TANGORODREAM (for Terroraiser'zine#35)


We are children of Stars. And so, as children give birth, in 1999 a child gave birth from the union of man and Stars. But as often, at first there was a dream and hope, and hardly later a dream became reality. About what am I? - you will ask. I am about creation. It does not give birth from a flesh, it gives birth from the soul, senses, expresses the internal world of creator, simultaneously being a mirror, reflecting the world round him. It like voice of God that rocked the once hardening ocean of reality and gave life all, that surrounds us, to open us and to conceal. An idea is material, and a word is force, display of will, capable also to rock surrounding us reality. A word can be in cipher in music, in fact music - is the special language, certain mean of expression of will and force. Also, as it's not Light without Darkness, Lives without Death, Creation without Creator, also music does not give birth without its creator. The union of music and its creator can have the name.
TANGORODREAM gave birth at dawn 1999. After almost 10th year’s period of the existence a project became legend of domestic black metal, releasing in the world its creations, not expecting rewards and honors, giving music and particles of heart with it… Edition of 4th album «Under the Foreveryoung Sky» on Metal Scrap Prod. this year carry in itself certain symbolicalness. It's complete report about not wasting time. It is gates, behind which – brilliance of eyes, perturbing wonderful flashbacks; but a guiding star leads away from these gates - go on in new time... Every time, pronouncing combination of words «one-man-band» I understand as never that not collective creation and not only creation costs after him. Music of similar structure it always – man creating it, it is a reflection of it, reflection of the world in him. I offer to your attention an interview, on questions of which answered mastermind of Donetsk dream/black metal-act TANGORODREAM.

Interview was prepared by DOOMACTRESS.
Wanderer Dragonheart Rain (TANGORODREAM) answers.

Doomactress: Hello, Wanderer Dragonheart Rain, Melkor Doom Nocturno, aka Atomsk ))))))))))  Variety of «nicknames» pleasantly surprises, but also a few bewilders. What is their origin, do they influence on you and how?

Wanderer Dragonheart Rain: Hello, Doomactress, Svetlana. As you already guessed, each “nickname” has its destiny and arises up because of attending circumstances. In TANGORODREAM the change of names is related to the changes, what be going on in their possessor. Sure, the name also influences on an individual, as well as changes in his world view on combination of appearances and moods in nickname.
Definite points of perception, ideals and methods, are inherent the segment of activity, and they change, when wandering changes among boundless truths and scales of notation, as an artist writing space by layers.

D.: How the name «Under the Foreveryoung Sky» gave birth? What was it relate to? Why are skies always young for you? Is it possible to conduct parallels with your attitude and soul?

W.D.: In an original the name of album sounds as «Under the foreveryoung sky», that symbolizes a constant and fuss around it, look from the ocean deep to ripple of surface, dynamism by the eyes of rest, taciturn clouds monolithic looking on hurrying cities. Looking around on the amount of changes and overvalues what be going on by years, change of statuses, relations and priorities, notice that «stars reminds the same» and an idea appears that in fact in daily fuss and permanent haste, after all this time, did not happen practically nothing, only next instant came. It very interestingly succeeded to be personified Nurgeslag on the cover of afore-mentioned album. For TANGORODREAM “UTFS” – it is an awareness of the same instant from the moment of his appearance, and report about the passed way, «… And skies are similarly young as well as yesterday»...

D.: How can you describe the musical style of album? Why is an anthology and dynamics of creative (above all things musical, stylistic) development exactly such?

W.D.: It is peculiar to give description of style musical critics and I do not apply on their work.  In any case for a listener an album always sounds otherwise what for a musician.
Taking into account the specific of the name of album, for me it is the same Dream-Black Metal, as well as debut “In Name Of Ancient Faith” with a that only difference, that “UTFS” acquired experience of subsequent creations.

D.: Who did the art-work and disc design? Are you content with this work?

W.D.: Artwork did Vyacheslav Smishko, his name already had time to become ponderable in the field of Ukrainian underground. I admired of his understanding and embodiment of desired. I am sure that we will further valuably co-operate. It is also desirable to express gratitude Konstantin Surin aka Costas Silent, without whosesoever participation registration would find the desired look.

D.: Are you satisfied with the material? What would you possibly like to change in an album now if there was such possibility?

W.D.: At listening from year to year there are ideas about one or another places in compositions which can be done more interesting however if each time to return and to change something, there will not be time on creation of on principle new. On chronology of stories or songs it is possible to judge about how an author developed what changed in his world view and attitudes toward anything. What does pound, that so much history wrote to each other one time, in a favors power propertied? Now there is neither real of the pas nor effluent of real because «link is overload».

D.: Remastered themes from your project Lych Gate possibly and other not realized material are presented on «Under the Foreveryoung Sky». What period is it possible to put writing and mastering of material for an album?

W.D.: In different periods from 1999 when it seen at the level of fantasies for 2006 when the prosecution of album was completed promo-disc appeared.

D.: Why did you decide to release the material exactly at Metal Scrap Prod.? Are you satisfied with label's work?

W.D.: Unlike the great number of labels workings with bands appearing as mushrooms after a rain and vanishing as preceding dawn sleep we with Metal Scrap Prod. mutually interested as a level of the most musical material and level of his high-quality embodiment by the grounded confirmation what a preparing now album will become.

D.: Who became the author of lyric poetry for «Under the Foreveryoung Sky»?

W.D.: The same person who answers for questions are given the author of this interview )))
Authorship of composition «Aehelia» belongs to the feather of Dunkelheit whose creation a present web site of TANGORODREAM causing my admiration.

D.: Many judges of Your creation also are musicians. They certainly would be interestingly to know about those vehicle facilities and musical instruments which participated in the record of album? What is Your studio of the audio recording «Black Dragon»?

W.D.: It is this phenomenon room where I live, sleep, reflect, invent et cetera, in which with every year there are more strange ferrous boxes and interlacing of wires and  less place is for existence of biological life )))
Originally a large desire, computer, participated in a record, software, instruments, and all that met arm-in-arm fantasies.
After long time of experiments with budgetary pretentious novelties necessary for normal work elements began appear in a studio. All the point is that amount of necessary links of chain of work with a sound, rastt as far as their appearance in a presence.

D.: What depths of Universe do you ladle the inspiration from?

W.D.: From those which meet in an each look with whom have the honor personally met.

D.: As often do you look at stars? What does mean their light for you? Do you count the essence rather light than dark or vice versa? What for you there is essence personification «Darkness» and «Light»? Where verge?

W.D.: When the idea of T appeared I liked very much returning home to look on nightly sky, drawing in imagination all those stars which are not visible from earth by an eye and by submitting how round each of them the planetary systems are revolved on each of which dwells certain life, all it moves continuously, co-operates, live, accomplishes acts, creates, inventing… take place wars, consist unions, are given and violated oaths etc. In such moments idea about the perturbing questions of daily occurrences and the more so some mercantile interests abandoned me vacating the place in a heart for more creating factors.
Darkness and Light? Every child when becomes lonely like to play in one game after two ))) There is just a question of rules.
Verge? There where it is desirable to see it)

D.: Your attitude toward God and to Divine? What from gods of any mythology or world religion would you associate itself with?

W.D.: In this world fortunately there are not such religions.

D.: What is for you religion? How do you behave to religions as systems?

W.D.: Religion – it is an instrument of management the masses.

D.: How do you consider, Good and Evil are mutually exclusive or mutually supplementary concepts?

W.D.: They are concepts of individual benefit ;)

D.: What does mean the concept of Force for you?

W.D.: Catalyst of motion direction of which was carrying out by will.

D.: What can you say about people and humanity on the whole?

W.D.: When power of love will overcome by love to power – the world will come on Earth.
(c) Jimmy Hendrix

D.: Who of close you people most did influence on forming of your world view and perception of the world?

W.D.: Absolute all.

D.: How much do you have the real friends and real enemies? How often do you fell in love? How often did you wrong and disappointed in people?

W.D.: «Fellow passed away. Gets in paradise. Takes interest:
- Say, where was the sense of my life?
- Do you remember a 89th year, train of Moskov-Piter, a woman in dinning-car asked you to pass salt?
- Well yes
- Well here!»
Enemies are seemed by those whose points of view not enough clear, disappointments – situations in which incomprehensible why it must happen just like this. But not that whoever does nothing wrong.

D.: Did ideas about suicide visit you some time in life?

W.D.: As well as those who after suicide visit ideas about life ;)

D.: How do you behave to the nightly walks in the forest on cemeteries?

W.D.: Depends on with what intentions.

D.: How do you see your death if a bit to dream up? What will be after? Do you believe in a reincarnation?

W.D.: Think it depends on what will be «before».

D.: There's opinion that you all farther leave from traditions and canons of Black Metal. What can you say on this occasion? What in general does mean combination of words of Black Metal for you?

W.D.: There's opinion, that to stand in place – like a step back.
Black Metal – many components alloy on the basis of iron and carbon, with a 1-2% admixture of sulphur, nickel, manganese, and other elements, depending on further application.

D.: What bands or music in a most degree did influence on your own creation? How do you behave to classic music? Do you consider that a metal and classic music have something general?

W.D.: Looking what structure metal and the feather of what composer classic work belongs to. Influences as I mentioned already all into what run because in any case appears in life and abandons the track in consciousness and picture of it.

D.: Do you count Your music sincerer?

W.D.: Yes, in any case in the moment of it creation even if then I can be not agree with me.

D.: What bands in Your native Donetsk of similar stylistic would you select?

W.D.: On happiness, our stylistics is different, what provides us possibility to respect opinions of each other.

D.: What can you say on the whole about the state of the Ukrainian underground stage? What can You say particular about the state and prospects of development of Black Metal?

W.D.: It is pleasant to see how those who were not stop by an e scale go to the put purpose.

D.: It is know, that you do not welcome rigid and narrow-mindedness of classification of heavy music. And on some resources determination of Your creation sounds as dream/black metal. What do you inlay in this eccentric term?

W.D.: What can be inlaid in dreams? Probably, it will recreate the mood of compositions eloquently than words “Where Stars Are Accessible” and “What Dreams May Come”.

D.: What plans on the nearest future? I know that you work above new material. Is it possible to hear short author opinion? Will be incident to music of Your project more wide stylistic experiments in the future?

W.D.: Yes, will be, sure will be! =)
Material now in the stage of preparation to the record which will proceed from October of this year. Even makes me happy that a process delayed some because of what the ideological and stylistic colourings of album suffered evolutional changes. Release «Beneath Dark Waters» is dedicated to 10-th anniversary of TANGORODREAM and planned on January 2009.

D.: TANGORODREAM – act existing in the mode of one-man-band. However much ears appeared about Your plans to carry on concert activity. As far are they ground? Is it so? Are there already applicants on the role of session musicians? And are the terms of beginning of appearances of TANGORODREAM certain?

W.D.: Yes, whew ears and grow into news )))
Presently line-up is manned remarkable musicians and we work above creation of the concert program set-list of which woven from the most interesting compositions produced for 9 years of existence of T.

D.: Present. Night, soft shades is in the lunar light. Sky is strews by the milliards of stars. You stand one at a precipice. Fathomless pit is ahead and great number of bridges anchorwomen on an opposite side. Behind you – life, ahead – secret of the future. Above you there is endless Universe, complete Forces, Energies, Light and Darkness… Form, essence, got to know and concealed for us with you. Somewhere there far and at the same time quite alongside even into us in every particle there is that what we got used to name God.  What would you say him now, what desire on your own would think, knowing that it necessarily will be carried out?

W.D.: In this case desires already not remind ;)
Shades, transparent shades... Shades of doubt, shades of hopes... Hopes, dreams, doubts... What is life? - none other than sly interlacement of hopes and doubts that wrap up our dreams... Only death can blow about doubts, but only life can compliment with a dream. Only those who is mortal it is given to get to know the secret of life, only those whoever is afraid of death and is not afraid to live, it is given to get to know happiness and find wisdom. In morning fog curling in transparent haze a new day gives birth... Also in fog of life a new order gives birth from chaos, every day and every night the souls come on Earth that roam between eternal Stars in endless Universe...


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