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I admit that I have never heard of the band 1000DEAD before and I bet I´m not alone. Could you tell us something about the history of the band since the beginnings and something about members as well ?
Hello! The band started almost four years ago, in the early of 2013, in our hometown Rethymno (Crete). We didn’t waste any time and quickly started composing our own music. The result of that was the release of a self-financed 3-song promo in June of 2014 that went pretty well in the music press. Of course we promoted our music by booking as many gigs as possible and we were very happy to share the stage with bands such as Wolfheart, Sabbaton & Ravencult among others. In 2016 we started recording our debut album and thankfully, the guys in Metal Scrap were interested in our music, so we’re happy they signed us! As for the band members, the whole project started by Nikos Marinakis (vocals / guitars), Petros Leledakis (bass / back vocals) and Alekos Mouratidis (drums), but recently there’s been a change in the line-up and Vasilis Michailidis will be the helping hand on drums.

What was your motivation to establish the band ? What styles/bands were you inspired by ?
Well all of us play in other bands also, but the thing with 1000Dead is that we wanted to create a band more extreme if you like. As far as the genres that inspired us, listening to the record, you can distinguish a lot of hardcore, thrash, even grind and heavy rock. Blending styles it’s kinda part of our music «identity» and so far it’s coming out pretty smooth.

What is the metal scene like in Crete ? I don´t know many bands from out there.
We can’t really say that we have a scene down here, but surely there’s diversity in the music. You should check out Imperium Infernalis, Obzerv, Cosmic Plunge, Pure Violent Hedonism and Reprisal to name a few.

I have only received a little amount of promo materials, where there is stated that your main genre is death metal, however there are some others as well e.g. hardcore, grind, alternative, trash metal… So, what is the truth ?
Yes we agree that «death metal» is a little bit far-fetched. Although in the album you hear some death metal, it’s not the genre that we belong to entirely. That’s why when people ask us, we just say “metal” haha!

Where did you record the album, how long did it take and who supported you from the technical point of view (mix, mastering etc.)?
The album was recorded mostly in home studios here in Crete. It took us a couple of months for the final product. Giannis Leledakis that mixed and also did the mastering of the album, did a cool job and for that we’re very greatful!

What is the main idea of the album ? Does the album have one main idea, or are there more ideas behind each song..?
Well it’s not a concept album, but surely there’s a lot of anger in the lyrics. Mostly that happened because the music itself inspired us to approach them in a certain way.

Who writes the music and who writes the lyrics ? Is it the same person ?
The music is a colaboration of all 3 members. Most of the times it starts with the riffs that Nikos‘ brings and then we built it altogether. As fas as the lyrics, that’s Nikos‘ job!


Your album cover is interesting and seems modern. Who is its author and what does it mean? Did you have any other artworks to choose from?
Thanks that you mentioned that, because we’re very proud about the cover. The designer is a good friend of ours, Nikos “VisionBlack“ Stavridakis. He managed to capture the essence of this band,both in lyrics and music. Yeah there were some variations of this one, but in the end, band and designer desided that this is the most intriguing. If 1000Dead were a painting, definitely it would look something like this.

How did your cooperation with Metal Scrap Records start and what experiences do you have with them? Have you signed any contract for prolonged cooperation with them?
As we mentioned earlier, the label was interested in our music and they wanted to release it, so that’s how this relationship started more or less. We’re very pleased with the work they’re doing for us promotionally-wise. No we haven’t talked for prolonging the cooperation. But again it’s too soon.

It seems like your debut comes out in CD form only, are you planning a vinyl version as well?
Nope, vinyl it is not in our plans, at least for the near future. But we must say that this cover in vinyl-size it would look very cool! Maybe in the next one!

What about live concerts? Do you play live and do you enjoy it, or are you a band that prefers a studio environment? Will there be any live propagation of the new debut ? If yes, when?
Another interesting question, and yes 1000Dead is a live band. It was meant to be since the beginning of this project and that’s why we enjoy the “live“ enviroment more than the studio! We’ve already booked some shows locally and hopefuly soon we’ll start spreading the word in other parts of Greece, with the main goal to do a tour abroad.

Thank you for the interview and I leave the last words for you :)
Thanks so much for taking the time to do this. Our album is out there via Metal Scrap records. For band info, follow us on our facebook page “facebook.com/1000Dead/“. Cheers!


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