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Interview was prepared by KREMATOR (ROCK HARD #47)


According to my information, your band have roots in the year 1997. What was happening with a band, when it released only two recordings in 20 years?
On August 10th this year, we will improve the ratio, and our 3rd edition, Historiocriticism, will appear.


Will you remember on your beginnings? What was your main inspiration to establish a band and how were your beginnings?
My dad was drumming. I was always there when he went to play music. Sanyi's father also played guitar, he saw it at home. That was the situation at Fricis house too. It was clear that we will do this at least as a hobby. When we met Sanyi, we did not know what music would come out from us, we only knew we wanted to play metal. Then we formed the music, and the music formed us :)


What music styles and which bands inspired you in that time? And what has changed in this today?
At that time, there was no music dumping, we copied the tapes to each other, and we did not take out the walkman until we knew all the rumors. Obviously we listened to the big ones, first Metallica, then Cannibal Corpse, Death, Morbid Angelt, Suffocation, Emperor, Nile, and so on. Then we went into the underground. We had a small cassette shop called Acélbunker, in a garage, they sold the cassetts and t-shirts of nearby band gangs. From there we had Gholgoth, Diafragma, etc. stuffs and other underground stuffs. And now I'm listening to the same music :)


How you perceive present music, new trends, mixing genres, the influence of folk culture, atc?
We grew up on riff-centered music, we really can't do anything with the guys who roar the ropes :) If something else comes to death or black music, it can go well. We also use electronic parts in death metal. Which is why I do not care about today's metal music either very much, that's its sound. Of course, the music must not come from a box, but I'm really hate this same-sound. They are pushing forward the loudly voiced drum, it heard very hardly, behind it there is a guitar creaks. It's horrible, unpalatable. And I hear all these same musics.


Your band comes from Hungary, from where, I do not know too much bands, but on the other side the bands like BORNHOLM, CASKETGARDEN, GUTTED či TORMENTOR are the guarantee of the quality and music experience. That’s why I want to ask, what is the metal and the underground scene in Hungary today? How the fans are perceived this metal scene and how is the metal perceived in Hungary?
We also have the same situation as elsewhere. The net metal press pushes the "verzi-shouts-chorus-bloodshot" type gangs. Death and black metal are on the absolute in periphery. There are also underground festivals and printed fanzines that have revived. We are doing the SzegeDEATH Fest with Symbols, but there is also the Inner Awakening Fest or Total War fest, which is a bit different in the continuation of Age of Agony guys. Tales of the Morbid Butchers, Dögvész, Subterranean Tenebris are worth reading.


What is you main inspiration when you are composing the lyrics?
The texts of Historicriticism are about the history of disgruntled history, the controversial new finds, and what interests are guided by it. We deal with the issue a lot, we compared findings with ancient writings. As you deal with it, it will become more apparent to you that old writings will be best if you literally take it and forget the fabulous misreading for a lifetime.


You released a demo „Fall of Enigma (Horrification Rules on the Four Continents)“ in 2003 and your debut „Stupefying Beliefs“ from 2012. Why do you have such long space between recordings?
We have rehersal twice and sometimes three times a week next to official work és family. But even so, it does not go too fast if we want a music in which the riffs burst. In our band, we compose a song of 25-30 separate themes. To be good, it's time-consuming.


Why you put between individual songs pure instrumentals songs on the album „Stupefying Beliefs“ and why the instrumental songs got titles „Cold Season 1“ till „Cold Season 7“?
We wanted a disc where there is no pause between the tracks, but it's continous, as the lyric is, but we did not feel how the songs could be put in a row. That is why we have made such short tracks among them. This theme was also applied to the new disc.

With a distance of time, how you rate both old recordings?
The Fall of Enigma is certainly primitive to Historiocriticism. There were composite songs, but there was a cliché solution even in the songs. We wound up our wings in those years, that is how we succeeded. :) Stupefying Beliefs reflected more than we wanted when it came out, we were very proud of it. I do not really listen to them today, because I hear that we could have done better. Obviously, I compaire the old ones with the newest.


On Aug. 10, you will release your second album, but I do not have any closer information to it. Can you tell us something closer about it? How many songs are there, what is total length of this album and what is the main idea of this album? How would describe in few words this new album?
There are five long songs on Historiocriticism, and the above mentioned jumper tracks have been used here too. We tried to move the song structures in a more extreme direction. There are songs that do not really have repeats in 8 to 10 minutes, but there is also a way to repeat riffs, complete blocks from another song. In fact, this record does not have to be split into songs because it makes sense for the whole thing.


Where did you record the new album, how long and who is behind the technical part of the album (mix, mastering, atc)?
Drum and guitar recordings were made in Szeged in Miracle Sound Studio. The drum was 2 days, the guitars were recorded in 7 days. Singing, bass and effects were recorded at home. Due to the time schedules, we had to break the job and slid over the time set by our own, so that the singer came out during the recording. The mix master was also made in Miracle, and Szebi kept in one hand the whole recording.


How are individual band members participating on composing of the tracks? Who is in charge of the musical part of the tracks and who the lyrics?
Guitar-drum rehearsal brings riffs and frames. Tomi lives far away, he only comes down to concerts, or when we're done with a new song. We are planning to incorporate Fricit into the compilation of frames , he has very good ideas about the structure. I have written the text so far, but from now I will do it together with Frici.


Are you planning some concerts to this new album, where you would introduce this new album to fans? And do you plan to visit Slovakia or Czech republic?
Mindenképpen szeretnénk menni, de konkrétumok még nincsenek. Egy-egy hétvégére megyünk majd, az összefüggő túrnézáshoz kicsik vagyunk :)
We want to go for sure, but there are no specifics yet. We're going to go to a weekend, but we are too little for a whole tour.


Do you use some atypical elements, props, or clothing at your concerts that you would be more interesting or distinguished from other bands?
We do not use anything. We'll go upstairs in what we went to. There is nothing extra.


Are you angry with the fans, which are climbing on the stage during the concert? Have you got any negative experiences with that?
We are a small band, playing in clubs, not on stage. At this level, there is no problem when someone comes up to hang on to Frici's microphone, or to air a bit. We're glad if he having a good time :)2018 08 21 023351


How did you get to work with the Ukrainian Metal Scrap Records and what are your experiences with Metal Scrap Records? Do you have an agreement with them for specific amount of songs, respectively or for how many years?
We simply wrote to him that we are here and if he interested in or not. And they were interested. We both signed up for a record. Anatoliy is a very good figure, he does what he has to do. We are almost in daily contact with him if the publishing is near. In that case, he always sends the interview opportunities to us, links the reviews, prints the printed media and scans us to have it. A band like us needs Metal Scrap.


Except of the music, what hobbies do you have? Do you have favourite clubs where you like to return?
Almost all of us love hiking and nature. If we have the opportunity, we immediatelly escape from the city :) In Szeged, there are clubs open and close, not much to love in it. The situation is more constant in Budapest, in our capital, as there is the A38, Dürer or Yuk.

What is your opinion on the decreasing trend of the fan interest to buy physical carriers (CD, LP) and how are you rating electronic music transfer? Are you CD, LP, DVD, atc collector?
It is excessive to say I am a collector, but my great favorites are original. I prefer to buy the folk bands from the Hungarian underground. This is how we help each other. I do not know what is the true, if a CD cost 20 euros because no one takes it or because nobody takes it because it cost 20 euros.

Thank you for the interview and the last words are on you.
I too would like to thank you for the opportunity to talk about the Symphony of Symbols
Hi: István


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