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LEGACY #118 

1. You formed the band 10 years ago, now you released your third album. Did you already manage to fulfil most of your ambitions? What are your dreams as a band – concerning touring/festivals etc.?
Akos: Our ambition is mainly to create music we enjoy and to give it to the audience in the live shows with full power straight from our hearts. Music is the biggest opportunity for people to let the negative energy out and recharge. So I must say this needs to be fulfilled continuously.
Gergo: For me, making music is the best way to set myself free. I feel totally freedom when I wrote music. It’s kind of a therapy for me.
For sure, it’s also really important for us, to reach the highest level in our live performance as a band. We would like to spread our music as far as it’s possible!

2. Is the band a super intense hobby or do you fully concentrate on the music instead of doing 9 to 5 jobs to earn a living? A few issues ago we have had a Hungarian special in connection with a CD with bands on Hammer records , and most of course couldn`t survive just as recording and touring artists. Contrary to lots of bands from your country you used English lyrics from the start – because the message is as important as the music or because you were aiming at an international career from the start?
Akos: It’s more like we have two jobs at the same time. One is the 9to5 job and there is the musician thing. It’s a fun job but it’s still a job since we manage mostly everything for ourselves. So what you heard is true. Most of the Hungarian metal bands couldn’t survive just from doing the music.
It’s not a secret we are aiming an international career but the message is also important for us and for me it is unequivocal to hear English lyrics in metal music.
Gergo: I remember the Hungarian special edition CD. We have a loads of friend-bands there. As Akos said, the band is our second job, but it’s also a family as well. It was always important for us, that we would like to make music with friends, not just cool musicians. We want to feel each other mentally and focus our highest energy into music.

3. You look like tough guys, quite comparable to the NY Hardcore ethics from the late 1980S/early 1990S.Does that music and philosophy (maybe that of Shelter/Ray Cappo and their Krishna ethics) mean a lot to you, is it the foundation of the band? Or are you only inspired by more modern Groove Metal and Math Metal?
Akos: Actually we spend most of our time in the gym to be that tough.
Gergo: Haha, it’s funny to hear. Maybe we look tough guys, but we’re really kind persons. My inspiration comes from negative things mostly. I just simply hate happy music. Music is a really deep thing for me. We mainly focus on heavy grooves with polirhytmic elements, but those psychedelic leads are also a mark of our music as a sentiment analysis.

4. You mention Fredrik Thordendal especially as an influence. Are you more fascinated by his solo works (“Sol Niger Within”) than his creations with Meshuggah? Why did you also mention the visual artist Alex Grey? Did you get to know him via his work for a Meshuggah cover (“Selfaged” MCD – your “Abstract Rituals” artwork looks similar) or via his artworks for Tool? And in how far did Dali and Gonzo journalist Hunter S. Thompson leave its mark on your art?
Akos: Fredrik is a genius. I love every works from him but Meshuggah is still my favorite. Tool is in my top 3 bands and I absolutely heard about Alex Grey via Tool’s artworks. I’m also big fan of Dali, there is a copy print on my wall of one of his painting called ‘Apparition Of A Face And Fruit-Dish’. They had a great impact on me so it could happen you find their marks in the art of Omega Diatribe.

5. Is Budapest partly a tough place to be – are there districts with gang violence, no go areas? Does your music reflect such circumstances?
Akos: Haha no way, this is not true. There are streets where you can see the marks of deep poverty but this is not even close to that gang areas like for example in the US.

6. Have all of you been born and grown up in the capital of your country, or did most move their as late teenagers/early grownups to find jobs or go to university? What are the positive and negative aspects of living in such a huge metropole?
Akos: I think only Tamás (guitarist) was born in Budapest. I was born in Komárom, but I live in Budapest since age of 3. I went to university in Gödöllő, which is a smaller city near Budapest, so luckily I didn’t have to move there.
Gergo: I was born in Carei in Transylvania, near to the Hungarian border, but we moved to Budapest with my Mother when I’m age of 8. We still live here. I like Budapest with all its dirt.

7. How heathy is the scene concerning your kind of music? Which clubs and pubs are recommendations for fans from abroad that visit Budapest?
Greg: Our favourite clubs here in Budapest is Dürer Kert, A38 ship, Barba Negra, Akvárium, KVLT/Supersonic. Awesome places with great crowd and payable prices. You have to visit some of them!

8. How important have Ektomorf been for you? I know they are refused by lots of Hungarian fans for being gypsies -nevertheless they have been one of the most important ambassadors of Hungarian music for more than two decades (together with Sear Bliss and Tormentor as Black Meta bands and Pokolgèp in traditional Heavy Metal). Which other local acts mean a lot to you? Did you have sort of older mentors that helped you when you started the band?
Gergo: Ektomorf was a really important band was me, earlier. The previous guitarist Tomi Schrottner is one of my main brother in life. Also the previous bass player Szabi is my good-friend as well. I’m a big fan of their music, I was also work with them as a guitar-tech in 2016. But I don’t follow the band since everybody has quite except Zoli. I saw that the band is still alive with new members and do their thing, which is cool.
For example, Tomi visited our rehearsals from the really beginning. We just played music with drum, bass and guitar. Writing the songs and Tomi just sit on the coach with huge joints and enjoys the music, sometimes gave us help or tips. He was kind of our mentor, haha. Good times!
We also have friends in Tormentor. I’m really happy that they started to play live again! Gotta check ‘em!

9. Is OMEGA DIATRIBE more or less the first band for all of you, or did all members have experiences with touring, and recording from previous bands?
Greg: Everybody has played in a few bands before we formed Omega Diatribe. For example, when we planned with Akos to make music together, we played in several bands. Tomi, the rhythm guitar player was a singer in his previous band, and now he became a guitarist, which is quite funny. To be honest, he is better guitarist, than singer, hehehe.

10. I guess Tommy Kiss is a pseudonym. Is your drummer a huge Kiss fan? Does he favor Peter Criss, Eric Carr or Eric Singer?
Akos: Damn right. He is the guy behind the Kiss band. He wrote every single notes to them, so he deserves this name, right? Just joking.. actually Kiss is a common surname in Hungary.
Gergo: Kiss means “Little” in English. But he is definitely not a Kiss fan, hehehe.

11. I live in the southeast of Bavaria, and we have quite often Hungarian Tribute Bands playing in local discos or at smaller festivals. I have seen the fantastic Kiss Forever Band and Iron Maidnem several times already – they even perform `Alexander The Great`, a song the original refuses to paly live. If you would have to perform cover songs: Which ones would you chose? Do you often jam stuff from your heroes at rehearsals, just to warm up?
Akos: We are not too familiar with tribute bands and building up a show on playing someone’s songs. It is ok to do a cover for a song of your heroes but acting as a band who plays another band’s songs... that is so stupid, it’s just not for me.
Gergo: Nowdays, we have so many tribute bands in Hungary. A loads of… really. This is kind of a way how beginner musicians can play in “big” crowd in a short time. This way is just not for me. For sure, I happily play my heroes song’s for fun, but making money from other band’s music/image is totally makes me no respect.
By the way, we did a cover of Slipknot’s People = Sh*t song in 2016 for our EP release ‘Contrist’. We’re huge Slipknot fans, they definitely changed my life so this was kind of our maximum tribute for them. Give it a listen, we did a weird adaptation of the original song.

12. You have worked with Kevin Talley for the 2nd album (maybe it`s more a Mini album with new stuff and remixes). Has it just been a financial issue, or did he decide to help you because he loved the music? Did he visit you to record the material with you, or did he just send his drum parts online and you never ever met in person?
Gergo: When our drummer David has left the band after the cycle of our debut album called Iapetus, we collapsed. Our music has got really hard patterns and techniques on drums, so we knew that it was a hard mission to find a top-notch drummer for Omega Diatribe. The drum is the soul of the music. If it sucks, the whole band act like sh*t.
We rehearsed with a few drummer, but we didn’t felt anyone to fit in our music. Than I saw that Kevin doing session-jobs. I always respect him as a drummer. So, I contacted with Kevin, send him a few demos and he totally blown away. He really dig it, I think it honestly. For sure we have to pay for him for the studio time, etc. But he calculated a really-really friendly price for us. We didn’t met on the recordings, he just sent us the recorded tracks online, but we met in Budapest, when he toured with Suffocation. We had a really crazy night together and for sure we still communicating. Kevin is a badass guy!

13. A while ago you visited Auschwitz and posted the pic twice on facebook, but without much information – you called it a “massive” place. What were your intentions going there – has it been a tourist visit on a day off on tour? How did the place and the stories you were told affect you? Did it change some of your political or social attitudes?
Akos: We had some free hours so we visited the place as a ‘museum’. I think people should check it once in a time and they should know the story behind Auschwitz. But I also think people should deal with today’s issues more than get stuck in the past. We have lot of issues around us globally, would be more important to action on these.
Gergo: We were on tour over Central-Europe. We played in a near city of Auschwitz, so we decided that we visit the place before our soundcheck at the club. We were really tired, because it was on the 9th days, playing every day, but the pain what Auschwitz’s got is screaming! Really shocking place, we lost so many Hungarians there as well, just like other Nation’s humans. It was a sick period of the place called Earth.2018 12 30 225712

14. The idea behind the band name OMEGA DIATRIBE is the limited presence of humans on planet earth, without any overtime. How close are we to the “higher level”? Do you use this philosophy as a metaphor for reaching higher spiritual levels or do you consider it to be true without any abstractions?
Akos: Yes, it is more like a metaphor. It’s about spirituality. If you have to go to another planet, for example because Earth is dying, would you bring those people with you who killing others here? Or those who still think we can cut all trees on the planet, smear all waters etc.? I guess no.
Unfortunately most of the people are really far from the “higher level” I mentioned.

15. You mention “music, touring, partying” as your hobbies. Did you already have the chance to leave central and eastern Europe for gigs? Are you a straight edge band that still knows how to party or do you prefer beers, booze and some herbal smokes as well? Any cool anecdote from being on the road you would like to share?
Akos: Two of us do not drinking alcohol, our drummer Tommy and me. But I’m still not a straight edge.
Greg: To be honest, we know what is party…hehehe. We love everything what has been planted by God. We released a roadmovie of our European Tour on our YouTube Channel. If you would like to see us how we living and partying on the road do not hesitate to check it out!

16. What is the background of the album title “Trinity”: is t just a signal that your three albums belong to each other in a musical way? Or is there also a lyrical bond from “IAPETUS” to the new one?
Akos: For me the idea of the title Iapetus represents dualism, while Trinity is an even deeper investigation of life. Actually it’s the epitome of life. We are not too religious, at least not in the classic way. I believe in some higher power in the universe. No need to link this to any religion. So don’t think about the title Trinity in the Christian way. It’s more about unity, equality and diversity in our lives. Also it highlights that this is the III. product of Omega Diatribe, a new milestone in the band’s life.

17. You have worked with Tue Madsen, one of the icons of modern sound wizardry. Which of his recordings impressed you most? Did you finance his services on your own?
Akos: Yes, the five of us put together the money for Tue. It wasn’t easy for us because Hungarian salaries still not too competitive in the EU. But still worth it, he did a really great job.
Gergo: Tue already contacted us when we relased Abstract Ritual, because he said that he would like to work with us as a “new talents”. So, when we have the demos, I contacted Tue, and send him the songs. He really liked it and he also cut the original price for a bit friendlier for us. It meand a lot for us, because we put all of our money into this release. Tue is an awesome music-producer and person. I’m a fan of his works, especially the Nuclear Blast era of Ektomorf.

18. Is `Tukdam` a song about this mummified Mongol priest that was detected in early 2015 – with some Buddhists saying that he is not dead but just in a deep state of meditation? This state of trance is the opposite of your hectic music, so what`s so fascinating about it?
Akos: The song Tukdam was written by Gergo and when I heard the demo version first, I came up with this title. I really love Buddhism and red about this state of meditation. I think it fits to the song, it is also so meditative for me.

19. Who or what is `Divine Of Nature`: Animals and plants?
Gergo: Divine Of Nature is what lives inside of the human being.

20. What does `Replace Your Fear` spirituality? Do you mean the fear of dying or the fear of living in this crazy world?
Akos: The song is about everyone’s own fear. People couldn’t face their fears; instead they replace them with some lies to unfold them. They depend on these fears it’s like an addiction. They should focus on these and work hard to get rid of it.


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