AUTHORITY OF HATE (for Terroraiserzine#46)

Russians AUTHORITY OF HATE confident debut with album "Crackdown", which will surely please fans of old school death metal. We could not get over and tried to find out some details.

Interview was prepared by Thrashmentor.
Answering: Andrey " kapc" Karsakov (drums), Denis "Nightmare" Zheltoukhov (guitar, vocals).

1.For a start – introduce band AUTHORITY OF HATE to our readers ...kapc: Hello! We are a band Authority of Hate. We’re from the Toliatti /Russia/. We play mainly death metal. We exist since 2005, during this time line-up changed several times but the regular participants are: I - Karsakov Andrew (kapc, drummer) and founder and leader of the band - Zheltouhov Denis (Nightmare, guitar, vocals).

2.As I understand there’re only two players in the band for now? Can we talk about AUTHORITY OF HATE as a band or rather as a project?
Nightmare: “Project” - for me it is degrading characteristics as we completely put out to creativity so the AUTHORITY OF HATE no doubt the full band. Although when everything just started we only played together for a long time until we gathered the full line-up.
kapc: Problems with the line-up may occur in any band. You can take an example of such band as Death, which is always considered as a band regardless of the very frequent changes in the line-up. And by the way at the moment we are proud to announce that the line-uo is formed, we have abandoned the second guitar, found bassist and are ready to burn not only in the studio but also on the scene.

3.However there were involved two other musicians in recording debut album "Crackdown". In what status - they were the session musicians or at the time of recording they were on the "full" rate? Why are they not in a band?
kapc: In recording of the album participated ex-members of our band. Before recording the album bassist Peter Kolbin decided to leave the band, but agreed to stay for a time searching of new one and to help us with live performances and recording. A second guitarist Alexander Rogachev at the time of recording the album was a regular member of the band, but at the end of the work of the CD decided to leave the band.
Nightmare: Thank them very much for their significant contribution to the cause.

4.Your band is based in Toliatti. Is it difficult for your city to find suitable musicians? How do things stand with metal music in your city - whether it is possible to speak of any metal scene?
Nightmare: When you walk down the streets of Toliatti on the road constantly come across guys with guitars behind their backs in T-shirts bearing the logos of well-known metal bands, but to find like-minded people in this business is not easy especially since it's not just about music preferences but also work in close collective.
kapc: Professional and decent people would not so much and less wanting to play meta. If you have such idea I think it is always possible to find the right person. But with metal music in our town it’s pretty hard. There is extremely lack of "realistic" bands and those mainly composed of "old men" musicians of our metal part. If you dig on social networks such as VK you can find a lot of metal bands most of them young with any new fashion and trends, but the really high-quality classic heavy and evil metal is almost gone from our city.

5.Let us return to the album "Crackdown". In my opinion the material on it - old school death metal. What attracts you to this music and do not you think that everything that could be said in this style has long been said?
Nightmare: In death metal attracts all: atmosphere, energy; when the music you absorb, you feel a surge of power, which allow to cope with any problems and lift you above all the everyday bustle. This music is about the eternal themes and hence the music is also eternal. Perhaps in this style all are mentioned, so we just remind you about it and get great satisfaction from it.

6.As far as I know AUTHORITY OF HATE has existed since 2005. Are there compositions that were written in those days on a debut album? If they’re - how far they transformed over time?
Nightmare: Almost all the stuff from the album were written at this time in 2005, then we played together and assorted variety of songs which later served as a kind of blanks for “Crackdown”. Over time they almost did not transformed structurally. We just found the weak spots and upgraded them.

7.I must mention a pretty decent recording quality. This is large merit of the studio where the album was recorded or rather the thoroughness and perseverance of musicians AUTHORITY OF HATE? What equipment was used to achieve this?
kapc: merits as a record can be attributed both to us as to musicians that picky their instruments sound and to man who was engaged in working on our album - Denis Ivanov and studio Turbolax Records.
Drum stuff was pretty simple: studio drums Premier with layers of Evans, which in parallel were triggering kneading all into the mix. About other stuff so ashamed to speak - a whole hodgepodge of budget and prof-series from many manufacturers were used at recording, from Orion to Paiste and Sabian.
Nightmare: For the record «Crackdown» I used a guitar SCHECTER C1 EXOTIC STAR on runoff sensors and Denis form Turbolax Records gave us the opportunity to use excellent device which I generally have not had to play before: PEAVEY TRIPLE XXX, cabinet ORANGE, preamp MESA BOOGIE TriAxis, head Mesa Boogie rectifier and bass can play with the baby MESA BOOGIE Big block 750 through the cabinet PowerHouse 1200.

8.What is more important and preferable to you - work on the songs, record and realization them or play them in concert?
kapc: very important for us all aspects of band work. Just every aspect takes his regiment. You can not play the song at the concert, which aren’t insufficiently developed and therefore does not touch you. You can’t go into the studio or on stage without a thorough working out of material. Work on the material at rehearsals, concerts, studio recording - all complementary points of successful teamwork, I think so.
Nightmare: I can say that we are giving quite a few concerts, but behind them there is a lot of work done in rehearsal. It’s important for us to feel confident in playing the songs, even though the behavior on stage is important too.

9.Your album was released by Ukrainian label. In this regard, are there any plans to visit Ukraine with concerts? What tasks do you set for the band for the next period?
Nightmare: In general, we want to get into line-up of MHM long ago and this year we even had the chance to do it but the problem with the band’s line-up are broken everything off. But we will try next year. We took a very important decision for the band: to cease searching the 2nd guitarist and now we are working on new material that will break all heads off! Now there’re three of us & each of us is the fulcrum, we stand firmly on our feet and will climb higher and higher...


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