Eclipse in Brutal death style!

Interview was prepared by Pavel Korchagin (
Nowadays good album in style of brutal death is enough rare phenomenons. Therefore for some time I stepped back from listening such kind of music, but here miracle - at the end of 2009 the album "Grind, Suffer, Dreams" of band Eclipse released on Metal Scrap Records. And this album really deserves separate conversation and separate attention. It is an excellent swatch of Brutal Death! Guys matured this creation a few years and it is felt. An album is good as the real long-term cognac! I did not hold out and decided to talk with fellows about their creation. Guys appeared very friendly (unlike their music) and answered a few my questions. What turned out from our intercourse, read below.
Eclipse - means darkness. Why such name was chosen for a band? Is it for the reflection of conception of band or something else?

During all history of humanity an eclipse was something infused with fear, trembling, unrealizedness and simultaneously took in all attention fully. It was implied under the name of band exactly and under musical material accordingly.

Guys you are from the Luhansk region of Ukraine. Honestly, I wasn’t in your edges. How are businesses with heavy music and with fans in Alchevsk? What in your opinion is the difference between a periphery’s situation and let’s say for example in Kyiv? Are there yet such kinds of the bands in your native city?
Donbas and in particular the Luhansk region never suffered absence of representatives of heavy styles. Only in Alchevsk in different periods at least 10th collectives were counted. But it’s true not all of them lived so long to nowadays and not all of them were enough at high-quality level but traction to music was always.
The fans of heavy are also enough nevertheless city of heavy industry. Well and in earnest death metal in our region was and will be always popular. And what about bands on periphery and in Kyiv in our view the Kiev’s collectives are more oriented to market situation, to the latest style flows, while peripheral, so to say, more truly.

It is known that a band appeared in 1993 and only in October 2009 first full-length (not counting two demo recording) was produced. And from 2003 in general a band did not exist as an act for a few years. Participants of band often abandoned a collective or returned, created other projects. What is it related to? Was it a real problem of the protracted births of the first album?

In 90th basic problem was a record of living drums at a studio. The so-called broken drums were used in all that in our view perniciously influences on sounding. And exactly from an unwillingness to sound machine Eclipse at that time did not make a single valuable studio work.
From 2003 practically all members of band spared greater time to other (business, family, etc.). However all some time become into its places and "Grind, Suffer, Dreams" hundred-per-cent is confirmation of it.
It is possible to say concerning strange projects that on a that moment many of us had interest to do some work above something other not cardinally but nevertheless different from Eclipse.
You chose brutal death for your creation. Why? In fact nowadays this style already is a bit ended, sympho-black and others styles like that steps ahead.

We grew on it; we understand it as nobody can. And in our view only in this style there’s optimal correlation of musicality, aggression, energy and malice.

You present songs in English language. Reasonable question, what character your lyric poetry? What are songs about, where do you ladle inspiration for texts?

All our existence is an endless source.
Themes are most various: from a policy, violence, to the perversion understanding of life, relations between sexes, and manically-depressive psychoses as all humanity so of individual. Purpose of texts is to carry it to the listener in harmony with music.
There’re a covers on the disk of "Grind, Suffer, Dreams". And there’re whole three not one. They’re Cannibal Corpse, Morbid Angel and Slayer. It would be desirable to know, why exactly these compositions were chosen in general, what reasons you followed, choosing bands for cover-versions. And in general Cannibal and Morbid clearly understanding but why Slayer?

We have got 10 covers on time of album’s release. After a concordance with Metal Scrap we were stopped for these three compositions. Why they? Because these guys at one time stood at sources. And probably there’s no a single band of later period on which in one or another degree their creation did not influence. And why is Slayer? All is simple - Slayer it is our youth!

Your first-full-length is released not as a simply CD, but as slipcase and pit-art for collectors! What is it bound by? Is it contribution to the admirers which waited many years?

Quite so it is collection edition deserving all our Fans. Separate thanks Metal Scrap Records for this!

Are there bands on the Ukrainian and Russian stage which you sympathize with or would like to make show together?

There are so many bands and high level enough, all so not to count. It is separately desirable to distinguish old friends: Mental Demise, Flying, BALFOR, Acephala.
Thank you for wonderful conversation! Well and wish to the readers of our edition from Eclipse?

Listen death metal, listen Eclipse. And in spite of all shit that now takes place in a country we wish you excellent vital energy!!!

I fully join to the wishes of Eclipse. Thank you, guys for excellent answers. We wish prosperity to the band and quickest producing of next album, in fact all already became bored on normal good Brutal!


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