1000DEAD (for Necromance #41)

Necromance 411000DEAD llegan desde Grecia con su álbum debut bajo el brazo con el mismo nombre, editado a través de Metal Scrap records y donde demuiestran que se les da bastante bien hacer un death / thrash donde saben combinar melodía y agresividad; De esto y más cosas nos hablaron en esta entrevista.

Interview was prepared by David Déniz (Necromance #41)


Welcome to Necromance Digital Magazine pages and for your time to answer the interview. First of all, introduce the band to the readers.
Hello David & Necromance readers! We are 1000Dead from Greece! The band started 4 years ago in our hometown Rethymno. Since then we’ve released a 3-song promo, and a couple of months ago our debut album came out via Metal Scrap! we couldn’t be more happy about it! The album is doing pretty well, we’re getting a lot of positive feedback!

How did the writing and recording sessions go for the debut album? Are you happy the way it turned out?
Well the writing process went pretty fast because of the chemistry among the band members. There were times where we would finish the music of a whole song in 2 or 3 hours of rehearsal time! The recordings and also the mixing and mastering of the album, took us about two months give or take. Yeap we’re very happy, Giannis Leledakis did a great job sound-wise!

“1000 dead” is your debut album, did you feel any pressure when writing it?
That’s a cool question and no there wasn’t any, because we knew we had a good music material. But the one thing that we were very careful about was how all this music will come out, as far as the sound of the album. For example Petros’ bass lines were so out of the ordinary that in the mixing process we should support them for everyone to listen clearly. And that goal was achieved!

When you are writing a song, would someone come to the table with an idea, or do you all jam something together?
Usually Nick shows to the rest some riffs and we take it from there. Sometimes is a whole song, others just a riff or two. And basically we just start working around it until everyone’s happy with the result!

Let’s talk about this debut album, what can expect the fans that doesn’t listen you yet?
Well expect the unexpected!! There’s a lot of music “information” in its 39 minutes. We love it, hope you enjoy it too! Just give it a listen, it’s out there!

What bands and artists are influencing what you’re doing?
Let’s just say that in the record you can listen a lot of thrash, hardcore, heavy rock and even grind. The name-dropping would take a lot more time haha!Interview 1000 DEAD Necromance

“1000 dead” is also your fist recording for Metal Scrap, how is the collaboration with them? 
We’re pleased about how they handle things. They’re very serious about us and that is what the band needs the most right now. Glad we’re in the Metal Scrap roster.

And how did the signing come about?
When the album was in its final mastered form, we started to send it to labels worldwide, including Metal Scrap. They respond positively and that’s it basically. Everything went smooth after that.

What’s the next on the horizon for the band?
There’s been a line-up change and right now we’re in the process of seeking our new drummer. But even if that takes some time, we’ll just recruit some session drummer for the album-promotion gigs.

In terms of your live show, what should people expect if they’ve not seen you before?
A lot of aggression and intensity! In other words, good friendly violent fun!

The last album you bought…
Anciients - Heart Of Oak and Hail Spirit Noir – Mayhem In Blue.

Physical format or digital format for you?
OF COURSE Physical! We embrace how the things work from now on with all these digital music platforms, but our hearts belong to the physical format. Old School dude!

Anything you would like to add to end the interview?
Thanks a lot David for taking the time and doin’ this! Glad you liked our album, we hope Necromance friends will like it too! For band info, check out our fb page or contact the band at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Cheers!


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