UNDERDAMPED SYSTEM (for Atmosfear #19)

Atmosfear 19

 (Atmosfear #19)

Greetings! I want to congratulate you on releasing your first album, which is great! For every band the first album is something special, and mostly it becomes a pattern to adhere to in future. What do you feel after your debut album’s coming out?
Thank you very much we are very happy to hear that you enjoyed the album. We are very happy that we made it and with this release we are closing the couple of years hard work in this one piece. We learnt a lot during these first years of UDS and this will for sure be vital for our future releases.

Tell us about the band’s formation, please. What has united you? And do any of you have any experience in music, like playing in other bands?
All the crew know each other wery well also from former music projects. So hence we enjoy similar sounds it was only a matter of time when we decided to do something together. At the beginning relleasing the album wasn't our goal - we just were having fun spending time together - the idea to record Phantom Pain came after some time, after some gigs we have played and the positive feedback from the audience.

Why have you chosen this name - Underdamped System? Does it shed the light on the subject and your essence?
We were “awarded” with this name by our friend and we liked it from the beginning. It is strange sounding name but I think it fits perfectly to the music and noise we play.

What’s the main idea of «Phantom Pain» album, and what is its lyrics theme?
Lyrics tell about the humanity that is heading the extinction. All our efforts lead us to cruel end and we can’t even notice. I showing our breed as a parasites on earth and as a threat for ourselves, mindless dummies programmed on their own gains no matter what or who. In many aspects people are actually very childish and irresponsible.We say that in the end we all are guilty! We’re all humans. Like you can see on the artwork of our album the Pantom Pain is severe and reminds us of all things we’ve lost so far.

What does any of you do in the band, what are your responsibilities and what has creating and recording process been like? Do you take into account anyone’s ideas, or each of you bring a ready song, which is corrected then?
We don't have any special approach to the songwriting. Some of them we made up durring rehearsals some ideas were made up at home. The most important thing is the very first groove, riff - later we build everything on this one main motive.

After having released the album there were reviews, comments, articles, etc. Do you care about listeners’ opinion and are you pleased with it?
We care a lot about what we can read of hear about our music. In every opinion we believe we can find the tips and clues for our future music. We appreciate all of them. I am not saying that our next album will be completely different – our spine is metal solid 

Phantom Pain was released on Ukrainian label Metal Scrap Records. Tell us about your cooperation with them, why have you chosen them and how do you evaluate there work?
We appreciate their work a lot. Anaolyi (greetings bro!) is putting really huge effort in the promotion of Phantom Pain! I think it was excellent choice to join this label.

Tell us about Underdamped System’s first live performance. What is special for you, how did audience react and how did everything go – perfectly or with any obstacles?
I was late…seriously. It was close to our hometown but it was winter and my car broke. So, when I finally reached the club the rest of the band was waiting on the stage. Anyway I remember that we did quite good back then and this small club and crazy people in front of us made this best ever place for the stage debut for us.

What should we expect from Underdamped System in the nearest future?
We plan some gigs in Poland and Europe this spring. We would like also make one or two videos for Phantom Pain. Later this year we will start putting together the songs for next album.

Thank you for your answers! What would you say to our readers to finish the interview?
First of all thank your interest in our album. I hope that more and more people will enjoy Phantom Pain. Stay tuned for the news from UDS and see you on gigs. Cheers!


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