Interview was prepared by Anders Ekdahl (http://www.battlehelm.com/)

1.Since this is my first encounter with Dammerung what have the band been up to until this day?
Hello! Dammerung  existed for long 10 years. For now we have three full-length cd’s out. We had our songs on couple of underground compilations too. For those years we faced both good and bad things, but we succeeded to overcome all the difficulties and issued our 3rd full length album “Dark Poetry” as a proof of our unity. 

2.What is the basic idea of the band? Any specific ideology you follow?
This is one of the most difficult and complex from all of your questions… It is very hard to answer it at once. Ideological basis of Dammerung is first of all about our understanding of paranormal, forces that exist on the other side, far beyond of human’s understanding of life as we see it and know it. You can call it a total refusal of a modern world and lurking in the world of fantasies, where everyone is free to be whoever he wants. Mystery of Death, Chaos of War, Glory of Ancient Gods and  new world order – that is what “Dark Poetry” all about. ”.

3.When I heard the album the first time I had a feeling of grandeur, the same feeling I got when I heard Limbonic Art the first time. What inspires the band musically?
Thank you for analogies with Limbonic Art. This is an awesome band and it is very possible that we have the same source of inspiration. We are inspired by the thin line between the real and the unreal world, as we call it. This can be expressed by anything: from a ritual dances of a Shaman, ancient legends, secrets of the Third Reich. One just must be able to see it and feel it. And then, depending on our moods, music and lyrics are written. There is no certain formula, everything is based on intuition and understanding of a reality, which is being created in our minds and expressed in music, poetry or art. We did take the painting of the Moldavian artist, Aurel David, “The Tree of Eminescu” for a reason: it has that special to us mystical mood, as in the poems of Mihai Eminescu himself:
“Risen as for ever, death though
Follows them like a thorn
For all are born only to die
And die to be reborn.”
It’s a shame that several people are interested in classic poetry… By some means, his poems did inspire us to create certain images in our songs. Let it be the tribute of respect to the Great Poet from our side.

4.Your album has been out for some time now. Is there anything you would have liked to have done differently?
It is a good question. Perfection knows no borders. Nowadays it became so popular to re-record albums and issue them with lots of unneeded bonuses, that very often just spoil the whole impression from the record and its concept as well. Maybe some day we might re-master this album… But we don’t feel the need for this today.

5.What kind of response have you had on the ?Dark Poetry? album?
From what we’ve read the majority of feedback was very positive. It is good that our music does not make people feel ignorant about it.

6.When you decided to record ?Dark Poetry?, how did you go about choosing a studio?
When we were looking for a studio the choice was based on two factors: the price and the quality. We decided to record “Enstoned” as a trial song. We were satisfied by results so after minor hesitations we chose two studios, where we recorded everything. One was used for the recording of drums, and the other one was used to record all the remaining material.

7.Since ?Dark Poetry? isn?t your first album. How would you like to describe the progress the band has been through?
For 10 years our musical preferences and abilities were developed and becoming more stable. The whole recording process of “Dark Poetry” was very serious and responsible. That was an important step in Dammerung’s development. From one side we eliminated so called “teenage maximalism” and from the other one – we had some experience and we started to be very critical to our music. We wanted to make the music, that was not interesting only, but original. If we were successful in that – let the listeners judge us. And for us – the progress of the band is well-seen.

8.Is metal big in Ukraine? What kind of scene are we talking about?
Ukraine has lots of good and talented bands. We got some events as well as couple of large annual festivals. But, unfortunately, television and radio never had any response to these events besides couple of specialized channels and stations. That’s why one might think that there’s no metal and hard-rock scene in Ukraine. But that is not true!
9.Is there a live scene big enough for you to tour the country?
Ukraine is big and there are clubs\bars and metalheads in every city of  the country , so there is no problems with audience. So maybe one day we might go for the Ukrainian tour.

10.What are your intentions for the band in the future?
We are planning to issue an EP with all the songs in Ukrainian language. Generally speaking, all the material is almost ready. We just have to start the recording process. Hopefully we will issue another CD for our fans.


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