From The Shores (for Rock Hard #39)

Rock Hard 39Interview was prepared by KREMATOR (Rock Hard #39)

According to my information, the band FROM THE SHORES is on the scene only from the year 2008. Could you shortly introduce us to its history, who was there in its begginings and what was the reason for creating it ?
FTS: We joined forces in 2008; we were all coming from other projects. We wanted to be in a productive band, we wanted to write and record albums, we wanted to tour. So we came together, recorded our first EP and started playing all over Italy. During the past years some of us took a different path, and it took time to fix things. We re-started as a full working band in 2014; wrote an album, recorded it, published it and toured Europe. This is an approximate picture of FROM THE SHORES so far.

Who were your music musical idols ? What has changed since the beginings ?
FTS: We grew up listening to different bands, but in the beginning we were all caught by bands like In Flames and At The Gates. I think you can find melodic death metal influences in our music. We took another direction after the EP, and the new album is proof.

Your beginings probably weren´t easy, since there was a lot changes in members composition… Why so many changes in such a short time ? What do you think was the biggest reason for that ?
FTS: When you start a band with your classmates or your friends just because you’ve seen other bands playing and you wanna experience being on a stage, you start with no expectations. Then you need more time cause the gigs become more and more frequent. Then you need better equipment. Also the studio costs money. It always takes more time and money if you wanna see your band grow, and it’s not for everyone. Some of us realized they didn’t really want to be in this kind of band.

Most of the names in your band is somehow connected to the bands ARKHAM ASYLUM and A FOOT IN THE GRAVE. Why did these bands end their activity and why did most of their members join FROM THE SHORES ?
FTS: The 2008 line-up was composed by Luca and Paolo, who were in A FOOT IN THE GRAVE first and FRISTDATE then. Theo came from FIRSTDATE as well. Leo and Andrea both came from ARKHAM ASYLUM. Leo, Luca and Theo are the last members of that line-up. Giorgio from THE CHAIN and Nicolò from HARSH MY MELLOW joined the band in 2013 and 2014 respectively. I think common intentions is what brought us together.

I admit, that I didn´t know much about your band before, so exluding promo-materials I have helped myself with the Internet. However, on the Internet I have found many different charactetizations of your style – from melodic death metal, through metalcore to deathcore. But after hearing „Of Apathy“ I would consider your production as classic death metal. What is your opinion and what do you really play? Was your musical history different?
FTS: Genre is not a problem for us. We’ve been labeled as deathcore, melodic death metal, metalcore, blackened death metal, and even if the last one is probably the closest to what we play, we also love to add a touch of classic metal to our songs. We just write and play what we like.

In the end of November, 2016 you have released your debut „Of Apathy“ under Metal Scrap Records. Why did you choose this Ukrainian label and how did you get to coooperate with them ?
FTS: We sent our promo around after the album was recorded. Metal Scrap gave us the best conditions to release our music.

Your debut album was released after 5 years from your last single „From the Shores“. I think, that everybody expected you to release a full album after the 2 song record, however that hasn´t happened until now. Why such a long pause ?
FTS: We faced many issues after the release of that promo. In the end, I think everything led us to a new dimension as a band.

Where do you get inspiration for new songs ? What are your main thematical circles in lyrics and which themes do you avoid, or what theme would you never write a song about ?
FTS: Life is the main theme. Every subject is connected to that. Death, religion, anything we feel is relevant.

Songs from the single „From the Shores“ didn´t appear on your debut album as well as songs from your EP ‘Until My Last Breath'. According to that I want to ask how much time did you need to create the debut „Of Apaty“ - from the first acord to the first CD released ?
FTS: It took a ridicolous amount of time. Writing, preproducing and recording, as well as mixing and mastering took a very long time. Then, if you add line-up changes, live shows, personal issues and bad luck, here we are. FromTheShoresRock Hard 39

On the new album we can find 10 songs. Were more songs composed and these 10 were the „chosen ones“, or did you only write these songs ? What is the main idea or message of this album? Why is there a few minutes of silence in the 10th song ?
FTS: That’s all we wrote. Instead of writing 30 songs and then choose, we rather prefer to focus on every riff of each song and constantly rewrite what we don’t like. This works better for us. Apathy is in the title and is also the message; years of our lives are in this album. There is something in the end for attentive listeners...

Who is the main „creator“ or composer of these songs ? Did more members cooperate to write them ? Who writes music and who writes lyrics ?
FTS: Everyone is involved in the writing process. Leo writes most of the music, Theo and Luca write the lyrics, but everybody brings ideas, and the final songs are a collective output.

I see that you have returned to your original logo. Was the previous change just a one time thing or a serious try for a change ?
FTS: We added more black metal elements in our songs since our debut EP and really felt we needed a new identity. We used the new logo for a while, for a t-shirt and for a promo. It was a serious change. When it came to the album and the new merch artwork, we all decided to go back to the old logo. That one has always represented who we are.

Cover artwork is interesting as well. It contains simple, kind of dark colours as well as person standing in front of a monster… Who is the author of it and what does it mean ?
FTS: We wanted an artwork recalling the title, and Timur Khabirov did a great job. The lack of communication between the monster and the man symbolize the apathy, the monstrous void within that you’ll never get rid of.

Do you plan any tour in 2017, to support the new album ?
FTS: We toured Europe with Six Feet Under right after the album came out, in December 2016. We are planning a lot of new things at the moment.

How is currently the metal scene in Venice and its neighbourhood ?
FTS: Still alive, no matter what, no matter how.

Thank you for the interview. You can send a message to our Czech and Slovak readers :)
FTS: Thank you guys for your time. We love Czech Republic, we’ve been to Prague three times, let’s hope to have the chance to play both there and in Slovakia in 2017. Give our album a chance, see you all soon.


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