With Devilish Impressions I became acquainted, at once after their appearance which simply struck down me outright. Boys appeared very merry and sociable. Not hiding the delight from a stay, as participants, on this festival, boys gladly answered questions and shared the impressions. Any persons interested could walk up and made photo with a group having great time straight in a lobby, drinking beer and communicating with fans.
Directly at Devilish Impressions I took an interview already after completion of festival, in the street, already somewhere, around midnight. So, befit with the included chamber and at once “imprint” everything. Likable keys Turquoissa and vocalist Quazarre discuss the successfully last concert with Dmitriy – main organizer of today's festival.
Kruger: - May I come to you, boys?
Turquoissa: - Dark Channel?! (General laughter. It was dark in the street! – auth.)
Dima: - Meet Kruger from Western-Ukrainian label Metal Scrap Production. Almost your countryman, therefore well talks on Polish.
Turquoissa: - And we are acquainted already with this uncle! Come on, be not afraid, will beat, but not strongly!




And here, with a terrible roar, an unknown diabolic-impressive monster attacks me. I hardly a chamber was not dropped.
Turquoissa: - Not frightened, it is our drummer – Maliy.
Maliy (Icanraz): -It is a joke from Dimmu Borgir!

Quazarre: - Kruger, why did not you confess that you from Metal Scrap?
Kruger: - And you, what did you hear of Metal Scrap?
Quazarre: - Yes, certainly!
Kruger: - You can mix up us with other name. Eight years we were not on arena, only here, regenerated recently.
Quazarre: - No, I can’t mix up, I remember Metal Scrap Production well!
Kruger: - Ok, then a few questions for Metal Scrap.
Quazarre: -Ok, no problem!



Kruger: - How do you like it here in Ukraine?
Turquoissa: - Very much! We here already not first time, but us, however, heaves up here. Alike country, alike people, concepts, interests. We like Kiev very much!
Quazarre: - Yes, fully agree!
Kruger: - What about organization of festival as to you?
Quazarre: - All high-level! We were not afraid to ride here, as, on the reviews of other groups, knew that Dmitriy is an excellent organizer and always behaves to the groups-participants very well. And more, we are friends long ago. And arrive, on invitation of Dmitriy, not a first time. Residence, feed, passage is all organization at European level. And organization of concerts too. Sound, light – all super! For this reason, as I know western commands left off to be afraid to arrive with concerts to your country. And plenty of “stars” already visited Ukraine.




Kruger: - And what city are you from?
Quazarre: - From Opole.
Kruger: - So it nearer to German, that to us. I was there a few years ago.
Turquoissa: - Next time necessarily visit us!
Kruger: - Thank you, certainly!
Quazarre: - Yes, a closeness to Western Europe, certainly, played some role in the personal interest known labels.
Kruger: - How much suggestions you’ve got?
Quazarre: - Yes, it was a few.
Kruger: - And from whom, if it not a secret?
Quazarre: - I can not say it, as you never know with whom you’ll work in the future.
Kruger: - So whom did you choose?
Quazarre: - It Conguer Records from London. “Diabolicanos. Act III: Armageddon” went out on this label, exactly, as well as previous release.
Kruger: - And what styles does this firm work with?
Quazarre: - They always produced, in a sum, some death metal, black metal, that, stylistically fits (on this mark recently went out “live” editions of SATYRICON, IMMORTAL, DARK THRONE and MAYHEM – auth.)
Kruger: - Why did your choice fall exactly on them?
Quazarre: - Well, from all suggestions which acted to us, their terms seemed to us most suitable.
Kruger: - And how many albums did you sign agreeing on with Conguer Records?
Quazarre: - While on two albums: last and previous. Although, not eliminated, that we will continue a contract with them, for the issue of our next material.
Kruger: - Well, and what do you have from it?

 Quazarre: - What we have? Great number of pleasure! (Universal laughter – auth.) And many debts.
Turquoissa: - Yes.
Kruger: And many debts?!
Quazarre: - Yes. We live in fact, unfortunately, not due to music. And if we play concerts, we do not work already. If does not work – are out of pocket. But have debts!
Turquoissa: - Because we have to eat!
Kruger: - Does not publisher pay to you?
Turquoissa: - No, on this stage we do not earn, but also does not pay them! So far it arranges us.

Kruger: - But does label execute the terms of contract though?
Quazarre: - Yes, fully.
Turquoissa: - For us, while, no claims are present.
Quazarre: - They do for us even more than it was stipulated in the conditions of contract!
Kruger: - Well, if spoilt, pass to my label! (friendly laughter – auth.)
Turquoissa: - Ok, but while everything is all right.
Quazarre: - Recently they did a tour us together with BEHEMOTH. To lose one's wits! They appeared such class boys! Joint trip, appearances, rest… We are simply happy!
Kruger: - To say honestly: you are the real heirs of BEHEMOTH! Thank you that answered my questions!
Turquoissa, Quazarre: - And thank you! We’ll wait you in guests!
P.S. For vaster interview I simply did not have time, as already crossed for midnight. But, boys promised to answer all my questions on the Internet, at any time. Therefore, wait the second


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