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Rock Hard 40Interview was prepared by KREMATOR (Rock Hard #40)


Your band is a younger one, trying to be heards among a great amount of other bands. It probably requires a lot of time spend rehearsing, doesn´t it?
Paul. Yes without doubt today is very difficult coming out among a great amount of other bands.. we are trying to get better every day for having our audience. It requires time and rehearsing, not only in rehearsal room but also at home...everybody of us has to practice on its instrument and this is basic for everything you wanna do.

How did your band start? What was the reason for its creation? Who created it and what were the original goals/intentions of it?
Paul. The band started in october 2008 with the reason and intention to create music at our own, cause we were not interested playing in cover bands, and also trying to see how much our music can be appreciate..

What styles and bands influenced you the most in your begginings? Is it the same way nowadays?
Paul. Personally I can say Nevermore, Children of Bodom, Archenemy for Rythm and Lead guitar work..

The band comes from Abruzzo region in the centre-east of Italy, however according to my information, individual members come from many different places such as Pescara, Chieti, Teramo. Doesn´t that couse you any trouble? What is the underground scene in this part of Italy like?
Paul. Not exactly, me and other guitar player Luca from Pescara (Abruzzo region), vocalist Francesco bass player Giusy and drummer David from Civitanova Marche and Rome..we never have problem for the distance... the underground scene in this part of italy doesn’t satisfy us a lot... people seems not very interested, except for cover bands...

The base of your band is death metal presented in many different forms – from the more brutal ones to melodic ones. Same thing with vocals, you alternate between more tessitures (interesting one is a tessiture ala CARCASS). It may seem complicated to someone, but the truth is exactly the opposite – your production is nicely recognizable. Was it your intention, or did it come with the development of the band?
Paul. In truth it was our intention to have a recognizable style without to look like some other band,but this did comes out with our development over the years.
Francesco. With the vocals i have influences between black and death metal scene, but im not inspired to a particular singer, every screams comes from my identity and i communicate my mood and a message in all our tracks.

Z From promo-materials I found out that you have released your second serial album „Brutal Conflict“ on the 12th of January, however somwhere else I have read that it is a debut album. What is the truth?
Paul. In fact there is a previous unsigned album („Galleries of Absurd“), recorded in 2010 with a line up quite different from the current one of „Brutal Conflict“... it's a bit controversial to say that this second album is our debut, for the fact that the current line up is musically more capable and well-established, and for the fact that „Brutal Conflict“ is under label Metal Scrap Records.

Why was there such a long pause between the release of the last two albums? How long did it take to produce all 11 songs?
Paul. All this so long pause caused for complete line up replacement.. it token 3 years to produce all 11 songs.

Who writes music and who writes lyrics? Is there anyone who leads it all by saying what is going to be inculded and what is going to be excluded?
Paul. The entire structure of the song already full of guitar solos, is created by me at home ... then I record a demotrack guitar and metronome and send it to everyone ... everyone study above it and finds its part of bass, drums etc.
Francesco. I write all lyrics, i prefer to include in each album a concept and structure it in a different tracks, describing in each song a different facet to carry the listener to a well defined mental and physical trip.arkanacoderockhard40

Where did you record the new album? Even though just a short period of time has passed since the release, how satisfied are you with it so far? Is there anything you would change about it?
Paul. We recorded in Civitanova Marche and mixed and mastered here in Abruzzo. At the moment we can‘t say if we are satisfied or not .. it's still too early .... listening to the album again and again, there is always something you would like to change and improve, but by now it's too late ahahah.
Francesco. With this new line-up is a new beginning of the band and also of the musical production, this is the starting point for a new revival, I am satisfied but I want to improve.

Does the album have a main idea, or are individual songs each about something else? Can you tell us something about it?
Francesco. „Brutal Conflict“ is a concept album, The texts are based on the conflict between the power system that imposes our laws and all the negativities that surround the planet as opposed to the human being, nature, mind, the integrity of human. I have tried to translate the most terrifying situations we live, lobotomized we do not realize the abuses we undertake, set in arcane and futuristic eras. The very raw and intense texts in the lexicon carry the listener in situations we could live every day making him realize how cruel our existence is impregnated.

The name of the album seems like it is dealing with social problems and conflicts, however the cover of it resembles a natural disaster or apocalypse. Who is the author of the cover and what does it exactly mean?
Francesco. Artwork made by me and Mattia Cingolani, social conflicts and natural disaster have the same foundamental problems, the conceit of superiority of humans have destroyed the balance of nature and the relationship between men. The volcano of the cover symbolizes this concept, the desolate land express the destruction of our world and the poor in spirit of people who are slaves of the system.

Are you planning a live propagation of the new album? The summer is getting closer, are you planning on playing on any live festival?
Francesco. Yes, this summer we will play at Metalhead Meeting Festival in Bucharest with many big bands (Sepoltura – Behemoth – Cradle of Filth) and in other town in Itay, we are planning many shows for this winter but we can’t tell nothing at this moment.

Thank you for the interview, I wish you a lot of successful albums, at least as successful as „Brutal Conflict“ is. Is there anything you want to tell Slovak and Czech fans?
Paul. Yes we want say to Slovak and Czech fans that arkana code band is very glad to have you as new fans.. support us guys, we need you to go on. Stay Metal \m/\m/
Francesco. Greetings from all band, follow us on our facebook page for all news Arkana Code. Stay Brutal!


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