PEDOPHILE PRIESTS (for Rock Hard #38)


Interview was prepared by KREMATOR (for Rock Hard #38)


After a year you hear again from Rock Hard SK. Around a year ago my colleague Erik had the pleasure to interview you and as you’ve been quiet since, it’s my turn to poke you (haha). Fun aside (just for a moment), I hope you have bunch of news you’d like to share with us. 
It is always a pleasure to talk to you guys and yes we have some news we can talk about ;)

I always considered myself to be your neighbour from the south but then I realized that you’re already miles aways. Do you still stay in Ireland? How’s life there? 
Life is good here thanks. We still have strong connection with Poland and visiting many times during a year. I can speak only for myself now but I definitely feel Polish inside and it does not mean that I am not fully assimilated here because I am.
Bad side of this situation is that you never can feel like you are 100% in "your place" even if people try don't make you feel it.
Also Irish metal scene see us as Polish band based in Ireland so we can not count on that much support like 100% Irish bands.

One thing is still on my mind. Last time you mentioned that you had met Krystian Mazur in some pub and then you asked him to join your rehearsal. Based on his name I assume he’s from Poland too (or at least he has Polish ancestors). Am I correct?
Yep, he is Polish in deed and at the moment all band members are Polish. Krystian Mazur left the band around January 2016 to join Thy Worshiper but we have polish replacement for him already. Pedophile Priests have only Polish members at the moment but this is just kind of coincident as we were interviewed other nationality guys for bass players as well. 
Things just worked out for some reasons in this way that we are 100% Polish Irish band;)

Based on the promo pictures I saw it looks you’re just a duo. Has anything changed about that lately?
We are still kind of duo and promotional pic is from duo period as well. 
Our current bass player Greg Gregorski is under probation now so after while we will see and he may stay with us for good.

How was 2016 for the band regarding the debut album, shows, festivals? 
It was ok like for actually first year of band life activity.
We played Irish shows mostly till now but we also had some performances in he UK.
Good thing which happened to us was that we had great opportunity and pleasure to support Polish thrash/black metal legend - Kat on part of their UK and Irish tour.
We grew up on their music, so it was great fun for us and honor.
Reviews of the album are mostly very good so it motivates us further to work on new material.

What plans do you have for 2017? 
To record a single and release it as a video clip.
Also we are looking around to play some European tour and try to jump on on some summer festivals. That things are not so easy to set up if you are not a professional band and have your home responsibility but we gonna try work it out.

What about a new album? How many songs are ready? In what phase is the work on the new album? Can you tell us more about it?
Well the new album is actually ready in strictly compositional meaning. I have some 9 tracks ready on the level of demo with drums machine versions and now we start to learn how to play them.
Lyrically is gonna be 100% about human life aspect absolute opposite to transcendental “Dark Transgression of the Soul"
We gonna start to record it during 2017 but it will be out not earlier that 2018 as things need time and money.

I hope you won’t forget about your mother tongue and it will become a tradition to have at least one song in Polish on an album (as VADER or BEHEMOTH do).
Yep, there is one song in Polish already and it may be more.
For me personally is kind of tradition as well as playing in the past in bands like Mortis Dei or Puki 'Mahlu we always had some songs with Polish lyrics since early 90ties so long before it become kind of trend.

Polish are into traditions and are huge patriots. Looking at the common and most famous Polish bands I recognize two different threads (or schools if you will). The first one is typical death metal with thrash metal elements and the second one is death metal with black metal elements. But based on your music I’d never say you have Polish roots. What do you think about it?
Basically all you saying is right. More common are I think death/thrash bands and it was always like that. Maybe because hybrid of thrash and death is very natural, nice and easy to connect in interesting monolith and maybe because death and thrash was the most popular genre years back in Poland I risk to say and we should add in this place bands like Armagedon, Dragon,Betrayer,Ghost, Hazael... and many more.
And yes on the other side we had black/death bands maybe less common but still - Christ Agony for an example and later Behemoth as well.
If you saying that you would not say that we represent typical Polish death metal sound I will take it as a complement at this point because like for sure we can say that label of Polish Death Metal genre is synonym of quality but for me as a musician label of own style is more desirable.
From strictly technical point of view we drop Hertz Studio as a typical Polish band recording facility and we are using 7string guitars only instead classical 6string with drop tune.

How often do you rehearse all together? Does individual rehearsing prevail?
Well we trying play at list two rehearsal per week plus of course we practising individually at home.
Sometimes we can play even less often but later on if necessary and we have some show to play or something we can jump even on 5 rehearsal per week so thats depends.

How do you approach composing? What is the role of each and every band member in the composing process? Who writes music, lyrics and who has the power of veto?
I am composing full songs at home and record it as a demo song with drums programmed and finished vocals and lyrics. Then I am sending song to my band mates and give them time to listen into it. Later on we start performing each track on rehearsals and providing changes if necessary. If some of us have different and better idea for arrange of particular riff we will change it but most likely song finish up in the same shape as demo as the best solutions for arrange.
We are on the same vibe so there is no need of any veto.

Catholic community bothers you and I’m totally with you. Usually all the bands doing such music say they hate all kinds of religion but they write about Christianity only. I think that Islam is far more dangerous at the moment. It is far more radical, violent, it degrades women, it’s hard for European to understand concept of justice and punishments, but it looks the bands are afraid to pick on Allah. Isn’t it hypocritical in some way? The chances of some Christian blowing himself up at your show are pretty low. Or is it now about time to deal with Islam in music?
Well I can agree basically with everything you say.
You should not be to much worry about that as Slovakia sort it out in fantastic way and you should be proud of it. If you asking metal bands about that they will answer you that they singing about own cultures reality as a reality of Christian culture they live in and thats is a point but yes everything is changing now and Islam seems to be a bigger treat.
Like my Muslim friend use to say when I am asking him why are you laughing at Jesus in memes and not at Mahomet he use to answer - Peter those guys have no sense of humour;) So yes at this point we have to agree that chance of Christian bomber on gig is pretty low opposite to Muslim one.
On ours debut album “Dark Transgression of the Soul" there is a song titled "Crescent Guided Tributary" and this song dealing with Islam issue.
Also on the new album there will be lyrics dealing with Catholic and Islamic pedophile.

I asked the previous question partly because of the recent events in Berlin. What does ordinary Irish person says about it? Do you feel to be in a safe place when you’re miles away from the continent? The country was quite safe even during WW II and even powerful Luftwaffe didn’t endanger it.
Ireland seems to be very safe place in the meaning of Islamic Terrorism at list at the moment. Muslim community here is not seem to be very offensive or aggressive at the moment and it does not look that bad like for an example in the UK so ordinary Irish Citizen do not worry to much take it easy and focus on drinking and easy going Irish attitude;)

Enough about politics and negative stuff. Do you have something positive on mind to wrap this up?
Just focus on small positive aspect of your life and draw happiness from them.
We won't change word and people so just live our life on own way and take most from it!


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