FROM THE SHORE (for Atmosfear #20)

Atmosfear 20 (Atmosfear #20)

Hello! Let's get acquainted. Please, introduce your musicians to our readers.
FTS: Hi guys, thank you for your time. We are From The Shores, four guys hailing from Venice, Italy, playing death metal. Luca on vocals, Leo on guitars, Nicolò on drums and Theo on bass.

Who came up with the name of the band, and what is the meaning of this name?
FTS: It was Leo. It represents where we come from and it couldn’t fit us better.

What bands have influenced you at the beginning of your music way , and what bands are influencing you these days?
FTS: The idea was to start from bands such as At The Gates, Dissection, Emperor and Immortal, and blend the sound with modern elements in order to craft our own.

Your debut mini album "Until My Last Breath" was released in 2008, what you were doing during all these years as a band?
FTS: Playing shows, writing songs, but most of all - having issues with band members. It took us really a long time to find the line-up we were looking for. Then we recorded our first album and went on tour right after. Our first official video was out some months ago and the new one will follow in few days.

How much has your music evolved from Until My Last Breath to the present day?
FTS: A lot, I think. Loads of things have changed, first of all who is writing the majority of songs and also how we compose. The music we listen to, the bands we played with and many other aspects influence our actual songwriting.

Your album "Of Apathy" was released last year. Let's make some subtotals. How many reviews did you collect? How did people react to your album?
FTS: An impressive amount I have to say. And surprisingly just 2 were negative. Our label did a great job with the press for ‘Of
Apathy’. One thing we still don’t get is why a lot of people thought that having released just one full length album in 8 years of band activity is so bad. I mean, we would have liked to be faster, but lots of things affected this release. Anyway, if you like the album, does it make any difference if it is the first one?

Let's talk about an album's lyrics. Who's their author and what are they about? Is there any conception?
FTS: Theo writes most of the lyrics together with Luca. If there is a concept, that could be life.

What the band's doing these days? How many new compositions are written?

FTS: I can say we are working on new stuff already.

How active you are as a live band?
FTS: We did a tour with Six Feet Under last year - our first full European tour. We have another tour scheduled for this year and another one already booked for next year. Can’t wait.

And the final chord. Here you can say whatever you want!
FTS: Thank you for your time. Hope your readers find the time to check out our music. We will be around Europe for a while, hope to see you on the road.



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