MALICE (for Terroraiserzine#38).

 Probably, label Metal Scrap decided to be specialized on Donbas black metal. Second label's CD-release went out after TANGORODREAM – MALICE “Symphony Of Darkness”. A band already has a solid experience pick-a-back, “enriched” even by an interruption in activity (another parallel with TANGORODREAM), and fully possibly, that a band will become the noticeable phenomenon on Ukrainian black metal scene…
Interview was prepared by Thrashmentor.
1.    We will begin with the output of disk "Symphony Of Darkness". How you today estimate this album from position of both material and his sounding – in fact to this album already more than ten years…                                                                             

This album was re-editing with the purpose of release him on CD, because he was produced on a cassette, and we not going to consider him from point of contemporaneity.

2.    Before this album was released on a cassette on GRIFFIN MUSIC. Why CD was released on other label Metal Scrap – in fact GRIFFIN MUSIC still carries on publishing activity, and certainly did not renounce to fill up their catalogue with this release…

On that moment Griffin Music did not have possibility of releasing this album on CD, and they released him on a cassette. After a pause in creation, we appealed to them concerning the issue CD, but they disagreed, deciding that it is not actual. And, at one time, we halted collaboration with this label.

3.    Did releasing of this CD become the catalyst of returning MALICE to active activity? Or vice versa – did this CD become the result of returning? And does can these things happened independent of each other?

We do not attach returning to re-editing of CD. And, vice versa, did not release CD because returned. We published «Melody Of Darkness" for collection, and we returned, to play farther.

4.    In my opinion, to return on the stage together with re-editing of album of ten year remoteness – most not successful decision from point of promotion, in fact old fans already in the majority stepped back from active interest to underground, and young metallers scarcely can be excited enough age material. Do not you find?

This CD does not attach and does not obligate to anything. He was released for people whom we are known, for fans and for us personally.

5.    However – are there some concrete plans on a new album? Is there already material, and when and where he will be written down?

Part of material is already ready. Where and when he will be record it is not yet known, we examine a few variants, but would like to be again recording on Negative Music, because this man knows what concretely we want from a record. And work with new people always heavier. Where will a new album be release? Certainly - on Metal Scrap Records.

6.    Before pause in activity you did not avoid concert activity. What plans on that score now? Will you whether do a rate on active concert activity – tours, etc, or will prefer to perform from time to time?

We are going to perform, as soon as it will be possible, and will answer on all invitations. Certainly, will be requirement to the organizers of concerts, but they will be not large.

7.    MALICE returned, practically, in original line-up. Did none of band members have doubts in necessaries of this step? What relations exist in band – are you friends on life, or just colleagues on creation? Present the band members (character, fascinations, etc).

No doubts at those, who returned it is not. Not only we are colleagues on creation, we are friends, and some are friends from school. We are enough merry, sociable people. Fascinations: music, cars, beautiful girls...

8.    And in conclusion – why in beginning band choose such name “MALICE”? In fact you knew full surely about existence of other bands with such name, and enough known – how, for example, American heavy metal band… May be however there is sense, even now, in some wise to do the upgrade of name?

Now we will not do the upgrade of name, because we are known under this name, and exactly it expresses our essence. And, that is two bands of Malice, changes nothing. There are three bands of Atrocity...



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