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Hello! Ukrainian Atmosfear is in contact! Since this is the first appearance of your band on our pages, I think it will not be superfluous to go through a bit of the history of SYMPHONY OF SYMBOLS, especially since the information note on the group Facebook page is all in Hungarian.
By the way, an amazing fact - the band was formed back in the late 1990s, but the first album was released only in 2012 !?
Hi! This is István from Symphony of Symbols!
We started at '97 with Sanyi (guitar) and Tomi (bass). We are the three founding members. Our first album came out in 2003. This is: Fall of Enigma. We look at it as an album, some of the newspapers too, but others called it demo. Stupefying Beliefs came out in 2012 and this year Historiocriticism was released. All this went through a lot of membership changes during the 21 years. Three of us were persistent, and now we have Frici (vocal) with whom we have been friends for a long time.

Recently your second album, "Historiocriticism" released. Judging by the name and description in the press release, I dare to assume that the album is conceptual?
Yes, as we used to, this is a concept disc, and indeed, the story of the next album will continue to be drawn from it. It is a concept disk musically too, because we do not just repeat riffs within the songs, but some themes, theme links, blocks appear in more songs. We wanted to get away from the templates.
The lyrics of the album are a story planted analysis of history forging, systematic licking, brainwashing. Since the writing of our history, there has been a lot of evidence and finds which should have been rewrite the books, but for some reason this never happened and we not aloud to talk about it. We also deal with old writings that are now referred to as sacred books and we realize that in many cases it is not a tale, but of literal events. But we can talk about the present. Nothing is what it looks like, seems like. If you get into this subject, you realize they think you are stupid.

The album has an interesting, catchy cover. What does this ... hmm, shield, haha, symbolize?
Pictograms are visible on the cover from all over the world. With this forgotten gadget we have been trying to visually represent that the history of mankind is related and it has been forgotten.
The new albumwas released six years after the release of the debut "Stupefying Beliefs" album.

Have you been working on your compositions for so long? Or were there any other reasons why the release of the album was delayed?
Next to family and work, it is a long time to write and put together 25-30 riffes. During the recording, we had to change vocals, which did not speed up the process, haha ... And if it was so, we did not want to hurry up the jumper and the ambient parts.

Both of your albums share a similar structure of tracklist: long, complex compositions coexist with short minute inserts. Where did this idea come from, and what is it made for?
We love this kind of ambient breaks, but if we use them in long songs, it would be as sellable in concerts as the short ones. With the sort ones we have more chance to repeat riffs or hide them.

As I understand it, now there are only four members in SYMPHONY OF SYMBOLS. Is it hard for you to reproduce your songs live at concerts? You have so much in the recording!
Yes, we are four. Plus one of our good old friend, Szoszi who wrote the ambient themes as a session member. Of course there are no samplers in the concerts, only death metal, and there is no need for the second guitar either. But it need needs to be in the disk, because there are plenty of potential in them. We've been playing live with two guitars for a couple of years and almost never knew how to mix them sensibly, so when a guitar was left, we did not want to look for anyone else.

Both your albums are released by the Ukrainian label Metal Scrap Records. Maybe there is a chance to see the group in a short time in Ukraine or neighboring countries? How often do you perform in general, did you have a full real tour?
We are a small band, we do not live on this. We grown up now, we do not beliewe that if we pay ourselves into a tour than we will earn a lot from it, because we already know that we won't. We plan to go around the area for a weekend, but it would be a big joke to call it a tour. Haha! So yes, it's in plan, we hope to get together.

The SOS style is described as Progressive Death / Black, but do you like Progressive Rock, bandslike PINK FLOYD, YES, GENESIS, KING CRIMSON, etc.? Do they influence you as composers?
Not really. We used to listen Cannibal Corpse, Suffocation, Morbid Angel and now usually we are listening to them too. Next to these facts, Sanyi is a classic guitar teacher which made an interesting mix to our music. I think that is why we have so difficult structure of our music. We like the complexity of the classical music, but we do not want to include it into our music with some synth. This is not the one why it because monumental. We wanted to figure it out our unnormality with good thick, many banded guitars.

Are you satisfied with life in Hungary? If you were offered to move to some other place, would you go? And if so, where?
I'm a local patriot. I would not go anywhere for longer time as a vacation. We have a family-centered right-wing leadership, gender gossip is just coming from foreign-funded media, which is not so difficult to escape. So, for me (who finds livable only a world which is free from aberration) one of the best place to live is Hungary.Symphony of Symbols

Do musicians of the band often visit the shows of the foreign bands? What is the most memorable of the last ones? Do you have a lot of shows in your area?
The bigger bands from abroad are almost exclusively concerts in Budapest. In all the other cities only underground life takes place. We are going here too, sometimes we go to Budapest to see if there is something interesting or not yet seen. We do the SzegeDEATH festival in Szeged, where we try to give opportunity for UG bands. I was on Brutal Assault last time, I saw some good concerts, but there are more and more antifa brigades everywhere, I find it difficult that they want to tell me what to think about normal. I am neither a college student nor an idiot. Haha! So, yes, I take a look for this or that but I am damnly selecting.

What are the further plans of the group? I would like to live up to the third full-length album, do not delay the next album, please, hahaha!
We have planty of plans. Haha! Mostly that kind what we can do by ourselves. You know, videoclips, playthrough video, something like this. Sometimes we are producing new riffs, sometimes we are writing screenplast for our clips. This is a creative season for us.

Thanks, it was nice to talk! I can not let you go without final words to all our readers, hehe ...
I don't really know. I don't like eather if somebody else tells me what to think, so I won't do this. Haha! Discover the Hungarian underground, you will find a lot of awesome things.


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