ECLIPSE (for Terroraiserzine#40)

Interview was prepared by Thrashmentor.


1. As the saying goes – welcome back! What was the reason of returning ECLIPSE on the stage?

In 2002 ECLIPSE gave the last concert in old line-up, and then decided to take timeout. Some participants decide that timeout is delayed…

2. As far as easy/hard was to return again? Many your colleagues, beginnings simultaneously with you, often talk that going also come back, however farther than talks business does not go...

In our case heavier to find the musicians of the proper level, what to continue to play favorite music.

3. Were not there fears, that an attempt will appear unsuccessful, how, for example, at INFECTED a few years back?

Success was not an end in itself; simply we love music which was play and play now.

4. Recently your disc “Grind, Suffer, Dreams” released. As far as a going out disc represents today's “” ECLIPSE?

This material presents ECLIPSE 2006-2007, so we saw it then. Now we play a bit more interesting.

5. At those already old times of middle of 90th, possibilities for high-quality realization of the music was frank a bit. Does disc material plug in itself some tracks of that period, or that is all are absolutely new things?

Themes are all new, but a desire to rewrite old things is.

6. On a disc, as a bonus, present cover-versions of CANNIBAL CORPSE, MORBID ANGEL, and SLAYER. Why did you decide to write down compositions exactly of these bands?

These fellows kicks ass at that time. But our musical tastes are not limited to these bands. Metal Scrap Records offered us to complement the disc of cover-versions, which we have about ten in a presence. We gave them all present to choice. In the total they chosen that is present now on a disc.

7. You play practically pure death metal. Was not there a desire to experiment with some new style things like metalcore etc? Are there yet some directions in a metal, which you are interested in?

Thank you for a compliment! In our understanding extreme music looks how we play it, there is balance of energy and malice in it. And new styles as for us have problems with it.

8. Having available a new disc, it is accepted to support him by a concerts. Are there some plans on that score?

All will be, you wouldn’t be disappointed…

9. Did you follow all those years when ECLIPSE was inactive what had taken place on the domestic underground stage? How do you estimate processes, taking place and what be going on in our metal underground the last years?

Depresses dominant influence of pornogrind, we passed it as early as the middle of 90th. Then bands were far less, but there was far more quality.

10. Your wishes to the readers of Terroraiser.

Don’t eat the shit but stay fucking brutal!!!



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