FROM THE SHORES (for Legacy #108)

legacy108Interview was prepared by Marcus Italliani (for Legacy #108)

There are quite eight years between your first EP and „Of Apathy“. What happened in between?
FTS: A lot of stuff. We toured widely after the release of our Ep. But before we finished the last gigs and started writing new stuff, we had some line-up issues. We had a long stop when we lost our old drummer. We then focused on new songs but took our time, cause we knew that the quality of the album should be pretty high after such a long hiatus. We found a new guitarist and a new drummer whilst finishing the writing process. Then we focused on pre-productions and booked the studio. We took our time (again) to find a satisfying mix and album artwork, and then a label. So here we are in 2017, after the worldwide album release and a tour with Six Feet Under in 2016 as well as our first official music video, which came out last week.

Were the tunes on „Of Apathy“ written directly after the release of „Until My Last Breath“ or did you throw everything old in the garbage bin and focussed on newer material?
FTS: A couple of songs were ready in the few months after the EP release, so we have been playing them for a long time now. There is kind of a line that divides 2008/2010 from what happened next. We've been a very active band from the start, but everything started to become slower year by year. Motivation is almost everything, and once it's gone, it's gone. Line-up changes can save a band sometimes.

Your style developed in a more atmospheric direction. There are many parts on the album that remind me on the second black metal wave in the ninetees. Is that your perferred musical age?
FTS: Our main composer changed from the EP. When Leo joined the band, he brought a lot of new influences. Old school death and black metal, yet with a modern taste. We all like black metal, as much as old school death.

Your lyrics seem to have a more philosophical/religious approach. It's not the typical death metal stuff. For instance „Weakness Of the Flesh“ could be seen as a story about a fatal relationship, a philosophical essay about mankind but also a mere vampire or zombie-story. How important are the lyrics to you?
FTS: Me and Luca took care of every lyric since the band's inception. You can tell this album's song-writing is more mature than our older stuff, and the lyrics followed. I think good lyrics add something more to good songs. And also that best lyrics come from the worst of life's events. 'Of Apathy' reflects how all of our feelings are enclosed in the album. End of chapter. 'Weakness Of The Flesh' is exactly about mankind, and how we slowly decay. In a path surrounded by pain and mistakes, we hopelessly watch the flame wearing out.

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How would you describe the evolution of the exreme metal scene within the last ten years?
FTS: New genres come and go. New bands do as well. The ones that have something to say stay. We've seen a lot of things change in the music industry in the past few years too. Everything evolves.

What is going on with the scene in Venice?
FTS: Venice is a really particular city and it's really not for heavy music. It's surroundings otherwise are full of bands.

There were five bands with totally different musical approaches on the Six Feet Under-Tour. What new experiences did you make on that tour?
FTS: It was a great experience. Before we started we knew we were all playing different styles, but the German audience is one of the best we have ever seen. If they like what you do, they will support you, no matter what genre, or if you are playing at 7pm as the opener. All the guys and the crew on tour were amazing aswell, we had incredibly fun times with people that were strangers just one day before.

Are there other events planned for the promotion of the album?
FTS: We are planning a lot of stuff. Our very first music video for our song 'Primal' just come out on The Circle Pit. Stay tuned with us.


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