: I think the turning point was the signing of a contract with Metal Scrap Records, through them released the first officially released album and the fourth in the acquis "Salvation Never Comes", previous three albums were created effort own, this time we had a promotion in all states, Europe, Asia and where still there, they wrote and write to us fans from the remotest corners of the world, and we appreciate it, we appreciate them and try to reach there by sending them our CD’s themselves or through a friendly to us Sepulcross Production.

-Tell us about your achievements, future goals and what are you doing right now?
Bartosz Gawronski: as I said earlier, we have to account 4 full albums, three of which were issued at their own expense and from what I know, in the opinion of critics gathered good opinie.Wsześniej before the "Loveful The Act of Creation" was also some demos but their quality was different "Landscapes" was on the digipak "Two Decades of Anger" issued by Sepulcross, digipak also contains the first three discs. We are currently working on new songs and if you know the material "Salvation Never Comes" I will say only so much that what we do today will be quite surprising. To clarify, will be brutally fast and melodic, but it will be another step forward

-As wrestling media, do you know wrestling, right?, What do you want to comment or add about this topic?
Bartosz Gawronski: Of course I know wrestling. As a teenager, I waited with bated breath for the next WCW Nitro. I remember the whole story of the NWO, Nash, Hogan, but for me the number one was Sting :) it was a nice time :)

-Greetings and message for rock fans and visitors of Rock and Wrestling website
Bartosz Gawronski: thanks for your interest in our band, I invite you to listen to and buy our music. Greetings!


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