PEDOPHILE PRIESTS (for Rock And Wrestling)

(Rock And Wrestling)

- Tell us about the origin of the band.
I formed Pedophile Priests in Dublin, Ireland in 2014 and started composing material which final shape was created with help of drummer - Lukasz „Lucass“ Krzesiewicz whose ultra fast style of playing completed upcoming debut.
We are orginally from Poland at that time based in Ireland and Norway
Album “Dark Transgression of the Soul" incorporating nearly two decades of solid music writing and musical experiences that we brough from our past and present projects.
I approached my metal music writing and guitar technique throughout the years in death metal bands such as Mortis Dei, Puki Mahlu or Lady Maggot and Łukasz in Esqarial, Sammath Naur, Gnida...
In this line up in spring 2015 Pedophile Priests have finished recording “Dark Transgression of the Soul".
In April 2015 former musician of Thy Worshiper and Pineal Gland - Krystian “Kruszon" Mistarz joined the band as a permanent drummer.
In August 2015 band signed record deal with Metal Scrap Records and “Dark Transgression of the Soul" was released worldwide at 7th of December 2015.

- Reasons to create the band, inspiration and influences.
I was always enthusiast of extreme music. Finally time has come to get involded in some metal band. It was second half of 90s. Reasons? Metal was love of my life and still is till present. I started my metal journey like I think most of metal heads - Iron Maiden, Metallica, Megadeth and then more into Death Metal - Death, Pestilence, Morbid Angel, Messiah, Sarcofago, and many, many more. Special space in my heart have Polish metal scene - Kat, Vader, Armagedon, Dragon... and more.

- Style description and musical attitude.
Referring to our debut "“Dark Transgression of the Soul" I would describe it as
hybrid of technique, melody and aggression. Mixture of Death and Thrash metal.
All what the best in genres.
Currently our new, freshly written music explore also different areas.

- Tell us about the origin of the name’s band.
Well, I was looking for the band name and like you probably know most of good names is already taken. And then I got in mind those two words - Pedophile Priests.
There is no much taboo subjects in the world this days but this one still seems to be.
We want to break this taboo saying - Hey look, there is a lot of pervert motherfuckers among individuals in cassock.
Also it suit metal band perfectly.

-For those who are starting rocking
Which band and / or classic rock band’s song recommend and why?
Black Sabbath - “Black Sabbath”
It started everything.
It was beginning of dark atmosphere in music.

-For those who are starting rocking and begin to be known as a band
What song of yours you recommend and why?
“Czarne Xiestwo” It is a little bit crazy and different and there is a chance that you did’t hear nothing like that before.

-Which one was or has been the most important moment in your career?
When I did grow up and accepted that I won't be a rockstar and probably never get a chance to live from music.
Since then everything is more easy for me and I even very happy that I have cool hobby like music.

-Tell us about your achievements, future goals and what are you doing right now?
We would like to touring more and we started work on that.
Also we composing new material.
In future we would like to be thriving semi-professional band.

-As wrestling media, do you know wrestling, right?, What do you want to comment or add about this topic?
Wrestling and metal have something in common - wrestling is violent fun and metal is also violent fun.

-Greetings and message for rock fans and visitors of Rock and Wrestling website
Hey, I heard a lot about how South American fans love violent fun!
Keep it going in this way brothers in metal because metal or wrestling are perfect way to be violent in peaceful and positive way!


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