2018 06 10 185902Maďarská metalová scéna vyprodukovala už množstvo kvalitných a niekedy až kultových kapiel či hudobných osobností. O hudobný prienik sa snaží i extreme groove metalová formácia OMEGA DIATRIBE. Kapela produkuje agresívny a modernejšie ladený metal, aj keď slovíčko moderný už asi nie je na mieste. Už ako kapela uvádza, ich tvorbu formovali kapely ako SLIPKNOT, MACHINE HEAD, MESHUGGAH, KORN či nová produkcia SEPULTURA, ktoré na pódiách pôsobia niekoľko desaťročí. OMEGA DIATRIBE sa snaží zaujať svojim pohľadom na tento metalový štýl a myslím, že sa im to celkom dobre darí. V apríli vyšiel kapele druhý album s názvom „Trinity“, takže je na mieste si predstaviť túto kapelu i ich novinku.

Interview was prepared by KREMATOR (ROCK HARD #44)


I greet Budapest. The band OMEGA DIATRIBE has been working for ten years, so your band is rather younger on the scene. On this basis, I would ask you for the brief history of the group, its first steps, something about the founding members, and so on.
Hajer: Omega Diatribe has been founded by me and my all-time friend Ákos Szathmary (bass). Actually we’re only the 2 founding members who represent the band. We always believe in what we’re doing and working hard about reach our dreams. We’re fighting for it every day!
We have a few member changes by the years, also a singer change too, but the current line-up is stronger than ever and we’re ready to crush every shows with 110% power.

What was the main inspiration for starting the band and which world or home bands were your main inspiration?
Hajer: For me as a songwriter the most important thing is to write my deep feelings out from myself into music and bring it to the stage. It’s kind of a vibe that I can’t describe with words but my music. It means the world for me since I’m a kid. It just set me free, you know.
Our main influences is definitely the mid 1990’s and early 2000’s bands like, Slipknot, Machine Head, Meshuggah, KoRn, Sepultura and so on. These bands shaped this man who I am right now.

Within the band, you've always had the biggest problems with the drummer's post, where most members have been replaced. Why are issues on this post?
Akos: Yeah, drummers.. they are interesting people, so different than other musicians, haha. But in our case the main issue was different. Our first drummer left the band because he stopped to play metal music and he still don’t play in any active band. Or secound drummer from the period of Iapetus also stopped playing in active bands, he is concentrating on his family and private life. So I can’t say it is specially a drummer issue, actually none of our past members playing in any bands anymore.

Your current musical style is characterized as extreme groove metal. Did you want to play this from the beginning or your style evolved over time?
Hajer: We had really strong notion from the start what we want to do and what we would like to achieve. We stay loyal to this vision and stay on the same path. Our music’s just getting mature and find out our own spice which mind you that you’re listening to Omega Diatribe.

What do you put more emphasis on, the music itself or the lyrics?
Akos: For me it both really important, they are parts of the artifact. We are always working on our stuff to bring some interesting thing in every parts, including lyrics, music, cover, booklet or video.

And how does your song compilation work? Are all members taking part in it, or is it "only a certain individual"? What about the lyrics? Are you composing music first and then text or do you think of a verbal phrase that riffs will automatically be born in your head?
Hajer: The biggest part for writing the music is mainly my job. I always have full concepts when I start to write a song. I can do it easily and routinely in my home studios so most of the time I send full pre-productions to the guys to check it out and tell their perceptions. If needs, we work out some parts or mashing up with other ideas, but also we left some songs in the original form as a song struction.
The guys work their parts at home and make it more as his style, more unique.

Under what circumstances did your band name originate and why did you choose OMEGA DIATRIBE?
Ákos: We always want to create something unique, so is with the name. Not just pick a world and use it as it is.
The basic idea came from the Star Trek series. But we did not want to use such an unequivocal thing, so we changed one word in it. Unfortunately it was just words that have a good sounding, but no real meaning. So one crazy night I came up with a story that made it significant.
Ever since OMEGA DIATRIBE is: There’s a secret ancient writing stem from an unknown alien civilization, a contract between Humans and Aliens about the use of the planet Earth. The government calls it „Omega Diatribe”. This contract says Humans could only use the Earth in a limited time. Overtime is not allowed. When our time is over they’ll come back and take us to a higher level planet. Only the open minded people could survive the transmission, 'cuz their mind can undergo the changes of the human body.

You are currently writing your lyrics in English. Still betting on English, or were your beginnings in the mother tongue? And how will it be in the future? Is there any bonus in Hungarian?
Hajer: We never thought about to write lyrics in Hungarian language. I must say English is the „language of music“. We never want to stay only in Hungary with our music. We want to bush the boundaries and travel as far as we can with our music. It’s a honor for us to meet with new fans around Europe.

In April, you released your second album titled "Trinity". I will ask you for a short description of this new release - how many songs do you have, how long have you composed them, is it a conceptual album, or is it composed of songs with different stories or ideas? On what music carriers do we get some bonuses and below?
Ákos: Truth. Trinity containes 12 monster tracks, about 52 mins pure Omega Diatribe riffs. Trinity is absolutely not a concept album, some of the riffs came from our earlier periods. We worked on the record since 2015, but we have kept some ideas from much more earlier. Trinity have been released on CD under the hands of our new label Metal Scrap Records. We’re planning to release a vinyl version with some bonus tracks, but currently only available on CD and in online stores.

Did you have multiple tracks you picked before you recording, or only the exact number for that album was composed?
Hajer: Actually, we had thousand of ideas what we prepared to put into the record, but we have a loads of incomplete songs which’s waiting to be written completely. We chose the best full songs and put it as an LP. Maybe you will hear these incomplete songs on the next record. We put a song to the new record which has got kind of the same incomplete status on the debut-album cycle. So, never know...

Where did you record the album, how long, who was its producer and who took care of other technical issues like mix, mastering, and so on?
Hajer: The recording process was done by me with the guys at our own studio in Budapest at 515 Studio. The drums were recorded at ArtistFactory Studios in Budapest. When we were ready with the recordings and pre-productions we sent out to Denmark, for one of our most respected producer in the metal music business, Tue Madsen at Antfarm Studios. He did the mix & mastering on the record. The result speaks for itself!

Where do you get the main inspiration for writing texts, you sound very angry!
Hajer: One word: life.
Akos: Isn’t it enough crazy to be inspired by?

How did you collaborate with your Metal Scrap Records publisher, how long have you been collaborating with, and what are your plans for the future?
Hajer: We discussed with a loads of label about our new album, but Metal Scrap Records’s mentality and attitude stands the most close to our notion.
We had goot connection with them and they did an amazing job so far, so we’re looking forward to reach more and more succes with them.2018 06 10 190311

What is the current metal scene in the Hungarian capital and what styles are in Budapest, respectively. In Hungary the most prefered?
Akos: We have a lot of bands in every genre. Hungary is a small country but lot of talents here. There are some really great metal bands too. The problem is that it is really hard to get into the ‚elite‘. To be accepted by the scene and get the chance to prove. Nowadays it is getting better, we can experience some type of collaboration between bands and audiance. But still hard to manage your band, so many bands can’t grow despite of they are playing really good music. Currently Pop music is working well.

With the approaching summer, the summer festival season is approaching. What plans do you have for the summer season, especially with live performances? Are you going to get something new to present a new album?
Akos: Yes, fortunately we have some really great dates for the summer and we can represent ourselves on some festivals where we never played before. We will also have a mini tour in Poland in the beggining of June. Soon we will post our summer tour dates on our facebook page (fb/omegadiatribe) and website (, so it is worth following us online if you wanna be up to date. I must say we are really active band on social media.

Thanks for the interview. The last words belong to you.
Hajer: Thank your for the chance! We hope that we will meet with all of you crazy metal heads out there! Stay metal!
Akos: Thanks so much. Keep support live music!


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