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ROCKHARD34Erik Nádudvari (Rock Hard Magazine #34)

D.HATE was based in the city of Lviv, in Ukraine. Broadly speaking, what the word “Hate” reflects in connection with the name of the band?
D.HATE: Full name of the band is DISTRICT HATE. Each and everyone of us lives in such a district, where one is forced to fight for his or her place under the sun. We believe this is what “HATE” reflects. This is everyone’s personal struggle, against somebody, or with oneself. Often it knows to be harsh.

Imagine that I have never been to Lviv before. Can you get me closer to the local metal scene in Lviv? How much are you influenced by this local scene?
There are a couple of bands with which we maintain tight contact, however, generally the scene looks rather alternative. Therefore, one could say that the scene influence on us is minimal. It is rather us, by our music, who influence the scene here, but who likes what more is their problem.

Do you consider yourself more a live band or do you feel comfortably in studio as well?
Stage and only stage!!! We get maximum satisfaction only from performing on the stage. Working in studio is a hard job, it is like passing an exam. Though, these processes are connected.

Are you perfectionists when working on new material? What is a typical scheme of your composing?
Rather yes. We strive to hold to and keep within the frame of our music style, but every song is being created differently. This is a very responsible moment for us. We do our best that every song has a sense in what we do. But generally the creation of a new material is a closed process, we do not really disclose it to the public.

Illia Lipnitskiy is a new drummer who replaced Denis Oliynik. If not confidential, can you tell us why did it happen? How are you satisfied with the new drummer?
As to Denys, we had different views on the band’s further development. But we had to move on. After Illya joined us we revised all drum sections, and we think it became better. So, Illya rocks, it is a pleasure to work with him. He gave us new impulse for creation.

I´ve seen your studio report from Hertz Studio in Poland. Why have you decided for this studio? Did you have other studio alternatives? In Ukraine, perhaps? (The skeleton made from the bones looked really great in that studio, by the way.)
Unfortunately, in Ukraine there are no studios of such level recording death metal. World renowned bands record at this studio, plus geographical location, no language barrier. All of these factors influenced the decision to choose this studio. It was a great experience recording the new album at Hertz.

That is for sure you guys have a great sense of natural humour. (Using two empty bottles for mash potatoes... I just love it) However, when on tour or in studio, who is the best humorist and cook in the band?
It refers to all. It is difficult to live without the humour in this world. And we like to have a laugh, especially with a good chaser – life if beautiful.

What is the main theme of the L.I.F.E. album? How much are lyrics important for you?
Texts of the songs are important to us, as they complete the musical part of the album. We show to a person, that his or her life is an invisible war with oneself. During such a war our character heavily smokes weed, and it changes him. At the end, he passes from the fear to oblivion.

When going on festivals or local shows as a part of audience, what band you would never miss? Can you tell us more about your tour activities in Ukraine and the EU in 2016?44 45
We do go to the festivals and shows, and quite often. Whether a band is a top one is not the main indicator. As to our concerts, we start on June 11 in Lviv together with SADIST and Thy Disease. In autumn we plan to make a tour around Europe. More info to follow, we are currently working on this.

Are you guys active in other bands or projects?
At the moment everybody is concentration on the work with D.HATE.

I hope you like Czech and Slovak beer. Being in Ukraine, what local beer you would recommend me?
If you happen to be in Lviv with Czech or Slovak beer, call us! And you won’t have problems with Czech and Slovak beer!!! If seriously, currently in Lviv there are plenty of small private breweries, which can compete with your beer.

I was reading you r interview with Hijos del Metal magazine. How about musical media (print magazines, web portals) in Ukraine? Do you have a positive feedback from them?
There is a big problem with musical printed media in Ukraine. It is hard to tell at once whether it is due to financial issues, or lack of their popularity among the music addicts. As to the web-portals, there are plenty of them. Mainly through them we receive comments regarding our work.

At the end of this interview, I´d like to thank you very much for your time and kindliness. I wish you all the best as band and in personal life and hope to see you on stage live. A few words for our readers would be healthy...
We thank to all readers of Rock Hard. It will be a pleasure to perform in Czech Republic and Slovakia, we will be expecting an invitation from you for the festivals and concerts for D.HATE. On the piece of advice for the readers? Don’t drink alcohol to excess, listen to metal and lead an active life.

See you.... \m/\m/\m/


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