CBA2A72FAD0ED9331C19AFBA00238A0D753BC66CF6EF8C9402pimgpsh fullsize distrOtra de las recientes ediciones del sello Metal Scrap Records ha sido el nuevo trabajo, y álbum debut, de los polacos UNDERDAMPED SYSTEM, titulado “Phantom Pain” y con el que nos sorprenden con un sonido directo y demoledor con ciertos toques a lo SEPULTURA, SOULFLY, GOJIRA… de esto y más cosas nos hablan en esta entrevista.


Interview was prepared by David Déniz Plaza (Necromance #6/2016)


Can you tell us about the formation of Underdamped System?
All the crew know each other wery well also from former music projects. So hence we like similar sounds it was only a matter of time when we decided to do something together. At the beginning relleasing the album wasn't our goal - we just were having fun spending time together - the idea to record Phantom Pain came after some time, after some gigs we have played and the positive feedback from the audience.

How did you get to the band name Underdamped System, and what does it mean to you?
Well the name of the band is quite old - almost at the beginning of the band we were awarded with this name by our good friend who is really good at physics. He clearly explained what does it mean and describes but - like I said it was very long time ago, so let's leave it.. Anyway we liked how the name sounds from the beginning and the graph of under damped system is more or less hit string and the wave it creates, so this is what we like to do the most. Thats how we have decided to become Underdamped System.

Where are you right now? is the band on tour?
At the moment we are working on new songs , we plan to go on tour in the Autumn and Winter.

To an unfamiliar reader, how would you describe your sound?
I think that our soung is uncompromissed and aggresive. There are some polyrythmic parts but still I think it is quite simple music with a lot of pulse and right amount of anxiety. Our music is intended to give power, not to take it away.

What was the hardest track to put together on "Phantom Pain", and why?
It is hard to say. The most difficult I think was searching the right sound. We have tried a lot of guitars and amplifiers and other shit. In this place I would like to thank SÅ‚awek and Wojtek, amazing guys very helpful in every stage of the production. Two weeks in Hertz studio was really the best time for us ever.

What can you tell us about the recording process for this album?
Like I said before only the recordings - without mix and master - took two weeks. It was really amazing time, we were very happy with the sound. During recording we used only tube amplifiers, there is no Fractal or other amp simulations on Phantom Pain. We wanted to record an album with pure sound no triggers and other simillar stuff. We tried plenty of amps like Mesa Boogie, EVH 5150 III, Diesel, VHT, Orange and many others. These tests took a lot of time and the decision wasn't easy but we think we have made the right choice.

How did you approach the songwritting for the album?
We don't have any special approach to the songwriting. Some of them we made up durring rehearsals some ideas were made up at home. The most important thing is the very first groove, riff - later we build everything on this one main motive.

What can fans expect for this debut album of the band?
(note - if the question was understood correctly) Phantom Pain is like a time frame for the UDS the tracks were recorded more or less in the same order as they were written. It is some kind of diary of Underdamped System and the direction where we want to go.

Overall, how would you describe the tracks on "Phantom pain"?
We wanted to have a consistent album, so when you start banging you head you won't stop until the end ;) We always try to have in some way different, lets say unusual approach to the riffs, rythm and vocal lines. But in the end the song should have a decent punch from the begining till the end.

How much time are you able to dedicate to music?UNDERDAMPED SYSTEM Phantom Pain picture
Like most of the people we don't have too much time. We do not play music for living. But any time available we try to consume on do the progress for UDS.

What else can we expect to see from Underdamped System in 2016?
Except for the working on new material and concerts during Autumn and Winter we would like also to make one or two videos during next three months.

Anything you would like to add to end the interview?
First of all thank your interest in our album. I hope that more and more people will enjoy Phantom Pain, so this will inspire us during the work on the new album of UDS . Thank you very much.



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