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Salute! Atmosfear magazine is here! What's going on actually with the band? What relevant news can you share with our readers?
Gergo: Hi there. It’s our pleasure to feature on Atmosfear Magazine.
We’re doing good. We just released our brand new record called ‘Trinity’ in April which has been produced by Tue Madsen and released by Metal Scrap Records all around the world. We also preparing our first headlining Europe Tour which makes us fueled. So, we’re kind of busy nowdays, but we enjoy it as hell!

This summer you traveled through Poland and native Hungary with the concerts, as part of the "Trinity Summer Tour". What are your impressions of this tour? Were there a lot of people going to your shows? Maybe there is some gig that was remembered most of all?
Gergo: We had a constant nice crowd everywhere. We never had as many festival shows as this years. We love festivals! It’s always a blast for us. I think the most killer show was the last one at Fezen Festival. Crazy crowd!

Your new album, released this year, is called "Trinity", which meets us with a symbolic cover. Tell us what is behind this title in the context of the album? Is there a certain single concept in the lyric plane?
Akos: With our third record we wanted to raise the band to a new level. So Trinity a bit refers to that, it highlights that this is the III. product of Omega Diatribe, a new step in the band’s life. We had some hard times during the changes inside our band, and these feelings are inside this record. Everybody has hard times, ups and downs, so hopefully people can find some handrail, support in the music & lyrics to go ahead. Trinity is the epitome of Life. We are not too religious, at least not in the classic way. I believe in some higher power in the universe. No need to link this to any religion. So don’t think about Trinity in the Christian way. It’s more about unity, equality and diversity in our lives. Actually we do not write lyrics as a concept for an album. Omega Diatribe’s lyrics and our say is all about life. We put stories, ideas, and experiences into some abstract form.

"Trinity" is your second full-length album, almost 5 years after the debut "IAPETUS". I know you had several demos and singles released in recent years, but still it is not a full-length material. Why did not you release the full-length work for so long? And how different is the new album from the previous one, from the position of the authors of the material?
Gergo: It’s important to mention, that we have an EP called Abstract Ritual, which usually we count as a full-length album. It’s got 7 songs on it, and 30+ minutes, so it’s really near for a full-length album. We made this record with the beast death metal drummer Kevin Talley (ex-Six Feet Under/Chimaira/Dying Fetus/Misery Index) on drums. This record took the band into a whole new level and bring a lot of fan internationally. So, we count ‘Trinity’ as our third record.
Trinity is more like in-your-face and more groovy than any OD record before. We would like to keep it the old-school vibe with modern, punchy sound.
As always before, the song’s has been wrote by me in our own studio in Hungary, called 515 Studio, and we make the final version of the songs on the rehearsal room with the boys.

During the existence of OMEGA DIATRIBE, you have changed several labels (La Bam Prod., Twin Peak Records, Independent Ear Records) from different countries. What is the reason for the constant change of the label? Are you satisfied with the current state of affairs with the current Metal Scrap Records? Is there any chance that the next album will be released by the forces of the same label?
Gergo: To be honest, we always search a label which is the best for the band, and which has the most effective work. We signed for a few small labels as you mentioned, but Metal Scrap Records is the most professional so far. We’re looking forward to reach successes with them. We have great friendship with their CEO, Anatoliy, so everything is great right now. We’ll see what future will bring, but I can imagine to release our next record under the wings of Metal Scrap Records as well.
Press release recommends your new record to all fans of the bands like MESHUGGAH, GOJIRA, FEAR FACTORY. And how do you feel about more classical forms of heavy metal, styles like Heavy, Thrash, Black, etc.? Do these kinds of Metal influence the OD musicians during the music writing?
Akos: Mainly we are influenced from the metal scene of the 90’s and early 2000’s like Slipknot, Machine Head, Korn, Sepultura etc. Since we also really like some of the modern metal bands and a lot of musicians from other genres we mix all these elements into our music. That’s why we like to use these groovy riffs with atmospheric leads for example.
Hajer: Yes, our main influences are definitely what Akos already told you. About the classical forms, like thrash metal I like a lot of course. Slayer definitely changed my musical taste. Also tried a bunch of heavy & black metal albums when I was young, but I absolutely found home in the groove/thrash scene, so I don’t really listen any heavy or black metal nowdays.

I'm not very familiar with the Hungarian metal scene, could you at least briefly tell what is happening in your underground these days? Do concerts often take place, what bands gather the greatest number of fans in their gigs? Are still alive underground printed press like magazines or fanzines?
Akos: We have a lot of metal bands here in Hungary and some of them are really good. But it isn’t that easy to reach any support and get the attention of the audience. Once you get it you are ok to go a head, but it is a long journey. Unfortunately some promoters mainly started to support tribute bands, because they can see more money in them. Which is stupid and crazy.. there are a lot of tribute bands here and they play music from bands all over the world that are still active. This can destroy a lot of opportunity from great bands who play their own music. I can feel it is getting better nowadays, so there is hope for the scene. I must say some really talented bands are reaching out to big audience and mainstream media this year. They could be the pioneers for Hungarian metal bands back to the public awareness.
Yeah, we have some super printed press, for example the biggest is the Hungarian Metal Hammer which called ’Hammer World’. Another great magazine is ’Zenész’. Also there are a lot of underground fanzines printed and online webzines.Omega Diatribe 1 2

Do any band members have any side projects? If so, it would be great to know more about them!
Gergo: Yep, I have a side-project called Audionerve. It’s just only a studio-project you know. No live shows, just release albums with several musicians all over the world like Nick Oshiro from Static-X, Kevin Talley from ex-Suffocation, Tamás Schrottner from the previous line-up of Ektomorf and Andrew Vincze from Monastery. We already released a full-length debut album called ‘Burn Your System’ in 2017 and we’re also working on the second record, which hopefully will be released in early 2019.

This year, the band celebrates the 10th anniversary of its founding. Are there any special celebrations planned for it?
Akos: As far as I know we do not have a plan for this yet, but since you mentioned maybe we should do some crazy things, haha.

What would you call the highest achievement of OMEGA DIATRIBE over the past decade? What are the group's plans for the next 10 years, haha?
Akos: For us every little step we made is a great achievement, haha. If I must say some… The highest one is that we could work with Mr. Tue Madsen. It is a honor for us, he did a crazy work on Trinity. But I must mention some ‘smaller’ things like we released our physical CDs worldwide. We could also release Abstract Ritual on vinyl, which was one of our biggest dreams. We played several shows in Europe, including Euroblast. That’s also unbelievable for us. So we had a lot of fun and some great things happened to us. We are really thankful to everyone for these things who ever supported us.
In the next years we will go and play all around Europe, and make new records for sure. We will also try to reach US with our shows and other overseas countries.

If I'd ask you to characterize each of your bandmates, what would you answer?
Akos: That’s easy…
Tommy (drums): The angry Jim Carrey
Tamas (guitar): Mr. Foggy
Gergo (lead guitar): The passenger from another galaxy
Milan (vocals): Oh, I don’t know this guy, haha

Thanks for the conversation, a couple of words in the end and do not forget to say hello to all your fans in our region, haha! Cheers and all the best!
Akos: I bet you mean planet Earth as your region, haha, So, for the people out there, we are here for you guys, we won’t stop and will work on to reach you as soon as possible with our music and shows. So get ready for the monster grooves of Omega Diatribe! We really thank you fans for the milestones so far. Keep heavy music alive. And almost forget: Hello great people of Ukraine.


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