ARKANA CODE (for Necromance)

Necromance 41El pasado mes de febrero, los italianos ARKANA CODE presentaron su nuevo trabajo, “Brutal Conflict” a través del sello Metal Scrap Records y tras reseñarlo en nuestro medio, era el turno de una entrevista para saber más acerca de esta formación que nos ha sorprendido.

Interview was prepared by David Déniz (Necromance)


Welcome to Necromance
Paul: Hello to you all of Necromance and .thanks for called us.. yes of course, we formed in 2002 and we comefrom differents regions of Italy.. me and Luca (guitars) from Pescara (Abruzzo Region) Francesco and Giusy (vocalist and bass) from Civitanova (Marche Region) and David(drummer) from Rome (Lazio Region).we are mixed but always Italians.. 

Your debut album “Galleries of absurd” was self-released in 2010 and the second one “Brutal conflict” in 2017, What are the causes that led you to spend so much time between one release and the other one?
Paul: That‘s because the first line up who played on first album Galleries, leaved the band Arkana Code after two years of Gallery’s release.. so I replaced the whole line up and I spent 5 years between looking for new musicians, writing new songs, rehearsals, and recording new album..(Brutal Conflict) with this actually line up.

And what are the main musical differences between these two records?
Paul: I think surely better songs for composition and technical level…Francesco Luca Giusy and David are more talented than old line up. So Arkana Code in Brutal Conflict has got an higher evolution respect to album Galleries.

How was the writing process for “Brutal conflict”?
Simply starting to write all whole harmonic structure with guitar at my home.. then I record a demotrack (mp3) only with guitar and I send it to all.. every one works on the new track at home… then we go in rehearsals room and try to play all togheter since when we are satisfied of new result.

Were all the songs written right prior to entering the studio to record “Brutal Conflict”?
Paul: yes yes.. the songs were and are written right prior to entering the studio….this is our method.

Which are the main influences for the band into this album? ¿how would you overall describe yourselves on this album? What’s changed and what’s stayed the same?
Paul: I think all the best influences by bands like Archenemy Nevermore Children of Bodom, Death.. I think nothing is change, it’s always the same style but better as songwriting and technical level, by everyone of us.

Tell us about the artwork, do you think that the music is in any way linked to it?
Paul: Francesco is the autor of artwork… he may explain better than me 
Francesco: the concept of all lyrics tell contrast between human and nature, describing cruelty of our human etichs and the inconsciousness of the system where we live, the artowork describe this sensation.

How did come about your signing for Metal Scrap records? Are you happy with their work until now? Any other offers in the table to release the album?
We had various offers by other labels and I think MetalScrap Records has been the best choice for all us. We are satisfied how MetalScrap is working for us.

Physical format or digital format? Which are the last albums you bought…
Physical format.. I prefer this way… you have the band in your hands while you are listening her..  digital format is too abstract thing.. also if you are listening the band but you haven’t her in your hands 

Anything you would like to add to end this interview?
Paul: Yes I have to say we are in Bucarest at MetalHead Fest on June 24. I hope to meet you there 
Francesco: Thanks for passion to support underground bands, see you on our facebook page and youtube channel.


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