ONE STEP BEYOND (for Atmosfear #15)

Atmosfear 15Interview was prepared by Neophyte (Atmosfear #15)


Welcome you Matt. How are you and what’s the weather in Australia? Is it hot dramatically?
Thanks mate. I am very well thank you. Yep it’s seriously hot here in Adelaide today. 40 degrees celsius and barely a cloud in the sky. The nights are only getting as low as 25 so there is very little respite from the heat. To make things worse I have no air conditioner. Only fans blowing hot air! I’m looking forward to autumn! Still it’s better here in the south of Australia than on the north coast. There are two tropical cyclones up there today. I would take heat over floods any day!

Congratulate you with releasing a 4th album “The Music of Chance” throught the Ukrainian label Metal Scrap Records. How did you find this label? And did you have another offers?
Thank you kindly sir! It’s a great relief to finally have the album released and we’re very happy with Anatoliys support so far. We found Metal Scrap Records via the internet. Went sent promos to many labels that appeared open minded and professional. We had a few offers but were most impressed with Metal Scraps operation. As a big fan of Ukrainian musicians such as Drudkh and Vakula and the films of Sergei Parajanov I was excited to work with a Ukrainian label.

I heard your first album “Life Imitates Art”, and if I haven’t mistaken you did all by yourself on the debut. How difficult to find the musicians, who agree to play such experimental music?
Yep Life imitates art was initially self financed and self released. Later it was re-issued by Grindhead Records. We are currently looking for someone to re-release both it and our second album.
Originally we formed the band as a group of friends who just wanted to get on stage together and have some crazy times, so the line-up just fell into place over many beer and weed fuelled discussions. The real challenge we had was finding a capable drummer. There were none in Adelaide at the time who could manage all the styles and tempos we needed, so we resorted to programmed beats for the first few releases. It was important to us that the beats and songs sounded just as we wanted, rather than compromised by an inappropriate drummer just for the sake of having one. Many people seem to prefer hearing an average drummer instead of a well programmed machine. My preference ultimately is to hear a great drummer, but I would take well programmed beats over ordinary drumming any day.

Why do you like the experiments? Do you try to find something new, because you don’t like the current sound of genres?
I have very eclectic tastes in music. It’s common that I’ll listen to everything from Death metal, techno, rock, funk, reggae, hip hop and much more on any given day. It’s all music and I want to enjoy it all. I love the sound of many current genres. Many of my favourite bands adhere strictly to one style. It’s just that I would get bored with having to place so many restrictions on my writing and playing. I’m inherently restless and have a wandering mind. I’ve done many side projects that are more singular stylistically, but I wouldn’t feel satisfied doing them without doing One step beyond first.

It’s interesting to know on what music you grew up. Who made the biggest influence to you?
There were so many bands. There was always music on at home. As a child some of my favourites were Madness, Blue oyster cult, Grandmaster flash and Run DMC. As a teenager some additional inspiration came from groups such as Napalm death, Public enemy, Underground resistance, Death, Sonic youth, Frank Zappa, Miles Davis, Suicidal tendencies, Rollins band, Cannibal corpse, De la soul, Fishbone, Living colour, Pantera and more. From there it’s expanded in almost every direction. I still listen to all of these bands, but I listen to new music almost every day too.

On the first album I heard the influences of Death, but new album is out of any boundaries of styles. But journalists like to tag the music. How do you think, which tag fits more successful for your music?
It’s tough to answer. The axis of our music is extreme metal in most of its forms, but there are accents from many other genres. Maybe “Extreme Metal/Crossover” is appropriate? People can ultimately call it whatever they feel most comfortable with. We’ve often been described as a death metal version of Mr Bungle. That’s fine with me.

How did you persuade Conny Petterson to take a part in the record? He lives really far and plays in other bands. Btw, what do you think about ANATA’s music? For me, it’s the one of the most interesting bands in their genre.
We sent him a demo of the album. He enjoyed it and was very confident he could replicate all the material. We took it forward from there.
Good to hear you enjoy Anata. I’m a big fan. Their strongest material is amongst the finest in all of death metal for my tastes. The production of The conductors departure is among the most amazing I’ve heard. Near perfection. It was as a fan of Anata that led to us approaching Connie.

Is the ONE STEP BEYOND a concert band?
Currently no. In the past we’ve played many shows in Australia. Right now the focus is on writing and recording. We intend to play live again in the near future and there are some very capable musicians who’ll fill out our line-up when the time is right.OSBATMOSFEAR14

Australian and New Zeeland music aways developed by own path. I think, the reason was the big disdtance from Europe and America. What interesting bands from Australia and New Zeeland do you advise to us?
I haven’t been listening to all that many acts from these parts lately, but yep I agree with you. European and American bands have a huge influence here, but there are many good bands that have made their own sound. I’ve recently enjoyed Woods of desolations latest. Ulcerate have been on frequent rotation since Everything is fire was released. My favourite metal release from this hemisphere is still Blooddusters debut “fisting the dead”. It’s funny and frightening in equal measures. Great album.

It’s high time to goodbye. Your final words.
Thank you very kindly for the interview! Anybody with an open ear for music please feel encouraged to check out One step beyond.


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