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Thanks for your time. Tell us about your band and what you do for your band.
Hi. Our band - DEF / LIGHT. Now it seems to us that we are playing black metal with a serious influence of doom and death. I am a vocalist and lyricist in the band. To some extent, I answer for the concept and ideology.

When did you decide you wanted to be in a band?
A long time ago I was the founder of this band.

What is different about being a musician than you imagined?
It is difficult to imagine. I have been in the world of music since 1997, and my ideas and reality have long been merged together.

What gear do you use and why?
Different this and Shure, and Focusrite, Marshall - each meets their needs.

What music do you listen to that would surprise people?
People can be surprised with anything. From the unusual in my circle, I listen to Cypress Hill, Molotov, Muse. I listen to so many things that alone can surprise.

How do we find your music and merch to buy?
We are represented on our Metal Scrap label and in many other places. We will not be too sad if you download us on the torrent or listen to the soundcloud. This is not very good, but for us it is not too important.

How did you get a record deal? Or do you want a record deal or are you DIY?
We have contracts with good labels on past albums. We received good help from them. We hope that our next album, which is really cool, will find its publisher even faster. We have a good concept, big growth musically - we will find a new publisher.

What bands do people compare your music to?
I heard a lot of things that surprised me. The album that has not yet been released is compared to Dark Funeral - it is very flattering. They used to call both Carcass and Satyricon. I do not agree with such comparisons, but this is the business of our public.

Are you pro Spotify / streaming services ? Or do you think it hurts sales?
No. I do not have a qualified opinion about this.

What’s the ultimate goal for the band?
The goal is to convey our ideas to people, to become a way to convey emotions and thoughts. And the task to become quite famous, to improve their skills, to publish and make powerful shows.

Will we see you tour?
We had several, it seems, four European tours. A large number of tours in Ukraine

Who would you love to tour with?
With creative and good people, with masters of their craft. Names are important, but secondary.

What is your favorite song of yours and why?
At the moment it is Advent Sorrow - Pestilence Shall Come and Clouds - If These Walls Could Speak, but tomorrow it may be something else. Specific topics I like my mood.

Why should people take the time to listen to your band over the thousands of other bands?
We do everything honestly. We have a number of ideas, both musical and semantic, which will be close to many. Our new album will be comparable to the literary work that breathes music and music.

What are your favorite music websites labels podcast etc?
I watch and read a lot of things. I can not determine something better.

Is imagery important to you? Do you judge albums by the cover?
I do not appreciate the albums on the covers, but this is certainly an important part of creativity. I often imagine how music can look like.

If you could choose a cover song your band mates would hate what would it be?
I think it would be a cover on Placebo Protege Moi!

Is the record or live show more important?
I really love live shows, but without a quality record in the modern world, a team can claim only a very small niche.

Name 3 people dead or alive you would want to play your music for.
Lemmy, Aaron Steintrop, David Gilmore

Lemmy Ozzy Dio and Rob Halford in a cage match who wins?
Lemmy and Ozzy go to the finals. And would Lemmy win)




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