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ROCKHARD32Erik Nádudvari (Rock Hard Magazine #32)

PEDOPHILE PRIESTS is quite daring name for a band, especially in this half-witted, so called democracy in the EU. Are you fed up with pedophiles in the Catholic Church? Have you had some troubles for the band name? Ireland is quite religious and traditional, if I am not wrong.
For me personaly is just a name which we using to describe sexual abuse of childrens by a men in a cassock - we call them then pedophile priests. If we google it we can find out a number of press releases reporting cases like this and describing the people who commit these terrible crime as pedophile priests. Some people get offended by band name but in the same moment they are not offended by for an example „ROTTING CHRIST“ etc. I get offended by this what those people do and that they still trying to hide it. Is there more disgusting crime that this one against children especially commited by the priests of the god? No! Not for me anyway so the whole disgust and outrage goes to them and not to this as we call them. And we call them as we called our band - PEDOPHILE PRIESTS. Ireland is very tolerant country also harmed strongly by pedophiles in church. Much more troubles we would get in Poland for example where church is highly influential in the political life.

Piotr, I have met your name in LADY MAGGOT and PUKI ´MAHLU as well. How do you manage all these bands, including PEDOPHILE PRIESTS? Yes, I wanted to ask you what does mean the name PUKI ´MAHLU?
Only PEDOPHILE PRIESTS is active band at the moment. It would not be possible to manage three groups and be 100% engage

Things like that may work when you are very young and mundane matters like job do not bother you. Otherwise there is no way to make it work.
PUKI ´MAHLU is taken from Malay, and exactly from James Clavell’s “King Rat”. It is quite hard to translate but it means something like shamed sexuality; Malay obscenity.

Do you have your permanent address in Ireland or you travel a lot between Ireland and Poland? Are you in contact with the guys from MORTIS DEI?
Traveling beetwenn countries did not work in longer term. I live in Ireland last eight years. Yes, I am in contact with guys, they are my mates.  I spend with them 10 years in the band so we have a lot of good memories. We are still good friends.

Well, let´s talk about the new album. When an idea of PEDOPHILE PRIESTS came into life and how did you find Krystian Mazur (bass) and Krystian Mistarz (drums)?
In last couple years I was involded in studio projects only. This made me yearning for plaing rehearsal and gigs. Also I had a lot of new material ready so I decided bring Pedophile Priests to life. I knew Krystian Mistarz as he was involved in Lady Maggot for a moment. We met Krystian Mazur in the pub as he is buddy of our friend. We invated him for rehearsals and he joined the band later on.

Was Metal Scrap Records the best option for you? How about other labels in Ireland or the UK, even in Poland?
Metal Scrap as the first opened the doors for us. We got one offer from the UK label but it was after we signed the deal with Metal Scrap. Polish labels curently are more interested in signing bands which I use to call “New way of polish black metal” - groups like „MGŁA“ I mean. They looking mostly for bands with similar style which can follow they sawn path of sucess. Metal Scrap is doing good promotion and this is the most important for band which is just trying to establish own position - like our one.

Where was the new album recorded and how the works were going in studio?
Drums were recorded in Invent Sound Studio in Bydgoszcz Poland by Szymon Grodzki. Guitars, bass and vocals in my home studio. Album is extremly fast so it cost a lot of sweat but work were done smoothly in a good atmosphere. We were going into the studio with a vision of dirty retro sound what influenced the final result which is much different that most of death metal productions this days what makes that some people will like it and others don’t.

It is important for musicians to keep pace with modern technologies. Except playing guitars you also do drum programming. So, what guitars do you play, perhaps what else do you keep on your shoulders including programming in studio?
My main guitar is Ibanez Universe uv777. During the recordings I used my acustic Cort guitar as well. I own also two custom Ran guitars - King V, and Thunder They are early Ran models from the nineties but I using Universe only at the moment. I looking after VST programming as well. All the keys, pianos, samples, intros etc.

What is your way of writing new material?
Last couple years I am using drums programming when I working on new tracks. It makes things much more easy. You can check all yours guitar ideas with different drums beats and create the skeleton of the song. Then I am finding right places for solos and guitar melodic lines. Finally I am working on lyric and vocal lines. Later on we work on details witch the drummer in rehearsal room.

Two songs, “Czarne Xięstwo” and “Pogański” are written in mother language which I always welcome. Why this decision has been made?
I was looking for something extraordinary for “Czarne Xięstwo” and then I found this sick poem of polish avangarde poet Tadeusz Miciński. I could not write anything more dark and morbid, this lyric is seriuosly fucked up. I placed it straight ahead on the track and it suit perfectly. “Pogański” got the tittle first because of pagan, ethnic sound and atmosphere of the song. I knew that it has to say about our Slavic, pagan roots so I just could not write this in english so it became polish lyric.

“Dark Transgression of the Soul” is quite serious theme with its philosophical background. Are you interested in such things as human existence, the Universe, genesis, etc? 2016 04 18 020444
Sometimes I think that life is too short to daily reflect on certain things and we should just focus on the pleasures of the present day but often it is difficult to restrain from certain considerations. What lies behind the universe? Does it directly affect and transgressing our lives or we are shapers of own destiny? Does our DNA may have designed the ancient astronauts who hide behind this constantly observing us eye? So little we know about the universe around us. About ancient times and real genesis as for many of us god is not the answer. That things are still shrouded in an aura of mystery and this is what the tittle symbolizes.

I have to touch the cover artwork. The front image is impressive and well worked out. The seeing eye in the middle looks like a hole into the other universe. Was it your idea of the cover? Who realized this idea into the final product?
Front cover must integrate elements of all lyrics. I felt it as a dark cosmic aura and something around us, affect and transforming us. For someone it will be god or ancient astronauts for someone else something completely different. Cover was created by Piotr Szafraniec which I collaborated before on Lady Maggot and Puki ´Mahlu CD layouts.

Are you faithful to death metal only or, other genres are welcomed in your world of music too? What bands you like to listen?
I am listening to metal mostly as heavy music is love of my life.Of course I can place in my player music of different genres but there is no many thigs I really enjoy. I like some stuff of Portishead, somethimes some movies soundtracks and jazz, but I don’t really have favorites artist outside metal. Most of the time I like single songs only or just fragments of albums. Some time ago I tried to force myself to listening more of no metal music but I did’t like it so I stoped to do this.

Will you support the new album on the tour? How about summer festivals or local shows of this year? Is there a chance to see PEDOPHILE PRIESTS in Slovakia or Czech Republic?
Currently we start to work on this. Some local gigs at first and then maybe UK tour. We playing also in irish elimination for Bloodstock so there is some chance that we will apper over there. Hopefully next step will bring us to Slovakia or Czech Republic, and maybe Poland and Germany either but we do not have any specifics yet.

At the end, I´d like to express my big thanks for your time and patience with answering the questions. Keep well and safe and all the best in 2016.
Thank you very much it was a pleasure and a happy new year everyone!



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