NECRONOMICON (for Rock Hard Magazine #36)

Interview was prepared by Kremator (Rock Hard Magazine #36)

NECRONOMICON started to write its history back in early 80s, actually at the same time like other gians of German trash metal – KREATOR, SODOM, etc. How do you remember this era? At that time how did you feel about thrash metal spreading across the territories? Who did you admire at that time?
Freddy: Well, first of all, thanxx for your interest in NECRONOMICON. It´s an honour for me to answer your questions. Well Thrash Metal is a kind of what you´re standing for. I always compare it with the Punk Generation. It´s just something completely sperate. Something unique. You have to live this style and I do not even know that has changed or developed a lot in Thrash Metal. NECRONOMICON in the 80´s consisted of the founding members Jogi, Axel, Lala and me. We hung out together every day, all made in common.....We were one. It means, all our experience we made together. The good things and the bad things. We create our own style what concernce the music in Thrash metal and we were all just together in private. This time was really cool.

You released first studio album after two years, later on you came with new stuff every year, after the third album you took more time to record another one and after „Screams“ you suddenly got quiet for 10 years. What did cause this long break?
Well, GAMA REC. ( our first label ) was one of tour most neagative things. This label ripped off all the band who signed there. We never got our money and lost our song-& name-rights for over 15 years. Only with a lot of money and legal fees I was able to got the rights back. And, the of course, we became personal problems. Lala split the band, Jogi got a tinitus, Axel became healthy problems, too ect......Only now, I hope so, everything has settled again positiv. NEVER GIVE UP !!!

Since your fifth album you’ve been following 4-year break. Was this your intention or is it just coincidence?
Just coincidence
On the other hand I also always need a bit of time for new ideas . I can not produce such as on an assembly line . For this I love this kind of music too much . For me, every album is a new challenge and very important to give my best on it…..

If I’m correct, each album was released via different label. That’s not common at all. Did you plan this or did you have no luck to choose a good recoding company?
It´s not easy to find a good label, absolutely not. And I made mistakes in the past as for my choices, oh yes. But that's as in love. You know it takes some time whether it was the right decision (Hahaha) I am even happier now, to find ta good label in “IntoTheLimelight Records” / „SOULFOOD DISTRIBUTION" with our management agency „EAM“

There’s been a  lot of bands named NECRONOMICON around the world. You were probbaly the first who came with the name, but despite of it, did you experience any missunderstandings or complications because of it? Did you think about changing your name?
Unfortunately the name is not protected by law. So there are some other bands, they move with our awareness like the Canadian Necronomicon. That bugs me enourmesly. The basic idea was to find a name that is not as clichéd. We did not expect that it will be so many imitators

Age average in your band got lower recently. Although NECRONOMICON has been on the scene for many years, you haven’t faces major changes in line-up? What were the relationships in the band in the past and how is it now? Where there any extreme cases, when you just had to fire a band-mate?
We got a lot of set backs in our era. And we got personal problems, too. Jogi got a tinitus, Mac and Axel became healthy problems, Andi get married and wants to create his future otherweise, I formed the band new on 2015. Nowadays I got fantastic guys, who help me to bring NECRONOMICON to where it belongs. And I got very different personalities in my band. Great guys, absolutely; and great musicians. But we also need the difference to each other. Some of them got family and so it´s a normal process that something shifted. But we are all very good friends.

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„Pathfinder...between Heaven and Hell“ is your latest album so far. To me it’s a natural successor of your previous record „Invictus“, where you introduced more melodies, riffs are more complicated and the old school straightforward trash and its simplicity is gradually dissapearing. What is your opinion on it? How do you see direction of the band? Freddy: The new album is a so called „concept album“ , which is gonna to reflect the band's history ... the good and bad times and the not easy way the band and I trodden until today. I`ve thought a long time about how to tackle the new album, cause the „ Invictus“ album was very personal and also very stressful for me, because I really wanted to deliver a really good and outstanding album. So it was a big challenge how I should go about it...especially to unite the way and the history of the band with the songs and lyrics. I have to confess , I had to take this step with scareness, especially will it gonna be interpreted and understood by the fans on the right way. But I wanted to make sure , and I am fully convinced and happy about
„ Pathfinder....“ . Well, everyone expects, indeed of a Thrash Metal Band like us , a continous fire of speed and attack...but if you followed the bands history over the last years , you will see different path of songwriting like other Thrash Metal bands especially in Germany . We have , I think so , found a very unique mix of Thrash and Heavy Metal ... just our way. It's just my interpretation of music that I like and prefer and
Pathfinder linked thenceforth. Perhaps, the new album is a little more adventurous , even what regards the sound . We wanted to get back to the roots, almost like in the 80s Discontinued these exaggerated modern sound, by now, all bands prefer. We deliberately let the guitar sound like an original Gibson Les Paul and we do not use drum samples. It sounds like a rehearsal session....pure, clear and honestly and just not distorted.

When do you plan to release new album? I hope it’s not a secret. How far are you with the composing process? Do you know via which label you’re going to release it? Can you tell us more details – how many songs will be there, approximate release date, etc.? 
The new album will be released in April or May 2017. Now, I´m working on new material. With the new management and label I hope the future for NECRONOMICON will be save. I´m gonna to plan to produce 10 or 12 brand-new songs and some live versions from older stuff. The new label is gonna be very interested to create a Digi Pack with gifts for the fans.

How would you sum up recent festival season? When did you play? What do the live shows mean to the band? Where can we see you in the recent future? I think you’re going to play in Czech Republic in Ostrava in October. Is it going to be the only show in Czech Republic and Slovakia?
Because of the upcoming festival season, we are working on. Fact is, we have to go to Japan and South America to promote the new release in 2017.
This year we start our East European Tour in September over Poland, Czech Republik and Slovakia. Im looking forward to it. It will be great!!!!

Thank you for the interview. Couple of words you’d like to add?
We got more than 25 years dedicate thru this kind of music, we got heaven and we got hell in this area, believe me, but only this fucking noise of this music let us be alive. Perhaps not for the next upcoming 30 years live on stage (grins).....but still for a long long time.
Thanxx again for you´re interest in us and the faith of our fans to this band. It was and is an honor for me to be part of the game
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