MIRIUM (for The Metal Mag #27)

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(The Metal Mag #27)


1. Who started the band and what was the idea?  
The band was started by Stas Melnyk, the guitarist. The idea was to play Melodic Metal with a woman singing.

2. What means the band’s name? Who designed the logo?  
There are many variants what the band’s name means. We heard that it’s some kind of magic elixir, a name of a famous witch, a state of an unhappy soul. But for us it’s a modified name of Miriam. The logo was designed by our friend Serhii Lutcenko.

3. How did you get the deal with Metal Scrap records?
Have you searched for other labels before?   After we took part in W.O.A Metal Battle Ukraine, Metal Scrap Records proposed us to release a single with their label and we agreed. Previously, we haven’t worked with other labels, but we got proposals many times.

4. You just released a two songs single (English / Ukrainian), have you released an album yet?
Or this is just to see what will be the fan’s reactions? Will you have the album in two languages too?   We released an album “Premonition” in 2014, it was self-released. The songs were in Ukrainian and Russian. Our new single is the first official track released by label with worldwide distribution. It’s our first track in English and yes, we’re eager to see the fans’ reactions. Our priority is to create songs in English but we also consider a release of an album in two languages.

5. Which bands inspired you?  
Each member of our band listens to different music. We cannot specify a particular band that inspires us. Maybe we’re trying to do a project similar to Lacuna Coil.2019 03 01 215339

6. What is the theme of the song ‘I’m Free’?   
Build your future free, what it will be like depends only on you.

7. Who released the cover artwork?
The cover artwork was made by Solaris Video, particularly by Vladislav MUNRUTHEL.

8. You started in 2011, have you had many line up changes?  
A lot, it has always been the biggest band’s problem. But gradually everything becomes stable.

9. Have you already played live shows?   
Sure. We’ve performed in Ukraine a lot. We also performed in Belarus. But we haven’t played in Western Europe before. It’s one of the aims of the band.

10. Did you learn to sing?
Which artist gave you the wish to sing?   Yes, Tetiana’s got vocal education and she teaches vocal classes too. The major idol must have been Freddie Mercury.

2019 03 01 21544411. In one song you have many music styles, are you trying to get out of the actual box style thing? Are you mixing each member’s influence?  
Yes, and we don’t want to stick to a particular style. We like experimenting but the main band’s idea is not to move away from melodic harmony.

12. How do you compose? Have you got your own studio?  
We work with some minor studios. We bring a track there and during recording we make some changes.

13. Do you have skills for recording?  
Yes, we do. Anton (the drummer) has sound control education.

14. What gears do you use?    
We use different things depending on what sound we want to get :)


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