METAL SCRAP RECORDS (for Atmosfear'zine#7)

Interview was prepared by Neophyte.Answered Anatoliy Kondyuk (METAL SCRAP RECORDS).
Let's start at the beginning. What’s the different between Total Metal Records & Metal Scrap Records? Why do these labels have been created? Tell us a brief history of each? What bands released by these labels?
Metal Scrap - is quite old label and its roots far back in 1993. In the beginning it was only a magazine (fanzine), then there were MC collections of underground command and later - demo album of the similar bands from the CIS and Europe. In 1999 the last MC was release by our label and then label practically ceased to exist. Only in 2007 we have been "revival" by releasing the collection of two CD, which suppose to be released back in 2002! Make a statement of our return in such way; we began to "resuscitate” Metal Scrap. The first bands released on CD were our old friends the Ukrainian bands: TANGORODREAM, MALICE and ECLIPSE. Thus we have successfully managed to announce our return and resume the lost positions in the metal underground. Also it was accompanied by the unselfish help of old and new friends and partners for what thank them very much! Last year two Russian bands were released by our label. At the moment, the catalogue of our label consists of twenty audio releases.
Total Metal Records – is quite young label which was born only last year. Originally the purpose of its creation was the realization of Western band’s albums. It is not excluded that in the future we will change the ideology of the division. But in any case, Total Metal will release only quality music. Label debut by releasing of two Polish bands - CRYPTIC and QUO VADIS.

How long have you been familiar with the creation of QUO VADIS?
Not so long ago to be honest. Of course I had heard about the band back in the 90's when it was mentioned in almost every issue of the Polish Metal Hammer and other magazines. But listen the music somehow not ever till now. The only album that I heard before the releasing of their latest material on our label was their penultimate work "Babel", and it’s only because it was in our distribution catalogue... The working material of the last album which was sent to us by management of the band just knocked me away! I did not have to think long & replied immediately - "Yes." And did not miss - this is the best material ever released by our efforts!

Release of the album "Infernal Chaos" by Total Metal Records made only for post-Soviet countries or it’s a global project? Are there any other labels in the world who released this album for their regions?
The album was released by Chaos Records (new label created solely for the promotion of QUO VADIS) as Western European edition and by the Total Metal Records as Eastern European edition. The name “West” and "East" are purely symbolic, as well as different options for covers. In fact, according to the contract, both labels have the same rights to distribute the album worldwide.

How do you imagine coming tour of the band? What are your expectations?
I'm sure on stage the guys will show what the Ukrainian fans did not see a long time (or at all). This will be a real thrashattackarmageddon!!! There will be surprises ... Vocalist asked me to pick up a few well-known Ukrainian songs so that musicians could learn them and play especially for Ukrainian listeners! Generally all the promises go cheerfully and professionally, because the guys behind 20 years of live performances. Bother some moments in the organization of the festival, such as the transfer of the tour a week later due to arrive to Ukraine such long-waiting guests as Megadeth / Slayer, because of what show in Dnepropetrovsk may "fly off". Also there was a discrepancy of concerts in the capital of Ukraine because of what we had to cancel Kiev show.

Let’s make a little touch to second tour band, release of the album which also carried out by Total Metal Records. With QVO VADIS all is clear - this is a very high quality band  with enough popular in some countries, but what caused label’s interest to beginners Poles from CRYPTIC?
CRYPTIC - not a beginner band. The guys had about a dozen years of live performances "in stock" which they apparently prefer to work in the studio, ha-ha! They will show themselves – do not even hesitate!

Do you intend to re-release the most successful albums QUO VADIS for our territory?
So far this question was not raised. So, talk about it yet.

How difficult were the negotiations about signing the contract? Band immediately accept your terms or you had to find a compromise?
The negotiations lasted since February until June last year. A band had experienced management, so we had a hard time. As a result we found a compromise although it was not an easy solution for us as for not a major label.

I hope the release of the CD plus a subsequent promotional tour across Ukraine will become a good tradition for the label. Are there already some plans for future releases and possibly future tours?
Thank you, hopefully! Of course there are some plans for the future but we do not want especially to disclose them now. Let me just say that we are not going to forget the native scene and will please you with new releases of domestic bands this year!
Thanks again for your interesting questions and invite all to the concerts QUO VADIS / CRYPTIC in March! More info see here:


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